Reviews for They Shook Hands : Year 4 (New Version)
Guest chapter 17 . 1/7/2014
Why is every single girl, without exception, catty and gossipy and competitive? Very disappointing depiction of adolescent girls.
Guest chapter 14 . 1/6/2014
"Theo had been raised to respect women." Not if he says things like "the French bitch." It's also telling that every single girl in this story is an accessory of some kind-they all seem to fawn on Harry or they want to be his girlfriend or they deliver messages to him. But none of them are truly his close friend as Hermione is in canon-you're allowing none of themany agency or identity beyond "helper to Harry." Very sad that you killed off the strongest female character in canon but didn't other to build up another one.
Guest chapter 13 . 1/6/2014
"French tart"? So now Draco is a misogynist as well as a racist jerk?

The Harry in this story, who ambushes Ron at a moment's notice with no cause (seriously, you've gotta stop that, Harry is immensely unlikeable with that crap) would not care about being "fair" to Cedric, especially since he's a poor loser who decided that Cedric is a prat for outflying him in a game. Inconsistent characterization-a Slytherin simply would not care about evening the scales like that, he would've expected that Sprout or someone else would've told Cedric.

Can you please stop with the stereotype of the Obsessed Girl?
Yusuke Urameshi - Mazoku chapter 25 . 1/4/2014
Captain Awesome 123 chapter 24 . 12/25/2013
I realise a Slytherin Harry would be face different circumstances than a Gryffindor Harry but I'm glad you still kept the same defining moment where he decided to fight Voldemort like a man.
And his quips at Voldemort' s expense was pretty badass way cooler than canon.
her illusion chapter 25 . 12/11/2013
millie and krum huh?how.. if harry and padma will last,draco and parvati too..harry's sure popular with the girls,huh?glad to see percy happy gets 't wait for the next 'book' - hoping you finish it soon cos i don't read incomplete fics! :)
okutobox chapter 12 . 11/14/2013
(English isn't my native language, sorry for any mistakes)

I enjoyed reading your "They Shook Hands" series and I thought this story was well written. I loved how the personalities of each characters around Harry are really interesting.

However, I didn't liked few points but I thought "wait and see". But Theo was too much for me. I really liked what you wrote about him before - and suddenly, he took Ron's place in the original story. I understand the situation but when Harry started yelling at Theo, I couldn't read more. I tried a little but I couldn't enjoy your story as before.

So I stop here. Thank you for your time, it was lots of fun to follow your series.
NM Magpie chapter 25 . 11/9/2013
I enjoyed Year 4 & the other years almost as much as the original Rowling novels. Dethryl shows a lot of imagination & skill in his version of this series. It is weird having Draco, Pansy, and the other Slytherins as heroes instead of villains. My only suggestion would be to add the Missing Scenes chapter to the Post Canon versions.
Guest chapter 25 . 11/9/2013
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Random Persion chapter 8 . 8/10/2013
O.O...batman..? Kid? Like Death th kid? Norris ( Miss. Norris?) lol am I the only one who cought that? Nice chapter.
SarahOlivier chapter 21 . 7/8/2013
Harry would not be a ferret or anything like that, that is just stupid
SarahOlivier chapter 18 . 7/8/2013
This may sound Horrible, but Hermione did deserve, what she got
SarahOlivier chapter 8 . 7/7/2013
Zacharias Smith would be much older, considering the fact that in Harry's year he was in the DA with them
Caimthehero chapter 25 . 6/8/2013
A good finish. Didn't expect how Voldemort came back, it was clever. Now that the lines have been drawn it will be interesting to see how people will fall on the sides.
Caimthehero chapter 18 . 6/7/2013
Why the hell wasn't Harry in that race?! Flying is his favorite thing to do. I miss hermione :(
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