Reviews for 12 Things Ryoma must know about Atobe
Guest chapter 5 . 6/17/2015
Ahahahahah I also hate that song and one time I was really pissed at my sister beacuse she always sang call me maybe for more than a week. It was complete torture you know hahaha
Dimensional Roamer chapter 1 . 12/14/2013
Awwww! That's so cute! :)
isn't it chapter 5 . 6/5/2013
Carly Rae Jepsen?

Guest chapter 12 . 4/1/2013
I like this fic, you did a very good job with it. And since you said that your open for requests... (and I don't have an account yet so I'll just write it hear) can you do thrill pair, please?
Cookie-Fairy-Narnia chapter 12 . 3/24/2013
Awwwwww :D I have laughed a bit too much (not crying with laughter...)
Cookie-Fairy-Narnia chapter 1 . 3/24/2013
Lol, this seems to be interesting, looking forward to reading the rest :D
Guest chapter 12 . 3/6/2013
I LOVE IT! XD SO KAWAIIIIII! XD ( Great, now I sound like Ryo's fangirls in the anime) But since u said you are open to suggestions, can u do Sensual pair? XD Which, is Seiichi Yukimura x Ryoma Echizen! XD I actually would like it 'M', if u wanted to do it! XD But whatever u write is only decided by u, and I definitely won't force u! XD But than xsoooooo much 4 this royal pair fic! XD it is soooooooooooo cute! XD
Guest chapter 11 . 3/5/2013
AWWWWWW! XD Well, what Atobe's doing is probably more healthy than texting day and night... XD Though it might endanger Japan's trees... XD But it's sooooooooooo cute! XD I love this and hope U continue! XD
itachisgurl93 chapter 9 . 3/4/2013
hahaha! too funny these two! thx for the update!
Queen-Disturbed-Haruka chapter 8 . 3/3/2013
I like it ! :D Royal pair for ever
itachisgurl93 chapter 8 . 3/3/2013
hahaha! too cute! thx for the double update!
EmeraldRain25 chapter 6 . 12/9/2012
LoL, Atobe should be scared of clowns, or just not like them. You could do a halloween one that maybe invovled clowns? :)
EmeraldRain25 chapter 5 . 12/9/2012
*Sigh* I understand your pain Monkey King, I hate that song too.
Annalise93 chapter 6 . 8/15/2012
Lol. I literally laugh so hard when I read this.
I love it. It's really good and entertaining :)
Please update :) heehehe
Yuki Mizuho chapter 6 . 7/21/2012

I drooled that time is that Really ATOBE? O_O

Anyway i crack up when those maid were scared when ryoma ate the ice cream xDD

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