Reviews for From the Ashes
itioministralis chapter 3 . 12/7/2021
Either this was written by a very young author or someone with very peculiar notions of what military command chain is, how countries form, how physics function and how adults think.
ivan1305as chapter 28 . 11/29/2021
...I am pretty sure that Volker should be glad that the ones that caused and mantained the economical crisis on the country were judged death penalty for the crimes they commited againist the people of the country like the ones they killed of hunger and poverty but ok...
Ann chapter 12 . 11/15/2021
"if it was a teenage boy in her boots we would be hearing a lot less complaints"

I'm assuming this is an old chapter despite the semi-recent update, but you are so wrong there that I had to comment. You just need to look at the negative reactions that de-aging Dante in the Devil May Cry reboot or the younger version of the protagonist in the original Japanese vs the more liked older US Nier game angered people to realise that people don't like it happening to either gender. And many of the people complaining about young Lara were women, not men - usually big breasted women who were getting a bit annoyed about being told that big tits sexist.
torn reader chapter 45 . 11/10/2021
Ha! Alexander Anderson out here influencing the galaxy
Fanfic21011 chapter 5 . 10/17/2021
Thanks for removing the cringey political views.
Krieger Techpreist chapter 38 . 10/15/2021
... Dont... Dont do this to me! I cant decide!
Mechanical scream of confusion and anguish*
Krieger Techpreist chapter 36 . 10/15/2021
Legate lananius... Fallout for the win in this one!
ZhaWarudo chapter 28 . 9/22/2021
This story started out really good, then things went downhill when you said how dumb council is in canon so you'll be making it dumb here. If you wanted a good story you'd just make them obstinate/stubborn but not retarded.
This is the flaw of generic bad fiction, oh Dumbledore/Hokage is so dumb, the protagonist will show them up and bamboozle them!
Not that this one is that bad but it's not far. You talk about quality and critizing bad fanfics while writing an average fanfic yourself.

You were talking about getting minor in English, don't make me laugh. You don't know the difference between boarder and border, definitely and defiantly. You even keep using boarder left and right, like you're trying to piss me off.

Everyone's a "Sherlock" in your story and you have some characters ask/say utterly dumb things, just to give explanation trough another character.

I'll give you kudos for original idea, story length and diversion from canon, maybe your writing has improved by the time you reached monstrous 900k but it's too frustrating to read now.
ADeter chapter 13 . 9/5/2021
I do believe this counts as a holy crusade baptized in the fires of democracy
ADeter chapter 12 . 9/5/2021
Welp Adam should call up Pope "Pious The Pissed" since this sounds *Breathes heavily* Like a reason for a new crusade
ADeter chapter 3 . 9/5/2021
I am dying at the prospect of battle priests man and its like aw 40k has that but fallout didnt bitches "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!" *BRRRRRRRTTTT* *Incoherent dead alien noises* I love this by the way if you cannot tell
robwar80 chapter 69 . 8/31/2021
Oh Goeth, he is such a good villain. He has this degree of common senes (of a sort) and alacrity that makes him such a funny/good character.
TheRightPrice chapter 71 . 8/24/2021
Finally! I had seemed like Roger went and forgot that Norman/Nora is a pretty sick and twisted f**king nutjob.
TheRightPrice chapter 58 . 8/23/2021
Damnit Tali! Volker was just about to start spitting truth bombs that need to be said.
TheRightPrice chapter 56 . 8/23/2021
Having Norman revealed to actually be a woman can only work because we the readers can't actually see him/her. As such I can say that this reveal is a major flop and can only assume that the other characters in this story are pretty oblivious and blind.
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