Reviews for The Hangman's Hands
krola chapter 32 . 6/12
INCREDIBLE! I have read the 32 chapters in a day and half! It was so addicting and your Loki was really good! He was still a trickster and and difficult to trust. I loved the slow burn because I hate when fics made them fall in love so fast in unrealistic and suddenly, by chapter 3, Loki becomes so trustful and selfless - like no, that's not Loki. But the character evolution here is slow and makes sense! Basically, your fic is PERFECT! I was sad to see you didn't actually continue with the sequel? I kinda need to read a scene where Jane has the chance to return to Thor bur she choses Loki instead. (He deserves to be first for once!)
Lireth chapter 32 . 6/5
Amazing, beautiful, wonderful story. So well-written, I could hardly put it down! I loved the hopeful ending - a good conclusion, yet leaving me wanting more. I know it’s been a few years since you finished this story, but if you ever finish and publish the sequel I will eagerly read it. Thank you for the awesome ride!
DragonLover1551 chapter 32 . 5/24
This story is fricking amazing. I loved the character arch of Loki and also Thor and Jane. The World three and now Loki finally knowing who he is and being free... I seriously don’t know what to say. This story is amazing. I wonder who’s the new usurper? And of course, Jane and Loki. It, their relationship., I loved the way you wrote it. And now, my heart has been crushed by the way you ended this story. Did he see her? Where’s Loki gonna go? Does Loki actually love Jane? I need to know what happens next. This story was like a drug and now I’m addicted to it. I hope you post the sequel soon. xD
DragonLover1551 chapter 14 . 5/24
I want Jane and Loki moments back. xD I cant believe I just wrote that!
Guest chapter 32 . 4/29
Loved it. The anguish and torment Loki went through, especially the unfortunate feeling of being continually mischaracterized by others and unable to escape this fate, was beautiful. Thanks for guiding us through that. :3
RosePearl chapter 32 . 4/15
This. Was. Awesome. Seriously, epic story! I didn't want to put it down. It was so action packed, parts of it felt like I was actually watching a Marvel movie. I could see the various landscapes as I walked through the portals between worlds. I felt the emotions the characters were experiencingthe fear, the betrayal, the love. When I first started reading, I expected the entire story to revolve around Loki and Jane's interviews in the helicarrier. I was not expecting the action to leave my at the edge of my seat wondering what in the universe was going to happen next! The only real complaint I had was that I wished we would have gotten more resolution on the "thing" between Loki and Jane at the end. She admitted to being in love with Thor, but couldn't stop kissing Loki, and I just felt that there was a lot more that needed to be said between them. But, all good stories leave the reader wanting more, and this was no exception! Thanks for such an amazing read. I hope I get to read a sequel someday!
Lou chapter 32 . 2/1
The continuation please! Your fan fiction is brilliant and I wait for more than 5 months for the continuation...

And thank you for having written that :)
Sleepless88 chapter 32 . 1/25
It has been ages since a fanfic has robbed me of my sleep. I agree with your ending sentiment and am very happy you pushed through all those years ago to finish this story.
This was so well written and I love the way you changed naratives as the story progressed. Its not often I have seen a lokane with a Thor point of view and I found refreshing.
If the muses strike perhaps you could revisit the universe you created and give your readers a nice one shot of Loki and Jane reuniting.
Thank you for taking time out of your life to write and entertain.
Rival Argentica chapter 1 . 1/7
The science, the philosophies, the characterizations, the suspense, the realizations, the sacrifices and their implications, the lies and the tears and the snug plotting and the BLOODY dose of angst. This story took my heart and ran away with it. GIVE IT BACK. XD
ParisIvashkov chapter 32 . 12/30/2017
I absolutely adore this story! Your characterisation is perfect and the ending is so beautifully sad that it brought me to tears. I hope you are continuing to write the sequel and I’d love to read it in the future!
Jing-yen chapter 32 . 12/2/2017
This story is compelling, unpredictable, and heartfelt; with a creative premise and satisfying conclusion. Your portrayal of the characters has depth and complexity, and the story is tighter and clearer than either the movies or comics. The tone and style is elegant and not overly formal, and the scenes grittily acknowledge the violence and ugliness of war and gods. I like that the pacing is quick and not fluffy, and that you interrupt scenes and are clever twists. However I found the urgency undercut by weeks elapsing undescribed within the the action scenes to allow time for different kinds of preparations... it’s realistic but slows momentum. To me the biggest problem/plot hole is that Thanos is introduced too late in the story and acts too passively and with ambiguous motivations. Since he wants more and crueler deaths, and to torment Loki, and has the ability to create portals with the tesseract, shouldn’t he have sought out Loki or invaded other realms rather than waiting in Asgard and doing nothing for the weeks and months? That being said, this is probably going to be a huge plot hole for Infinity War as well, seeing as Thanos has waited for a dozen movies without acting. Structurally, I think the story needed an earlier inciting incident - maybe word of destruction of another realm - in the first act, to foreshadow Thanos a bit better and demonstrate rather than describe the menace. The other stories were perfect, especially the Loki-Jane tension. Overall, thank you so much for this fic, it was a truly enjoyable read. I hardly ever review, and so long after the fact you might never read this, but this was more than deserving anyway, 10/10!
Ambrosia19 chapter 1 . 11/24/2017
Loved it. Thank you so much for this!
V chapter 32 . 11/13/2017
So I remember reading this a while ago, and it popped up on my list again, and that was beautiful. That was fantastic! :)
lucel18 chapter 32 . 11/12/2017
Wow...I'm amazed at your ability to render me speechless with this fic. Your fic is one of those fics that just sticks with you, truly unforgettable. I don't know what to say, but excellent work at writing this fic, one of the most original & fresh that I've read in this fandom. I truly didn't know what to expect as I read each chapter. It kept me on my toes from start to finish. I'm so excited for your sequel to come out. Will you be revealing the title anytime soon? Or, when you will post it? If not, nevermind me. Lol. Just know I'm really looking forward to it. Thank you!
tomorrow4eva chapter 32 . 11/6/2017
Soooo many feels at this ending. Very tragic, but hopeful at the same time. This story is amazing. I especially loved the descriptions of people falling or running through realms and moments. You have an awesome imagination and a real way with words. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this story.
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