Reviews for My SoCalled Mortal Life
MissEllen chapter 23 . 7/1
Yeah, I thought that's what they're done. But what will happen now? Was the demon keeping Bella alive longer? Was it healing her?if Taylor took it back, then now what? And what of the imprint between Jake and her?

Oh boy! I really hope for an update soon! Edge of my seat here, edge of my seat!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/1
Love this story. Read the whole thing in a couple of days. Keep writing!
rochelleross56 chapter 23 . 6/28
Wow what a fight you go mike and bella and Taylor and the rest of the wolves...poor Amy and Claire I hope in time they will be alright...great story good job...
rochelleross56 chapter 22 . 6/28
Wow I am glad the bay is here I hope Angie takes Bella's warning to heart...yay I am glad Jake was there to comfort bella... They still have things to talk about... Poor Taylor he worries alit about bells...please let Claire and bella be okay what a big mess...
rochelleross56 chapter 21 . 6/28
Aww man that was close today was a day of many close calls what a mess... Will bella ever tell Jake the whole Taylor is very very brave that was ugly...
rochelleross56 chapter 20 . 6/28
Ah man Jake was not suppose to find at like that but he was warned if he takes the time to think and remember... Wow what will he do he promised Carmen but is he strong enough to resist bella? What is it with bella and quil?and how will Taylor react if the imprint over rules all else she belong to him too and what is happening to bella do she have a demon inside her is that where fangs went? What a mess so many questions...
rochelleross56 chapter 19 . 6/28
Yay finally a civil conversation... Poor Ryan he is probably scared for life lol... Really Jake choose bells to be his imprint how is that going to work out?
rochelleross56 chapter 18 . 6/27
Wow why can't the have a civil conversation... Bells is in deep I hope things work out...
rochelleross56 chapter 17 . 6/27
Wow what a party things are not going well how is she suppose to stay away from the pack when she is always corned one way or another so much for keeping her part of the deal...
rochelleross56 chapter 16 . 6/27
Wow that went so well...anyway back to the drawing board...will she ever win?
rochelleross56 chapter 15 . 6/27
Well that was interesting bells cant seem to win no matter what... poor Leah I hope things work out with Zach...
rochelleross56 chapter 14 . 6/27
Wow that was a better day I hope bella can help Emily... Poor Jake he can t handle bella being friends with the other wolves... I hope he can make it to bells house in time...
rochelleross56 chapter 13 . 6/27
Wow that went well... Oh what a day suiting tub talking about toys somebody is busted some one is feeling lost and two a very worried worts... I hope things can get fixed...
rochelleross56 chapter 12 . 6/27
What a mess poor Jake he is going to have his hands for Taylor I think if he push bells he may find fang...I wonder what rachel is up to what can't Leah say what is the deal with Emily and Amy?
rochelleross56 chapter 11 . 6/27
Wow so many questions what is going on with bella and just about everybody on the rest?
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