Reviews for My SoCalled Mortal Life
Debbie Hicks chapter 39 . 4/5
Liz'a bitrten ritual onnto Beklla Swan
LIZ Bitten BELLA DRAINED BLOOD WITH THE FIRST WITH HEWR drained as all of human blood was venomous then with ankles then Were Drained of more blood as all ended up dead by Volturi kidnapped them the five day painfully not so human wre special powerful reported masters E,izabeth bit Isabella Swan sucessfully turned her wiped memories clean good with best you broke our law bring here they Drained more blood then suddenly the sudden change it's Begun Liz be strong lethal powerful be dangerous be beautfiul she did was Anmesiac with her with them the suddenly a primal instict a urge a womat still glowing it was released that force then Isebella open your newest eyes See them then With Liz with best friends still glowing was blocking but advancing but controled their have them cleansed make sure they never leave our palace are you thirsty i desire blood you drained from me and i need to kill and murder and to be a Assassin bind us we are yours calls to ye as mnembers as noblity heed my words this our Intiotion i we never leave and we are ,embers apart of the Volturi guard welcome Isabella and Elizabeth Angela and Eric and Micheal and Jessica with Ttyler and Ben these Initiates swear alliance to my coven are apart be Starfleet be strong be lethal be dangerous be beautfiul but be loyal but loyal falthful here Then it happened cloaks with the shattered Auryn expoded as their crest sign this lease then they did let us rejoice they been Crown it is a coronation gfood then these weree their carnivorous selves Exploded with a violence with turned then then the Seer found them dead drained of blood with three killed wrerte drained then brought them here were found accused of newborns had powers were Destroyed with both then KILLED!Torn then Blazing with Edward were DESTROYED! Were murdered by them burst freely then took the corpses ther venom was into their bodies as a result anmesia was the cause thyen Sick with each both kids wre bred at ten week late shattered from here popped freely thenbrought from here then suddenly nuked from ther corpses brought forth to the palace exploding more than as all of guards then it came too late EXPLODING! Then brought more than as all of them reported now as Volturi members drained human blood destroyed as with both with turned shattering more than as all as very supermazillions as all of them from bad infected blood made them muxch powerful were a species of slayers Crashed then nothingness was left Alice they been attacked but drained they have as squished up but messed up venom are not humans at all saved but blown freely i am afraid due to your attack you been turned are Vampire slayers are Vampires Chained SNAPPED! Freed then brought accused here screaming then killed them as all of them burst more guards suddenly nuked never existed as all of more Volturi noblity Alice i can't hear breathing they are dead hold on BITTEN Two then suddenly venom woke them up with them then CRACKED! From here then blazed from here brought them but suddenly too laqte working it's godly magical curse then then popped forth then it was too late reborn differently wre dead with a katra shattered freely they could not have children nulled by Dawn Read Spier and her teammate reverted back as teenagers by a curse they had become beautfiul lethal but strong powerful but Starfleet loyal beings shattering from here now as The Embraced wwre Vampres hated what they became wre far most stunning Vampire women were trained slayers as well then it then nuking freely now too late the bodies brought here killed never lived at all then they were frozen with themnewest changed freed of corpses then crashed from hoallow hardest bodies vanished freed more as all of guards reported members all of them spawned were different from them had not died was poisoned crashed but replaced human blood with both shattered from here then crashed freely brought them killed and murdered them then brought forth more as all bitten freely then no longer alive had exploded then caused them to be resurrected oh urgh we are young again how that look in the mirror golden eyes Carlisle we are teenagers frozen in mind and body oh my god then young ladies men are dead how we can't sleep of the murdered host did bad rebelled but gone into my instincts bit her oh my god we need witnesses for them BLACKED OUTSIDE SHATTERING Then lost need to breed then suddenly murdewred that newest news wre out they had no body temperature and had racing hearts and burned blood stopped for good unable to see and hear then nuked freely unable to cross over they never changed or age at all had gained Bitter Immortality fully completely time they were deceased beings Elizabeth let out a strange melodic noise I Know to be wary something scary I TURN LOOSE GHOSTLY HAUNTS BEEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE! IT'S SHOWTIME! Then his laughter was free of confinement then suddenly in the flesh reappeared dead like them Alice fainted right gracefully in her mate's arms crap we died you idiots oh my god brought forth women and kids our last kids followewd with pets that Bree reacted in horror SOLD! Beyonds we with as all of them are trapped into here then crashed from bodies reappeardd into the Neitherworld with things then a family moved in they were Vampires had looks of them declared with things remodeled and expanded with homes then had humans familiues killed drained of blood Dismembered with the three and followed now too late reappeared dead blown freely then it was as all of supernatural beings with five with Vulcans followed as all of it came too late shattered they wre Kindred and Galactic Lycans were forbidden to hunt they did as all of animals killed and suddenly with young but with pets poped freely then Exploded then nuked from here then lost bodies crashed from here but came the cloning process followed warped from, Earth to Vulcan then with more were freed of them split from them Exploding their bodies brought here then more than as all Vanmpires took from as all of lands conquested but suddenly were more than as all of both destroyed trapped within was lost came with a noise then were more onto planets with them were sweating of their nwest planet's heat wave was a scorching then it came too late they were not alive at all now gained as all of members came too late the bodies had stopped reprducing blown as all of Vampires with darkest ones blown with as all of it came too late just exploding young took places now Earth was overcrowding as all of them exploded then bombed from here were different as all of them came was a changed both they all of them took over planets and moons as all of them were agents of a dead world.
becthom594 chapter 39 . 3/31
I have sat and read both stories over the last 4 days. I absolutely love your writing. I can't say I'm sad about care or Taylor either one leaving. I'm a Bella/Jacob girl. You did a good job of not making this a typical Twilight story. It feels like a book that included some twilight characters. I hope fang or likewise hasn't returned to bella. She's ready and needs a normal ... as much as can be with having a wolf man The girl has been through he'll and back. She's strong and sensitive and she's like Super Bella. Im not sure how I feel about liz and the way she is acting. She tells Bella to what she feels is right with the council yet jumps her shit when Jacob says something about her moving forward. I get that she was there for bella but Jacob has been trying for months and has went through hell for years. Let theme be. Let happy together. Can't wait for your next chapter.
Anony chapter 39 . 3/28
I can see why you made it a two part chapter! Perfect ending But now I'm so anxious to read what horrible thing is going to happen next. Something with vampires I'm sure, and not the good kind?
I worry about Bella and the baby though.
And this tough overpowering alpha act Jake does over Bella is really annoying now, he moves one step forward and then one step back. I'm hoping he doesn't talk to her like that anymore, they are slowly growing closer again and moments like that ruin it. Of course Bella has a lot to grow still but I guess I'm just wanting things to go smoothly! lol it's about time haha

