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Mad Zia Magdalena chapter 1 . 6/11/2012

Oh, the sheer hilairious, fluffy, this-should've-been-canon, is overwhelming. Loved it! It's always really realistic, (you know. For a show.) and I can never get enough!

Only tiny simple typos, nothing major.

WHY DID MAI HAVE TO COME BACK? Don't get me wrong! She's a cool character! But I hate her whenever she's with Zuko.

Can't wait for more!
Azhwi chapter 3 . 6/11/2012
My eyes! They are so bleary! Past few days have been devoted to reading the stalking series. I really need to sleep. Possibly eat. And definitely find caffeine. Not in that order.

Fantastic story!

There have been minor typos here and there, but they did not detract from the reading. I really love the thought that you have put into these chapters. Sometimes I skip over the notes at the bottom, but usually I do read them.

I love the way you are weaving Zutara into canon. The finale pairing always caught me off guard, didn't really see Aang with Katara and it felt forced. So I'm really looking forward to this interpretation.

I really love the quirky way that you write. It makes me grin and chuckle constantly. Suki's horrible puns and Zuko's fails at jokes are always a good bet. And the interactions between all of the Gaang are priceless. And the tension! Especially between Aang, Katara, and Zuko! Fantastic!

Wonderful work here! Thank you so much for writing and sharing this! Very impressive!

May I suggest something to read? Look up an author called Vathara. I have also suggested you to her. :D She(He?) has an immense Avatar story as well.
Xxhopelessromantic chapter 3 . 6/11/2012
ICGCYXDCKRUE IT JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER! Do you have the estimated length of this fic? I hope it's as long as the other two :3
QueenCora chapter 3 . 6/10/2012
I cannot wait to see all the Kyoshi girls being flirts at the Coronation party as well as us possibly hearing the hedgehog song. This chapter was lovely.
always-whelmed chapter 3 . 6/10/2012
Okay, first of all I have to tell you that I have read the entire Stalking/ Not Stalking/Stalking Zuko/Firelord Zuko, in a week. And I thought they were awesome and many more. But I didn't want to review them, because I wanted to finish them. And so far, I love them sooooo much.

Sadly there is one thing that bothers me a little bit. It's really not bad or anything, just a little annoying.

Your author notes. They're HUGE AND LONg AND RANT-Y! ( and the fact that they haven't kiss, but that's a little acceptable)

And I don't want you to get mad or anything... so sorry if I hurt your feelings, bit aside the notes and the no kissing I find this stories hilarious and funny and cute and awkward and romantic and, and... ZUTARA FEELS ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE!
hormonequeen chapter 1 . 6/9/2012
I've just been silently stalking this series for so long. It is one of the few things I had as entertainment when I broke my ankle over the summer. I always left thinking about the characters. You've fleshed them out so much and there has been so much character development and insight on your part and I can never wait for the next update. Plus your humour. I am prone to laughing like an idiot while reading this story. WAhen this happens my brother just gives me a look and says fanfiction again. I nod in response and he facepalms and sighs. Also it has given me so many little jokes I tell that I find hilarious and no one else gets. And the way you approach romance scenes with Zuko and Katara. Sometimes I literally squeal. So yeah. Excellent job so far and I can't wait to read more.
soupcan chapter 3 . 6/8/2012
Have I told you lately how wonderful you are? No? Well let me do that: You are amazing! Honestly, your author's notes are sometimes almost more entertaining than the chapters themselves, just to see the way you think about the characters in the show and have you put your own unique spin on things. I'll wonder sometimes why you do something in the chapter and then suddenly it all makes sense!

I feel rather bad for Katara in these chapters, which is nice after I've gone on hating her character in general (not in this story, in the show, because here I think you expand on the better parts of her character that we saw earlier on in the series rather than the mean!Katara that showed up so much in the later seasons). And after thinking about it, the Water Tribes do seem incredibly sexist. Boo them. I wish Ty Lee really would chi block their willies. (Side oneshot maybe?)

And I actually kind of like Maiko sometimes, although I suspect my opinion will probably be changing soon, considering how well-reasoned your ending rants/rambles seem to be. (How are they logical and rambly at the same time? It doesn't make sense!)

I do feel like Zuko's skills at improvised speaking would come forward in his speech a bit, and that he would maybe deviate slightly from the script that he and Katara prepared. Because he does seem to be rather brilliant at it on the rare occasion that this particular skill set is called for. I think that in the moment, he would be able to look out at the crowd and see people he knew, and just kind of relax and start speaking from the heart, instead of saying something scripted. Because his speech seemed very heartfelt, not so incredibly rehearsed (although writing it the day before would tend to cut back on rehearsals, I suppose). But if his own thoughts came through in the speech, I feel like Katara would be proud, and there would be a lovely moment of awesome. Of course, she would probably be proud of him for just not getting up there and being awkward in general.

Also, repeated use of the word "naked" definitely gets guys' interest. I agree wholeheartedly with your theory! And that actually explains a lot about Ty Lee's flirtatiousness, if she wanted attention so much because she had so many sisters, this theory would kind of explain why she flirts with anything that breathes.

