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KAT of fanfiction chapter 24 . 11h
Wow... This story almost made me cry. Which is really impressive, because I NEVER cry at stories. Good job!
The Almighty Pyro chapter 24 . 5/5
Poor America. The burden of being a nation must be heavy for all of them. I love how well you write the tension and seriousness of the situation. I can't wait to see how Alfred and the other nations transform with the return of war. I'm glad you're back :) I can't wait for school to be over, but I'm getting Peter Pan Syndrome (Never want to grow up)
Seele Esser Deutsch chapter 24 . 5/5
*cries a river* Why must you always break my feels. Every time you update I get happy and then the amount of emotion you poor into this just makes me want to smile and cry, amazing!
XxVongola JuudaimeHimexX chapter 24 . 5/5
TT_TT Word War II... :(


Great chapter :)
Hyoshado chapter 24 . 5/5
I love it! This chapter was amazing :) Steeeeeve, I love you Captain America! 3 (And America). I think it is a good idea that he has decided to keep a gun with him.
D chapter 24 . 5/4
Thanks for updating again!
Hyoshado chapter 23 . 5/2
That was one of the freakin most adorabl-est story i've ever read! And oh ma goodness. I just LOVE how you portray both America and Steve! It's truly unbelievable. I love the quotes you pick and put at the beginning of each chapter, they are really inspiring and fit the mood of the chapter. I hop America finds Steve soon... And to think that America just got him a rifle too!
THEAWESOMEONE chapter 23 . 3/25
great book. love it. Brings tears to my eyes
Guest chapter 23 . 2/6
OMG I f*cking love this story! I just finished it in about 1 day and OMG please update it!
I understand that u are busy eith life and stuff but please do not abandon this story!
I really want to see how Alfred and Steve meet again in the future so pretty please update!
Impeccable Logic chapter 23 . 2/2
Never has a story made me feel so many emotions at once. I've cried both happy and sad tears while reading this. You're an amazing author! I love this story and Alfred and Steve's relationship. Hell! I even love the relationship between Alfred and Sarah (and I usually don't dig a AlfredXanyone story)! What I'm trying to say is, OMFG YOURE AMAZING AND THIS STORY IS AMAZING AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FINISH IT CAUSE DUDE THIS IS TOO AWESOME NOT TO FINISH I LOVE YOU AND THIS STORY!
Mandeebobandee chapter 23 . 1/1
Ooh, the transformation arc is coming up. Awesome!

I was wondering how you would accomplish that if Alfred and Steve were still in touch with each other...this explains it perfectly.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes next!
BCFireShadow chapter 23 . 12/30/2014
Oh my gosh.

I freaking knew it.

God dang it.

What the fudge.

I'm censoring my words, lol. That is how excited I am to see your next chapter. So please, update.


I'm foaming in the mouth right here at 3 am.

So... At first I thought this was a human au, but halfway I realized you never specified that, so...

I am a genius. Halfway, I knew he was still America.

Badass America it is.

And Steve will be in the Mi,itary, and we know what that means!


Hell YEAH!
XxVongola JuudaimeHimexX chapter 23 . 12/25/2014
... Mein gott... *sobs* *sniffs* Alfred... TT_TT OTL
Zukansokunetsu chapter 23 . 12/25/2014
Please tell this means your going to update quicker because it was a pleasant surprise when I opened my emails this afternoon and discovered a new chapter from a story I had all but forgotten about but had fallen in love with when I first discovered it. Although it does truly answer a few questions that I had alwaysThought about, although I had never asked, for instance when I first read it I was unsure about id Alfred was actually America or if he was a simple human being, my thoughts where all just about answered within the last few chapters but this finally set it in stone.

A funny thing is that I had just about given up on Hetalia, lost my interest in it because I had seen so much, but know almost a year later i might go back to it because I have this horrible problem where I will choose a fandom and read everything that people have written that catches my interest, I do this for a few months and leave again, i might jump around a little bit when i start to loose interest but maybe it is time to go back to Hetalia, although I have a feeling i'm going to have to get used to yoai again as there are few fandoms in which i condone it, Hetalia being one, as i normally feel uncomfortable with it. the hard thing is finding something worth reading that is not usuk as I do not like it to much as a peering. But I ramble so I shall leave you.
TT chapter 23 . 12/25/2014
you've turned me into an emotional wreck man
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