Reviews for New Young Justice
Guest chapter 1 . 3/26/2013
Name: Darkwing (I know, but i was running out of ideas)
Real Name: Jack Wayne
Race: Human
Age: 17
Affliation: Hero
Relations: Bruce Wayne (dad), Selina Kyle (mom), Damian Wayne (half-brother)
Home: Gotham City
Gender: Boy
Civvies: red t-shirt, leather jacket, jeans, black nikes
uniform: black form fitting suit with blue logo, shoulder pads, boots, and gloves, black domino mask, and silver utitlity belt
powers: stealth, hacking, ninja skills, acrobatics, gymnastics
equipment: batarangs, wings (silver, grow out of uniform), ecrisma sticks, grappling hook, smoke pellets, holographic computer, knife
intelligence: high in science, good at hacking
strengths: quick, stealthy, good leader, can find weak and strong points on enemy
weaknesses: arrogant, impulsive, self-reliant
Personality: Sneaky, prankster, funny, easy-going, smart, but in battle, serious and determined
Likes: Video games, combat sessions, food, girls
Dislikes: Laziness, weakness, rivals
Happy-go-Lucky45 chapter 1 . 1/1/2013
I greatly understand that now since schools starting up again that your busy and it might take a little longer to update than before, and I understand. I'm starting school again to, but please, please, please get an update soon, I must know A: What happens next in the plot, and B: of my oc will be chosen (Panther). (please choose it, thank you) So when you get the free time, pretty please update more. Thank you, I love this story so much! and hope that you'll help feed my fan girl and geek, and update sooner.
SunDown7890 chapter 1 . 1/1/2013
Superhero/Villan Name: (something that can roll off the tongue) Samuari

Real name: (Civilian identity) Kai Ling

Race: (Human, Metahuman, Alien, robot, whatever else there is) MetaHuman

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Affiliation: (Hero, villan, or anti-hero) Villian

Relations: (Includes normal family and/or superheros/Villans currently living or not) None

Home: (Where do they live) In Happy Harbor

Civilian Apperance: (What they look like in the open, be descriptive) Pale skin, bright green slanted eyes wearing a black tank top with a skull on the front and a pair of black cargo shorts. Her black hair is stuffed in a pony-tail and she has black high tops with matching socks and a black duffel bag covered with skulls over her shoulder

Superhero/Villan Apperance: (How they look when fighting/doing crime, try to be descriptive) a white karati outfit, bare feet, and 2 glowing green Samuari swords on either side of her waste. She also wears a strip of cloth wound around her head up to her nose.

Superpowers: (try not to make them like gods, describe all the powers they have) Magic Samuari swords, can not die unless by the 4 elements (drowned, suffocated, buried alive, or burned)

Equipment: Optional (Tools or weapons) Samuari swords.

Intelligence: Optional (Can they hack computers, create complicated chemical compounds, anything else like that that requires high level knowledge) Great knowledge of most things, bad with computers, but loves good at almost anything else.

Strengthens: (Their strong points) Fighting, sword fighting,

Weaknesses: (Their weak points) heartless, untrustworthy

Personality: (How well they interact with others and how they act period.) cold, quiet, talks in old English, hates people, likes bring alone, likes money$$$ and shiny things, hates losing.

Backstory: (How they got their powers and anything they've been doing during their life and how they live now) She was a regular goth girl growing up in China, when she was kidnapped and tested on. Becoming a black belt in karate and Samuari master with magic swords that can morph into any shape. She now works for her "Master" not even she knows his name. She steals, fights, and kills on que, and doesn't think twice about it. She learned english and moved to Happy Harbor so she can continue her crimes. No one has ever caught her.

Likes: Swords, chocolate, cats, Chinese culture, stealing, rain.

Dislikes: sunny days, losing, thinking about the experiment that have her her powers.

Relationships: optional (You want me to try and spice up their life? Yes/No?) No

Anything else: Optional (Whatever else you need to tell me) She can speak Chinese and will switch to it when under pressure or feeling great emotion (*Cough* google translate *cough* ;) ;P)
Happy-go-lucky45 chapter 1 . 12/31/2012
Superhero/Villan Name: Panther

Real name: Panther

Race: MetaHuman

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Hero

Relations: Catwoman- Mother-ish

Home: she lives in a small town called Cave City, in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town.

Civilian Apperance: a small black tabby cat with white paws, white underbelly, and a bobbed tail. Her eyes are adorable green, and she's quite small, able to fit in a large mans Hans.

