Reviews for Balance in the Dark
Captain Vulcan chapter 2 . 5/23/2012
Aww! Self-bonding is a sweet thing, isn't it? Epiphanies are coll too but when your dark half is a 7-year old loli it calls for some serious D'AAAAAW moments. Then again, this was a bitter-sweet ending, dude. You know what I mean, Will. This is probably the last we will see of Dark Rika. Damn it. How come I'm seeing this as a tragedy for some reason?

Must have something to do with that light.

Maybe I've enjoyed that Reimu & Nitori catfight far more than I should? Could be because Reimu was in her skivvies or something- I dunno. I'm glad that Moukou was there to interrupt the fight because it probably would have turned out to be a M-rate like scenario.

And, yes Aya. You've lost the scoop of the month. You naughty sexy fail-rific tengu.

And now... Ail's failure. Suspense, people. Suspense.
Nicolas Crossworth chapter 2 . 5/23/2012
Internal battles are good!

Character development good!

I will rue the day for not reading the other Sukima's...

Anyway a good conclusion, Reimu vs Nitori made me chuckle... and sleepy Mokou FTW! Ail has been busy, eh? wonder what happened to him... Oh well, back to the other sukimas!

Anyway Willie I'm having trouble taking this fic seriously after the pirates incident, half expecting something random to happen XD
Captain Vulcan chapter 1 . 5/17/2012
Hey! So this is the prelude before Reset Sukima, huh? I can't help but sense a 'calm before the storm' type scenario. It's really interesting that this tale will center around Rika (and Keine). It looks like the boobalicious duo is ready to face their dark sides. But first...


That's right! I was counting on some real Rika fanservice for a while, dude. And I share Reimu's sentiment: I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED! C'mon Rika, it's obligatory, girl! Besides, you look great in all of your swimwear. Heck, you even managed to divert my attention away from Keine for a moment. Which is pretty hard to do.

Nitori. She's such a noble, perverted kappa. She's risking her neck just to get a few good snapshots of our heroines in their bikini. You can't allow Julia to stop you now! You better get to work before the tengu girls enter the fray.

Hmm. Wave-Race? Kappa-pa Kart? I see what you did there. And Julia is preaching the choir about the spiked blue cucumber: IT IS FRIGGIN' BROKEN! It must be the original 64 version. And- RRAAARWW! Who's that sexy vixen that was giving Rika a hard time during the kart race? I have a feeling that she will be an important character in the future.

Well shall see. And I hope Rika can overcome her jealousy of the robot maids.

Til next episode!
Nicolas Crossworth chapter 1 . 5/17/2012
Not bad, a good plot foundation for the next Sukima.

Took me four hours to read this as a whole, delayed a bit due to distractions, but neverthless I finished it, and at one piece I did XD.

A heart warming story this was, (for me that is,don't know about the others though)and a good read. Is this a one shot? guess not, if there are anymore chapters, I'll be waiting warmly