Reviews for Lonely
TheDuchessTab chapter 1 . 7/11/2012
such heart break and sadness but oh so beautiful! You capture Kate so beautifully! At least she is now at peace and reunited with her Jed whether it be by intention or just wanting to escape the pain for a few moments. I love this story!
callie rawston chapter 1 . 6/11/2012
Never watch adverts again if this is what the result is on your mind, because if an advert can do this to you I am terrified what the entire series might bring when we know what has happened to Kate. And for the record, yes I do forgive you for the distress you caused me but also I do understand that even when you should be asleep, sometimes you do just have to write.

I was already expecting this to be incredibly distressing based on the state I was in on being in on you writing it but reading it just made it so much worse. Your portrayal of Kate’s emotionally disturbed state was so incredibly true to her but also so strongly conveyed that each line messed with my head even more than the last.

Her memories of Jed, combined with how the ghosts and spirits were now invading her mind, and coupled with the distinct lack of sleep that this all caused made me want to reach into the screen to give her a hug. Her comment that she did not know whether it would have been better for her to be the dead one so Jed could see her and then for her to consider if he would even want to in the first place was just heartbreaking, because we know he would and I just wanted her to be able to see him one final time. The teenage love that we both know existed was beautiful in this fic, as was her guilt at knowing she had only told him she loved him once and her consequent uncertainty that he felt the same way.

When you brought in the various forms of alcohol and pills I knew we were heading for a rough time, especially when combined with photographs and the remembering of that one happy night together when they had trusted each other completely and had been content to wake up together before they were so cruelly ripped apart. Her subsequent shame at requiring medication seemed to be diminished on now finding a use for it, even though there was uneasiness on my part at Warren being controlling enough to coerce her into being prescribed some of them in the first place. That she ended up with sleeping pills as well did not surprise me, nor oddly did the fact that someone she dragged home to gain comfort from ended up picking out her disturbed state and trying to help her. The irony of being a resident in the asylum and yet being reliant on all these pills was not lost on me, as it also wasn’t on Kate.

You referenced her being lonely and that was the overwhelming sense you conveyed throughout, but there was also this sense of having to maintain an outward semblance of coping to the world – not wanting tem to know about the pills, hiding them even after her overdose. So very Kate to not want the world to see she could not cope. This need you spelled out for her to always show to those around her that she was fine was devastating at portraying how lonely she really was, in that no one since Jed that one night had ever seen the real her.

I somehow knew we were heading for that corridor before we got there, mainly because I would go there too if I wanted to be close to Jed in her shoes. Kate’s connection to this space was very well described in a way that made her need to be there make sense, especially in acknowledging it as the only grave she would ever have for him. The moment the darkness was descending I found myself wondering if she had finally found peace, and then Jed appeared to reach his hand out for her and I knew that she had. Strange how a fic that can end so brutally in a way also makes such heartbreaking sense, because finally she wasn’t lonely anymore and to be honest, with Jed gone, that was all I could ever hope for when thinking of Kate.

Heartbreaking, distressing, cry-worthy. It just had to be written didn’t it?
ficmouse chapter 1 . 6/7/2012
I keep rereading this and every time I do. Find something else in it. It's so very sad and yet so perfect. I could so easily see it ending this way. It's not a happy ending and yet she has Jed back so maybe it is.

Your depiction of Kate's state of mind is excellent and I like the ambivalence both in the ending (maybe someone will find her) and in her intentions. You don't make it clear whether she meant to end it all or simply to sleep and escape her torment for a little while.

Liked the way you used the photographs to tell the back story. Also that she went back to the corridor to remember because there was no where else.

This was just perfect.
Aria-Mae chapter 1 . 5/16/2012
:O I love Bedlam and i love the whole Kate/Jed stories unfortunatly there is'nt enough of them; ut when i found this one :O i literally died :) thank you for making my day it was amazing :)