Reviews for From the Ashes
spirit117 chapter 107 . 9/20
Great chapter Ert its nice to see that the Enclave are having trouble fighting the Salarians. The only problem I really have with this chapter is the more I read with Warren the more I’m amazed he’s still in the military. I get he’s good at his job but theirs only so much he can get away with talking like that before someone says f#ck it and breaks his noise before throwing him in the brig for awhile.

Keep up the great work.
aDarkOne chapter 107 . 9/17
I agree with you on the political front.
Things are a ridiculous mess (when it comes to American politics) at this point.

Also getting rid of Volker due to him quitting, because he was sick of all the BS and brutality that his own side engaged in, was both realistic, and unexpected.

So kudos for that.
Batmd chapter 107 . 9/14
It's about time some one put that bitch hill her and shook troops in there place
Guest chapter 107 . 9/13
Where the deathclaws at? Why is the Fallout people the same? They were so diverse in the beginning and on the normandy. And the sentries? And gutsy? And the deathclaws? And the supers? The ghouls? Where is the diversity?
Vladicus chapter 13 . 9/15
Liberty Primes... Titans wanna be's then... Impresive
Raizgriz98 chapter 107 . 9/14
Awesome chapter as always. Please keep updating I love this story.
FORD B chapter 107 . 9/13
Awesome powerful read!
BigDaddieSora chapter 107 . 9/12
I love the story. Keep up the good work. I think it would be cool if you made another story where instead of fallout humanity with mass effect if you did destiny humanity with mass effect. You do a great job writing the wars and battles. I think you could write a great destiny humanity at war with the aliens from mass effect. If any thing keep writing I love your work.
MajorDarkblade chapter 107 . 9/12
Oh thank god, Volker got out while he still could. Away from the front, he gets to live. Great story, can't wait for more chapters.
blaiseingfire chapter 107 . 9/12
If this was a movie and I was the cinemasins guy, I'd remove 5 sins for Volker's "Heil General Hill" rant.
Kalaong chapter 107 . 9/12
One corrupt candidate, one crazy candidate. Your Enclave arc seems absolutely *prescient* now.
GoingBlargh chapter 107 . 9/12
Actually, plasma and kinetic barriers would still work the same way as even in space, plasma is still a magnetically shaped ball of super-heated particles, like the sun. It would still need a bit of kinetic force in order to get it moving so it would still be affected by a kinetic barrier.
notsae chapter 1 . 8/13
Will the institution be taken into account?
Me chapter 27 . 8/6
Will Roger see her again?
MajorKO chapter 69 . 8/6
Loving your story! It's so amazing! Also good to see that your working on an original story, even if it's on a subject that I'm not too big of a fan on. Even so, it sounds like it will be an amazing story, and seeing how well and determined you were with this story, I can tell that it'll be great!
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