Reviews for Not Stalking Firelord Zuko
lexitania chapter 8 . 9/25
I get where Zuko's coming from. My brother is an ass who started dating by best friend when I asked him not to and then he cheated on my best friend with my other best friend. I really want to just stop talking to him forever but part of me is still hoping that the part of him that was once my friend whom I told everything to is still in there deep down and that I can save him from himself
lexitania chapter 3 . 9/25
I've got a great speech for zuko, it goes like this.

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago the four nations lived in peace but everything changed when my grandfather, Firelord Sozin attacked. Only the Avatar. master of all four elements could save the people but when the world needed an Avatar most, he got frozen in a giant block of ice. Exactly one year ago, it was one hundred years since the disappearance of the avatar and many people started to believe that the avatar cycle had been broken but Waterbending Master Katara and her brother Sokka discovered the new avatar, an Air Nomad named Aang. After leaving the Southern Water Tribe, with me hot on their tales, the avatar learned waterbending from Masters Katara and Pakku, Earthbending from Sifu Toph, and Fire bending from me. Recently we went up against Fatherlord Ozai on the day of Sozins Comet and Avatar Aang took away his bending. Now we must recover and restore trust between the nations, Thank You
airichan623 chapter 16 . 9/5
While I disagree with your assessment of Maiko (and your characterization of Mai to an extent), I think you're spot on when it comes to why Kataang just doesn't work as written. Aang just mature enough for a real relationship. I could see Kataang if we had had more post Comet story so we could see her interact with Aang in a more mature capacity.

And as adults, Katara would feel very sidelined and lonely and useless with Aang. She wouldn't able to "be Katara" very well. I mostly love Zutara because while Maiko can be good for Zuko, Zuko makes Katara feel valued and useful and important. He would let her DO things.
Kitsunea chapter 28 . 8/22
Hi! I just finished in less than month this amazing trilogy you wrote. I'm gonna be pretty honest I started reading it because I wanted to read some steamy action between the drama llamas, but I fell in love again with the character development. It was real and credible, the insecurities, the pain and other emotional scars. I also wanted to tell you that I almost jeopardize my first week in grade school... That's how addicted I was to your writing! Also when I heard a dumbass being sexist I was just looking for a snack tray. To be fair, I also wished for my own common sense stick, that'll have been an awesome improvement for me and everyone around me, OK maybe not everyone around me, but I'll be more than happy to administrate some common sense here and there.
Finally I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed Katara's point of view, thank you for this awesome story.

PD. I also tried to make dumplings, but failed miserably. I couldn't stop myself, they seemed to enjoy them greatly.

Hugs and kisses all the way from Mexico.
Redbookbluebook chapter 17 . 8/4
I spent the first chapter laughing over the hilarity between Zuko and Jet. I am so glad I took a break from this story to read about Jet's adventures.
I am so saddened by Smellerbee's rejection of Zuko once she knows who he is since I thought their somewhat friendship in Jet's stalking story was really sweet. I liked how you wrote the Maiko breakup (and not just for the obvious reason).
YES! They finally kissed (like 100 chapters later...) you wrote that whole scene really well.
I am a bit irritated that it's pretty much right after Mai and Zuko broke up but at the same time, I get it. Poor Mai though; I hope she never finds out their anniversary of sorts falls on the day of her breakup. I am excited to read about Mai and Jun though.
Redbookbluebook chapter 11 . 8/4
The 'when we have kids' was freaking adorable. I absolutely loved the end when they're up against the tree because it was reminiscent of the 'save you from the pirate' scene that we Zutarians love, and oh my God the 'it wasn't a scroll in his pants line '! I squealed so loudly in shock/fangirly love for that whole bit. I reaaaaaaaaallly wanted them to kiss, but at the same time I respect Katara for not doing so for all of the reasons mentioned. She is so much better than that. P.S. I loved the tidbit about Ursa's name being the fire password for the vault. Even though sometimes I curse how long your author's notes are (because I can't wait to read the next chapter) I also love hearing your opinions and insights.
Redbookbluebook chapter 10 . 8/3
THANK YOU FOR FINALLY GIVING AANG A WAKE UP CALL! I liked that he had it from multiple places; the straightforward and not unkind scolding from Hakoda was fantastic but there was also a part of me thst was so happy to hear Za Jei trashing Aang's decision uncensored as well. I really love the interactions between Katara and Azula; you write both the interactions and Azula's character so well.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/28
Oh my gosh. You're Author's Note is nearly as long as your chapter.
mollrat chapter 28 . 5/22
Thank you so much for this wonderful story!
mollrat chapter 23 . 5/21
You portray the realtionship between Toph and her mother so well. I always suspected Toph favored her mother a little more. After all she probably spent the most time with her mom growing up. Such a lovely last scene between them. Poppy can see how beautiful Toph's bending can be but more importantly she appreciates it a little more because Toph likes it.
Can't wait to see more about Ty Lee and learning to be an airbender and of course more Zutara!
mollrat chapter 4 . 5/13
I hadn't thought about the conflicting interests of Aang and Katara about preserving their cultures. Your fics just make me think so much and appreciate the series more. Also I agree Katara and Sokka needed more love with their accomplishments.
Shutterfly Simmons chapter 28 . 3/31
I loved this series, so much. I can definitely see myself recommending it to friends. This was an amazing story to me, and I don't even ship Zutara!
In fact, I can honestly say that I don't know what to do with myself now that I've finished this.
Writer Rider Dirty Thirties chapter 27 . 2/1
Aw, love it. I can't believe you're finished!
CharmedRavenclaw chapter 8 . 1/24
Just re-reading this and noticing Princess Elsa! You must feel proud after Frozen came out, lol!
problemcats1and2 chapter 28 . 11/3/2014
Your headcanon makes me happy :) I liked how you ended this. Great series, thanks for writing it.
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