Reviews for The Hangman's Hands
Coveredinrain3 chapter 1 . 2/29
This was fantastic! Incredibly written— I fell in love with the characters, particularly Loki, whose development was vividly captured by your creativity and imagination. This story got me through the day, giving me something to look forward as another world to enter and live in. It is quite difficult to accept that it has finished. I’m not sure if there is hope for a sequel, but I eagerly await one anyway. And this story seems it has gone quite far— I’m sure many others wait too!
Guest chapter 1 . 2/3
Hi, I really loved this story! Are you still planning a sequel?
Dragoon-Yue chapter 32 . 4/24/2022
Loved this story.
Will we be seeing the sequel soon?
WykkedWitch chapter 13 . 4/13/2022
I accidentally posted a review on the previous chapter that was meant for a different story, SORRY lol but your story is really good too. Please disregard previous review. Thanks!
WykkedWitch chapter 12 . 4/13/2022
I know I'm a few years late to the party but I absolutely ADORE this story! So delightfully twisted yet fun. I had sincerely hoped it was finished but as I have reached the final chapter I see that is not so. PLEASE, if you could find the inspiration and the time, PLEASE PLEASE finish this story! There is so much left to explore! The tortures at the hands of the Children of Thanos, Thor finding out what Jane has survived, the baby, etc. etc.! I beg you to finish it someday!
Guest chapter 32 . 2/5/2022
How is the sequel coming along? We’d love it if you could start sharing them even if still incomplete huhu thank you
Plainlo-inthemorning chapter 32 . 9/27/2021
I got four hours of sleep last night and slept through my alarm this morning because I HAD to finish this. What an epic, thrilling and incredibly touching tale! I was completely gripped all the way through. Your writing is spectacular and the character descriptions so spot-on. I could feel them come alive from the first chapter, and by the end I was dreading having to leave them. Like Jane, I’m also not good at goodbyesI almost stopped breathing during THAT scene in the tower, and so hope that you may be inspired to someday write a sequel or an epilogue that gives us more of these two together. Seriously, I have spent most of today not working because I keep thinking about what their reunion would be like (ridiculously hot obvs…). Thank you for the ride!
Circinus chapter 1 . 8/31/2021
This was one of the best stories I have ever read. Your characterizations were so spot on. The world building and mythology flowed so well together. I can’t wait to read the sequel. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this epic adventure and love story!
Dark Veggie chapter 1 . 4/13/2021
one of My favorites lokane's fic. You are a lovely human being
LadyScarlettDixon chapter 32 . 1/19/2021
I loved this story! I really hope you write a sequel!
FateDebated chapter 32 . 8/27/2020
I’m so determined to write a review to this fabulous fic, but, at the same time, I am so confused as to how to write it, it’s literally hurting me. I have never had a case like this with any other story so far.

This story came so highly recommended, I had to give it a go, even though I usually skip on fics that are (a) over 20 chapters; and (b) feature Thor in an explicit pairing with Jane. The reason for the former is that I dislike too much plot getting in the way of me enjoying character portrayal, while the latter is due to my intense dislike of the pairing as portrayed in the MCU (I have no firsthand experience with comics, sorry). Nevertheless, I was intrigued by seeing this story favourited and followed by many authors that I have come to enjoy, so I decided to give it a go. And boy, am I glad I did! I ended up actually savoring every chapter along the way, while simultaneously being blown away by how believable Thor and Jane, in fact, are (or, could be, had the screenwriters the author's vision).

I love Jane, as portrayed by the author. Her depiction of the character is one of the best examples of how to develop an immensely interesting and powerful person without supernatural abilities, while playing next to metahuman personalities. Jane is brave, but not foolishly so. She is smart and perceptive, but has trouble discerning her own emotions. She is just, but not restricted by general concepts of good and evil, rather opting to make an individual assessment of character when she can and, moreover, act on her resulting conviction, even if it’s against her own interests. Through own integrity, she finds it in herself to love Thor despite fully grasping her secondary place in his system of values. She even manages to admire him for it. That being said, Jane also goes against Thor, when he acts in his capacity as king as opposed to that of a brother. She embraces her humanity and glories in the fact that truly great things can come from negative baser instincts, such as fear. Only she is able to put faith in those who had none. It is no wonder, that such multi-faceted character, with a will of iron clad in a shell of breakable flesh, she attracts attention of both Thor and Loki.

Thor is very likable in this story, even for me. Similarly to Jane, I don’t always like what he does, but I always understand why he does it and even grudgingly admit that the chosen course of action was best from his standpoint. He is admirable for his transformation from the ego-driven warrior high on testosterone into a thoughtful ruler of a great realm. The chapters written from his PoV especially heighten that effect. And believe you me, I never sing praise to Thor, so strong is my dislike of the character. But here I am practically left with no other choice, so good the portrayal is. Even his short-sightedness is endearing.

As for Loki… there is so much do be said, I can’t even begin to wrap my head around it. He is a truly glorious character. The nuances and complexities of his nature and motivations are a treat to unravel. I think this is the lightest version of him that I ever liked. He’s not a villain, but an antihero. His moral flexibility and the ability to muster enough grit to carry his focus with conviction are the ultimate weapons to defeat fate. No one else would have been able to endure the death of entire population before own eyes while maintaining a cool demeanor necessary to see the mission trough. It is only fitting that he gets the ultimate reward of freedom. I intentionally do not use the word “redemption” because I do not think that is what happened. He still remains the antihero he was, but now he’s free.

The action sequences had me gripping my chair handles, the norse mythology and, in particular, the way the concept of Ragnarok was woven into this, left me in absolute awe. The language is clear, precise, easy to follow and very, very image-provoking. I could literally see the scenes in my head. Amazing!

I am so disappointed that author does not seem to appear active anymore. The AN states there was an intention to write a sequel and for what it’s worth, there should be one. What wouldn’t I give to see this liberated Loki continue on his path.

Huh, I meant for this to be short. But I guess that’s not my forte. Apologies.

Much Love.
Cloud Tifa chapter 32 . 11/3/2019
I've spent 4 hours reading this - INCREDIBLE! YOU MUST WRITE MORE lokane fics please!
TheEdgeOfTheDeepGreenSea chapter 1 . 8/11/2019
Sequal! What an autocorrect...
TheEdgeOfTheDeepGreenSea chapter 32 . 8/11/2019
So wonderful that I’ve just read it again. Did you ever write that sexual?
Kichi chapter 13 . 5/27/2019
Omg it's 1:32 am and I can't stop reading.
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