Reviews for Gender Confusion
thanzintay.2000 chapter 3 . 10/11
Wow. You actually make me like jashin.
readthishit chapter 5 . 7/15
i feel like that list could basically count as a summary of this entire fic
readthishit chapter 2 . 7/14
poor itachi is too handsome for his own good. i gotta say im glad about the forewarning btw. it'd be great if there was actual cannon evidence of everyone not all being cis and heterosexual, but at least we have fanfiction.
Sasha97 chapter 40 . 5/11
A demeaning son of a b****, certainly.
Sasha97 chapter 36 . 5/11
I know that feeling. It's Gaara x Draco for me...
Ari chapter 1 . 2/21
Im actually crying rereading this chapter after finishing this WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO THEM LOOK HOW HAPPY and deidara and hidan and itachi and obits and pein and Konan have no idea I'm so sad why do you do this to my heart
Ari chapter 65 . 2/21
I'm just upset you killed Konan's baby frankly. Also, how did this go from a basically crack fic with deidara cross dressing and messing with itachi's brain and partying to everyone dies the apocalypse happened and nobody dies happily either?
ONDER chapter 65 . 2/20
I hate you, and I love you. Why must you do this to me?! *tears silently running down face*

Also going back to the beginning right after this... to read the first chapter... This is going to be interesting!
Guest chapter 5 . 12/1/2016
Really wanting to know what Pein has against harems here... (Bad memories from being Jiraiya's student? xD)
Sukila chapter 64 . 6/12/2016
The fluffy crack see turned to feels... Noooooo!
anaisonfire chapter 65 . 4/28/2016
You did not. You. Did. Not.
Oh my god XD
*laughs so hard that Sasori hears it*
I was right. I don't hate you at all anymore. With just a few sentences you made a 180 turn and this story came back to what I originally started reading it for - the absolute ridiculousness. I mean, come on. The Akatsuki, Kabuchimaru*, the Taka and the 'hostages' in freaking Twilight?! Oooohhhhh god, this is the most awesome idea I've heard in a while xD Dunno if it's out (you did say it won't be out for a LONG time) but if it is, I will definitely go and read it. And if not... well, I like how you write so I'll probably check out your other stories.
*Before I forget, I am aware that Kabuchimaru is what people call Kabuto after he used whatever to become what is basically a copy of Orochimaru. However, I don't really care right now and I really wanted to write it and it sounds better than 'those two creepy snake guys' anyway. Also, there is a need for a better name for the 'hostages' than that. And speaking of them, since Shikamaru died as Shika-chan (at least I'm pretty sure), will they be reincarnated, or whatever is going to happen, as a female or a male? Wn interesting question... Though I'm rambling, so I'll stop right now.
See ya!
Ana, Out
anaisonfire chapter 64 . 4/28/2016
I hate you. I actually honestly hate you right now.
This story started nice and happy(-ish) and funny and I could barely even take a breather between all the laughing I did. Then came the plot. I loved the plot. It was amazingly written. Then *THIS* came and happened. One second everyone's cool and Jishin is a badass and the next Madara shows up and everyone's - BOOM! BITCH - dead. Like, I had to read it three times to realize what happened. And then it kept going. On and on and on. And Deidara went out with a bang. A really big bang. And ohgodohgodohgod the last scene with Hidan absolutely killed what was left of my heart at that point. So yes, I absolutely hate you right now. But I still have to read the epilogue so it may not be permanent.
Guest chapter 65 . 1/6/2016
Best 65 chapters I've read in fanfiction. I read this all in threeish days. I couldn't put it down because it was too funny, too sad, too suspenseful, too bada**, too silly, too amazing, but never too dull. (Pardon the lack of variety, I'm sleepy) I'm going to move on to the sequel in a bit. By the way, that illness of yours, has it gotten better? You mentioned it back in 20 something and after that I kinda glossed over your AN's. Sorry. But are you healthier now?
CherryColaMyst chapter 65 . 9/24/2015
Thank you. Even with the sad ending, thank you. This has been the only story in a while (fan fiction wise) that has had me caught up in every second. It is also the only one in a while that has made me both laugh and cry. The last time that happened is with a Naruto/High School of the Dead fan fiction (and that only made me cry because it was so good but so sad). So thank you, for writing one of the best stories ever.
Another.Professional.Tragedist chapter 65 . 7/28/2015
This was amazing. ahhh
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