Reviews for A Play With Words
Guest chapter 30 . 10/12
This sucks. I am glad I was able to read the story but, the author passed away and it makes me sad really.
NO chapter 1 . 9/23
Reader chapter 30 . 9/4
Much thanks to the two of you!

Rest in peace, cousin-san! You will be missed. Thanks for giving us an outline and not leaving us hanging. ; A ;

To have lived knowing how early your life will end, that sounds frightening. But the remaining time you spent alive- I think it's brave of you to push on and try to make the best of it!

As a trashy person who spends her free time soaking in depression and self-induced misery, I admire you a lot!

Thank you!

Guest chapter 24 . 9/4
Loli x Yandere Sword lmfao. OTP. xD
Rayven818 chapter 26 . 8/12
Losing such a talented and sweet writer is a loss. She had the foresight to give us a conclusion! What a amazing and thoughtful writer! You will be missed.
Bruh chapter 30 . 7/5
Amazing story friend,i cant really say much more.
xXGod707Xx chapter 30 . 6/12
uwahhh! its really a great story! a big thanks to lovely author and her cousin!
Guest chapter 30 . 4/14
...they name them HAN and OBITO?!
*grabs heart* I'm done
As for all them other ninjas, they better freakin appreciate my fav orange goggled-boy
kasai.suffocating chapter 20 . 3/9
This chapter is fucking hilarious.
Hitori no kage chapter 1 . 2/27
I want to really thank the author and her cousin for the dedication you both have in writing/compiling this story. Know that you are missed, XER9AF-san, and I would have loved to be friends and collaborate in writing a story. Even so, you have inspired me to write well and passionately. I'll surely dedicate one of my stories to you. Rest in peace. Thank you also, dear cousin of the author, for the closure.
Heart chapter 8 . 2/23
Heart chapter 5 . 2/23
Flower chains man...
Heart chapter 4 . 2/23
Be da da da da dum *cling*
Heart chapter 3 . 2/23
Oh yikes!
Heart chapter 1 . 2/23
My, oh my.
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