Anywho, I should probably stop writing before my rambling approaches yours. Lovely chapter as always, and I can't wait to see more!

yes0000000.o chapter 3 . 6/8/2012
so freaking fantastic! this chapter especially. i absolutely love reading all the great things you come up with. i'm looking forward to the drama that will definitely arise in the next few chapters. just don't break Katara's heart too much with Mai in the picture now.

again, excellent work! a thousand cheers to you.
Charmed Ravenclaw chapter 3 . 6/7/2012
I really liked how you had some of the men come out and agree with Katara. That was cute.

Personally, I’m a bit surprised by the Kyoshi warriors and their desire to go out and party with hot Fire Nation men. After being kept prisoner by them for a few months it just strikes me as an odd thing to do with your long-term enemy.

I wonder what Zuko’s immediate reaction to Sokka’s statement about their anniversary and the person he was back then. I can imagine him leaning back at that statement and worrying about the person he used to be.

I did notice when Zuko first gave his coronation speech it was odd of him to mention love. It seemed so OOC of him! And now that you did mention it, his speech did have Katara written all over it! I like how you incorporated that in there!

I love Ty Lee’s logic – just say the word naked or bisexual and it will grab anyone’s attention. That is so true.

I have read The Promise Part 1 and yes, sadly Katara doesn’t seem to be doing much other than following Aang everywhere – although I suppose she is still useful as a negotiator and stuff because Aang still can’t make everyone see the world the way he does.
wolfshifter1001 chapter 3 . 6/7/2012
No is why is gloomy hairbun back?

Well I hope you update soon!

All cats are grey chapter 3 . 6/7/2012
Aaargh! Cliffhanger on Gloomy Hairbuns! Can't wait for it.

So happy Katara wants to find things to do just for 's important and I myself could not picture my life in a different matter.

I knew she was going to help him with the speech! I mean,c'mon she just loves having speech about the good things in the world how could she not help him.
VampiressE12B chapter 3 . 6/7/2012
While I'm just as interested as everyone else reviewing in how you pull of the maiko scene, I'm more concerned about the kataang scene. There are just so many ways you could tweak the maiko scene and I just cant see as many different possibilities for the kataang scene. So far the only ones I see are katara trying to make aang happy (b/c if she can't be with zuko anyway at least someone should be happy) or in a fit of just immature jealousy ("if zuko can run around kissing people so can I dammit and how does that feel? Not too good huh?") and really I don't like either explanations. I'm much more excited to see how you explain that. I'm sure you'll come ip with something Id never have thought of.

Anyway, as I was reading I was thinking "I'm surprised katara hasn't ripped that paper out of Zukos hands and written his speech for him already" and then she helped :)

I can't wAit to see the rest of the gaangs reactions to maiko. I wonder how hard toph will hit zuko...
Tigrette-of-Fire chapter 3 . 6/7/2012
Agh, Gloomy Hairbuns! Why did you have to come back now! (I don't hate Mai or anything, but still)

ANYWAYS amazing chapter as always! I miss the Gaang interaction too. It made me happy reading that part. And shenanigans in the upcoming chapters? Yay!

Please update soon!
Narwhalphonse chapter 3 . 6/7/2012
The Emperor's New Groove reference completely made my day.

As far as Aang's quest for a joke goes, I don't know if you've heard the muffin joke, but it's a doozy, IMO. I hope we get to see him find a great joke and that it is hilarious :)

Some constructive criticism, which I haven't really felt the need to do previously: The romance aspect of this story is beginning to wane a little, to be honest. It's treading a little past the point of suspense and is starting to roam towards the waters of losing interest. I know that you want to stick to the canon timeline like glue, but from a storytelling perspective I just feel like it's getting to be a bit much, like this should have been wrapped up by now. Also I feel that the last several chapters have been dragging a little bit. I've sort of been skimming and not feeling like I missed much. You're still doing a good job (not like you need me to tell you that; you've got quite the fanclub), I just wanted to point out a couple things. Anyways, keep up the writing.

- The Raven's Daughter - (formerly donnacrunch)
KnowledgeandImagination chapter 3 . 6/7/2012
awesome chapter once again! gah, I can barely take the tension th0ugh! Zuko and Katara are so close, but so far!

I'm so glad you did decide to do the Katara train in medicine thing. I really see that as something she would and could do. I just fear for what she will decide now that Mai is here, though at the same time, I think she is independent enough not to let some rivalry matter get in the way of what she wants. or her career.

I can't wait to see what you have planned for Mai. I actually do like her, and only dislike her pairing with Zuko, so I hope to see a more fleshed out version, and a happy ending for her as well.

but the scene with Katara and Zuko writing the speech was just so cute and squee worthy, I really hope to still see some of those scenes, even with Mai's return.

I also loved the Aang firebending lessons with Iroh scenes. Iroh is just so Iroh-like there, I can't even express my glee. XD I loved your reference as well to Iroh being a shipper on deck for Zuko/Happiness XDXD, so true, so true

I loved the girl talk session. it seemed to fit so well, and it'd be good for Katara and Suki to bond more, considering her relationship with Sokka and all.

anyways, just a great chapter overall, and I really, really cannot wait for the next one!
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