Hope you're doing well and can't wait to read what happens next!
jacksperluvr chapter 39 . 3/27
I loved it and can't wait to find out what happens in Seattle.
QWhidbee10 chapter 39 . 3/27
I don't trust the Cullen at all! Especially Carisle creepy ass. Bella needs to get her files and stay away from him. I have a feeling they are not adopting and are using Bella's DNA for something freaky. Liz needs to go to counseling and get over herself. I really hope they make it out of Seattle okay because that cliff hanger sounds bad.
Guest chapter 35 . 3/27
Liz is a bitch. She seriously needs a reality check and get over herself.
Lordel chapter 39 . 3/26
I'm glad Liz and Bella had a heart to heart. I loved Charlie's speech and the wolves traumatized reaction to the video. Great update
Alex Aces chapter 39 . 3/25
As chokes as I am that you ended a chapter with "Bella never dreamed their last-minute trip would end in disaster.", that was probably a good idea. Sure I want to read about the baby, but fan fiction always wraps up with babies and weddings; it felt like the story was close to wrapping up and it's a good idea to keep your readers in suspense until yours really ready to end it.
DBABY0412 chapter 39 . 3/24
Excellent chapter
1WhoLoves2ReadAlot chapter 39 . 3/24
Great update! Can't wait to for the next update
Paul's Chooka chapter 39 . 3/24
Dear god, i'' scared to read the next chapter now

Loving the story!
misscoolgirl chapter 39 . 3/24
Bella's neighbors can go jump off a cliff. Jake's right. It's none of their business.
So getting caught twice in a day by both their dads? They have no luck at all haha!
Loved the scenes from Bella's non-baby shower party. Those friends and family are the only ones that matter, not Bella's nosy neighbors and their gossip.
Crazy that Rosalie and Emmett are adopting. I wonder how that will work out when the kid grows up?
Very sweet of the Blacks to pass down that welcoming blanket.
Liz shouldn't be so worked up. She's overreacting but I do understand why she is.
Though dropping the 'moving in with Jake' thing should have been discussed with Bella before announcing it to everyone. Not surprised at Liz and Jake's argument. But...I love that the baby has a name now :)
The porn/childbirth video...HAHA! That'll teach em a lesson or two!
And you mentioned the finale? Makes me a little sad lol. But what kind of trouble is lurking? Yikes! More soon pretty please! :)
Ariel-Scarlett chapter 39 . 3/24
A new chapter, yey! :)

Bella’s neighbors are idiots, I hope she won’t feel too bad too long because of them. Infuriating. She doesn’t need their approval. All her real friends and family were at the party!

Rose & Emmett’s baby news was a big but a happy surprise. Good for them. Rose will get to experience something that she has always missed the most. It was great that you mentioned Royce and how she is finally free of him. She deserves all the happiness in the world. Btw, how will they handle the practical side of things, will they move around with the child and keep home schooling…? Will they tell the child the truth as he/she gets older? Obviously the child will notice that they don’t eat and don’t get older etc.

Loved the blanket gift. So nice. It’s a family keepsake and shows how Bella is welcomed into the family. (If it was the Cullens they probably would buy something extravagant and super expensive…)

Liz and Jake’s argument was just waiting to happen. They’re both being very territorial but neither of them shouldn’t order Bella around. Bella will move out eventually of course. It’s only natural. Liz is family, like a sister to her, but things will change sooner or later. Liz will have to get over it and she can visit Bella as much as she wants. :) But I’m also glad Bella didn’t just suddenly give in to Jake either. He can’t make such decisions on his own and they can benefit from the compromise living arrangements. Now they’ll have time to adjust.
Gabrielle is a pretty name!

The birth video scene was hilarious! The guys are such big boys and manly men but when they see the facts of life on tv they run to the hills. :D Surprisingly it was only Ryan who fainted, I would’ve thought some of the younger wolves would too…

Now I’m scared what you have in mind for the shopping trip. Either the Volturi will come or Bella will have a miscarriage or something. I’m kinda thinking it might have something to do with whoever was watching her in the cemetery.
Jane chapter 39 . 3/23
I can't imagine what's going to happen in Seattle, but I'll be waiting to read all about when you post it.
Poor Bella can't catch a break. One disaster/drama after another.
debs2crazy chapter 39 . 3/23
Good chapter.
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