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MadisonLee chapter 40 . 9/14
I think about this story all the time. It's been three years, is that weird? If you're still writing anything please keep it up. This is better than half the books out there today.
bbmcowgirl chapter 40 . 7/15
Hi, any chance you plan on adding chapters 9-40 (and finishing the story) over on A03?
Scintally chapter 29 . 7/14
Old and finished story, I know, but I felt like I had to drop a comment anyways, to say wow - this chapter (29) is incredibly well written. Your ability to seize the very essence of thought is what I loved most, resulting in a truly captivating text packed with emotions. Absolutely loved it! I'll have to keep reading to see where it goes from here, hopefully to (metaphorically) lighter places than those Loki is currently dwelling in :)
Nyx avon7 chapter 40 . 7/14
OMG OMG! Itz amazing!
You are very talented. God bless u.
Please update i am dying to read the rest of the story.
Guest chapter 40 . 7/4

P.S. Loki's legit theme is would you turn your back on me(monster). Look it up
0-Ran-0 chapter 40 . 6/1
I must admit I have mixed feelings right now : I kind of want to kill you for the way this chapter ends, hug you for such a great story and I'm worried since this fic hasn't been updated in 3 years now, so I hope you are well and nothing happened to you...

I was greatly suprised by your story. It's been a while since I haven't found any good frostiron fic and I stumbled onto yours by pure accident and thought "hell, why not". And God, I am happy I clicked on it ! I started reading it a few days ago and went through all kind of emotions and opinions, from "Hey, not bad" to "OMG this story is freacking amazing !" I was so into it it was getting ridiculous xD

I really enjoyed your sense of humour, mixed with all the angst. Seriously, Tony's way of thinking, some of his reactions and retorts, his and Loki's wits, Clint, Steve... Love it ! I really laughed out loud while reading and it does not happen very often. So congrat's !

Your plot is very engaging, the characterization flawless (I love your Thor, I really do, and the way you wrote Steve ! Most of the time, I hate him in fiction but you did a great job with him), the suspense is very well build and was killing me (I had to keep reading... could not stop, argh). The twists are just perfect and your writing... Darling, let me tell you, you are very skilled. I am not an English native but still, I know good English skills when I see some. I feel like you have... idk, grown up between the beginning of this story and its last chapter, as if your writing style evolved and changed with you. But that might be just me imaging things. Anyway, I hope whatever you are doing now, you keep writing, it would be such a waste of talent not to.

And thank you for your complexe characterization of Loki, and his and Tony's relationship. It's not too fast, not too angsty, just the right amount of humour, chaos, affection and lies. Everything I love about the pairing. You can't be bored with those two.

I have a soft spot for Livy but that might because she's French... I'm always happy when I see two french words in a fic. That's a bit pathetic, sorry. But I like how, in the end, she's a side of Loki, the artistic one.

I wonder if Odin will make another apparition. After all, he's the one who sent these two psychopathes after his son (adoptive or not, I don't care) and when you see the results...

And Loki's Jotun nature... I wonder if he would have talk about it to Tony one day (year, century).

Ok, I have to stop there, I still have plenty to say but that comment is gonna turn into a book. I don't even know if you're still receiving reviews for this fiction, but in case you do, just know that I am really fond of it, I enjoyed reading it dearly and I would very much like to read the next chapter (answering some questions apparently, I am dying to know more). But I know real life can be a pain in the butt sometimes, I had a very rough year myself so I can imagine... Your story actually made me feel a bit better so thank you. I really hope you are alright !

If one day, you decide to come back to Dominoes and Dynamite, know that I'll be there to read and review and bask in its glory.

Thank you for this fantastic work.
sugarhighunicorn chapter 40 . 1/15
icecatfire chapter 40 . 1/9
ah... your gonna continue SOON... right? this is getting WAY to good... sorry for not reviewing for every chapter I've been hooked. basically, I go "what happens next, what happens next, what happens next, review later, what happens next?!" *sheepish* sorry.
icecatfire chapter 31 . 1/8
icecatfire chapter 26 . 1/8
*giggling MADLY* tony's crush/love/falling for loki is getting MUCH WORSE... or BETTER... depending on if your going FOR or against the whole tony/loki thing... then again it'd be weird if someone was reading this and not liking the pairing... *sighs dreamily* *I* am LOVING the developing crush... is LOKI developing the same deep crush tony is? 'cause from that smile he got, I'd say YES!
icecatfire chapter 18 . 1/7
poor tony. *huggle*
icecatfire chapter 16 . 1/7
O.O... *hugs tony TIGHTLY* gooooooooooood fucking luck tony. *hugs again* ... *muses* maybe he can get away from all this if they think that loki hypnotized him or something. *shrugs*
icecatfire chapter 7 . 1/6
I said it before in chapter one, and I'll say it again. (though I DO love him) loki, you are an ASS. xD keep going. I want to see where this is going. :)
icecatfire chapter 6 . 1/6
... despite some of the complaints on the review page that I read, I like the story so far. :)
icecatfire chapter 1 . 1/6
"In retrospect, Tony decided that it was all Pepper's fault." ... not gonna lie, despite the seriousness of the summary; I cracked up HARD. xD JUST from this line I can tell there is gonna be more than drama. :) thank you for putting humor in this too... then again tony and loki in a story together WOULD make humor ALL by themselves wouldn't they? xD *sighs* oh, loki you ASS. xD
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