Reviews for STOLE MY HEART
currentlyunknown123 chapter 6 . 8/4/2012
Hi there, fellow fanfiction writer.

Just wanted to let you know that posting stories with characters who are real people is against the rules. Doing this puts your account and stories at risk for deletion.

You can change the names to something else if you wanted, so it wouldn’t be based on real people, but the story isn’t allowed at the moment and can be taken down, and your account could be banned for a while.

If you want to keep posting stories like this, you can do a quick Google search for places that allow you to post stories with real people. However, is not one of them, and if you continue to post chapters/ignore the fact that this story is breaking the rules (the rules you agreed to when you published this story) you will be reported.

Make sure you read the rules before posting and your account will be safe.

Cheers, Alyssa.