Reviews for My SoCalled Mortal Life
teacupdestiny chapter 22 . 5/31
I couldn't sleep all night because of this fic. It just gets worse and worse'-or you could say fantastically better and better. It's so awesome it's killing me. Keep on working hard!
colleen chapter 22 . 5/28
Thanks for another amazing chapter! its hard to remember everything that had happened since AML but I'm still loving
echo58 chapter 22 . 5/27
This story keeps me guessing. I'm thinking the secret is about to come out because Bella will go draken to kill the vampire.

Your killing me with the relationship between Jake and Bella. I want them together but I don't see how that is going to happen. Each time Taylor interupts it is a jolt to my system.
Guest chapter 22 . 5/22
Great as always. Cant wait for next chapter
Jerica Kye chapter 18 . 5/19
God I love this story. It just keeps getting better! I want Jake and Bella together and it keeps looking better! I do think that the reason that Alice doesn't see any children in Bella's future is because of Jake. A hope Jake and Bella will have lots of cute babies together. Cant wait to see what happens next!
Guest chapter 22 . 5/19
oh shit
Guest chapter 22 . 5/19
Update sooner
phisig87 chapter 22 . 5/17
when the next chapter due, can't wait :)
ObsessedWithPeeta chapter 22 . 5/15
Ahhhh! Noooo. And get Jacob and Bella back together now! ! Gosh I hate taylor
PastOneonta chapter 22 . 5/11
So enjoying this story, this was a great chapter.

Angela will protect her heart from Quil, she's been hurt and she's honestly just looking for companionship now.

I loved loved the line Bella thought to herself, "Werewolves had a way of claiming hearts. It started with hugs and hand holding and the next you thing you knew a wolf was climbing into your bedroom window." Sweet and thoughtful from many years ago before things got so difficult. And painful.

I agree with Bella that the truth doesn't always set you free. I do not think she should talk to Alice. She has nothing to gain except an apology which doesn't fix anything when the damage was so great. Bella runs the risk of getting more crap from Alice, fake friendship, fake visions or worse. Bella doesn't need her.

Emily's labor and Bella's role in supporting her was interesting. Bella clearly needs more help in distracting people. Clowns and drowned babies to women in labor is not helpful. She was a good friend and it all worked out. The phone messages to Jacob were true to Bella's open mouth say what you want style.

Jacob and Bella spending a few minutes together in peace and friendship was heartwarming. He talked about wolf fathers-to-be and Paul's bachelor party. We heard more about the wedding and I could have cried at Billy dancing with Rachel, then laughed at the single men running from the garter. Very good. It was nice to see the rest of their lives and how close the Pack is.

Bella's heartbreak over the name of Emily's baby was just so sad. And her inability to have children was just so sad. Jacob didn't know it though, so he is wondering about the imprint. Maybe Bella is mistaken that she can't have children. The other point is she is mated to Taylor who doesn't want children so it may not matter if it is a mistake. Jacob is definitely thinking about this new information.

More talk of children and families with Amy. And then Claire plays in the woods. Please don't let anyone get hurt. Where are the wolves? How is this vamp that close? Will Bella be okay?
corkykellems chapter 22 . 5/11
Poor Bella...I wish Taylor would go away...she belongs with Jake...I hope help get's there in time...Great Update
Guest chapter 22 . 5/11
Jake and bells momments r the best. Hope quil and angela be good to each other. Maybe bells take over the vamp
Update sooner please
melanieds chapter 22 . 5/9
That is one stupid vampire. I wouldn't want to tangle with Bella protecting a child.
Anony chapter 22 . 5/9
Haha I think Sam was acting so funny and that whole situation was funny. Bella handled it well even with her anxiety, I'm glad that didn't get any worse. I'm also glad she's better with Angela but I think Angela is still gonna get closer to quil so we'll see.
I always love the moments between jake and Bella but they're always cut short by something, this time it was Taylor again. They're gonna have it out again and it will prob be again soon once they realize Bella is in danger. I think Bella will be able to defend herself but those two guys will be at it to get to her.

So I hope it all turns out alright. But who could this vampire be?'!
radix chapter 22 . 5/9
please for the love of all that is holy update i can't take it i need more... thank you
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