Superhero/Villan Apperance: about the side of a Shetland mini-pony with midnight black fur, huge clawed paws, and razor sharp teeth. Her tail is long and she has the same green eyes

Superpowers: razor sharp paws and teeth, cat-like gymnastics, very strong (not like superman strong, but kinds strong), loud roar, very smart, see in the dark like a cat

Tools: none

Intelligence: Very smart, can not physically mix chemicals or hack into computers, but she can tell you how, along with some deduction capability (just a little)

Strengthens: Ferocity, quick strikes, silence, also good cuddled and freaking adorable when in other form.

Weaknesses: can get distracted (no, not by yarn), loving, but will strike a bit to quick, will do anything for her friends or family

Personality: Loves people, loves being around people and bring petted or stroked, very energetic, fast, but can be seen taking a cat nap in the sun often, loves talking with people, and helping (insert sciency kid's name here) with his experiments by pushing or grabbing the bottle in her mouth and bringing it to him. Will roar when angered by a villian, very protective.

Backstory: She was an experiment gone wrong by a mad scientist and tossed out. She realized she was the only cat with a human brain and she could grow into a beast. She was taken in by Catwoman until she was healthy after a fight with an alley cat, when she left she stopped a bank robber in Panther-form and became the town hero. She soon joined the New Young Justice and here she is.

Likes: Science, being petted, sunny catnaps, fish, playing with the lazer pointer ("I don't care if it's a light, it's fun to chase!"), talking with the members of the team, bearing the bad guy.

Dislikes: Cold water, being ignored, having to eat on the floor ("You can put the bowl on the table Tim! I'm not a house pet!")

Relationships: yes, she has a Tabby can she sees, his names John and he's another one if the mad scientists experiment, only he has the intellect, no power.

Anything else: She can speak Human English in both forms, as can John, and she can also speak cat, wolf, big cat ( as they call it), and hyena, as well as a little Spanish and Thi.
cooking samurai chapter 3 . 11/15/2012
Cool story and I have a group of experiments that can ether be Hero, Villain, or Anti-Hero called the 108 stars of destiny and I was wondering if you want have some of them and more information about them like they were all created just in case the heroes or villains of the world start a war with the governments of the world.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/11/2012
Superhero/Villan Name: Supergirl

Real name: Mae Ann Kent

Race: Metahuman-(Clone of Superman)

Age: mentally: 5 ;physically: 15

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Hero

Relations: Superman (dad), Lois Lane (mother) Connor/Superboy (sort of like brother)

Home: She lives at Mt. Justice

Civilian Appearance: Plain black t-shirt, denim shorts, white running shoes. She also wears some silver bracelets on both wrists that start at her wrist to about an inch above that. Same ice blue eyes and black hair as Superboy. Her hair reaches her shoulders.

Superhero/Villan Appearance: Black tank top with the Superman symbol, black cargo pants, and combat boots(still wears the bracelets she wears in her civies).

Superpowers: She can jump really high and far, x-ray vision, super strength, and heightened senses.

Equipment: Optional: None

Intelligence: Optional: lots of medical knowledge from the government, and a little knowledge on hacking.

Strengthens: wide open areas

Weaknesses: enclosed areas

Personality: She is a nice but quiet person that keeps to herself when possible, but is a good listener to those that she is friends with.

Backstory: She had a similar life as Superboy, as a clone only created to be a weapon for a government group. She escaped and lived for a month in Star City before Young Justice found her and asked her to join the team.

Likes: Spending time with Conner/Superboy, cooking, and walking around Mt. Justice.

Dislikes: Hospitals(they remind her of the lab she was created in), and scientists.

Relationships: optional (You want me to try and spice up their life? Yes/No?) Yes!

Anything else: Optional: She has a small nose ring.
Anon chapter 1 . 6/16/2012
Damn you autospell!
Anon chapter 1 . 6/15/2012
Superhero/Villain name: 0G

Real name: Adam Toth

Race: Human

Age: 16


Affiliation: Anti-Hero, later Hero

Relations: No, he has no family

Home: Everywhere (Traveler, but is currently staying in Gotham)

Civilian Apperance: Spiky black hair, deep blue eyes, loose orange jacket with a red shirt underneath, shorts (sometimes changes to jeans)

Superhero/Villan Apperance: Light black knight armor with a clock on his back. The clock has a slot were he put discs in to use certain powers. There is a mask over his mouth and a visor over his eyes. He has a belt on his waist with a O shaped belt that holds his discs. His shoes contain jets. He hopes his visor doesn't fall off during battle.

Superpowers: Gravity bending that lets him float above the ground. (He usually doesnt walk) He can make other objects float, similar to telekineiss. He can reset objects to their original state, but this uses A lot of energy. He knows every form Of martial arts and has created his own called G-Kwan-do that involves uses object as fists.

Equipment: The Power Scanner: a video camera that can videotape other heroes/villains powers so he can turn these videos into discs called "Projections" that if he puts them into the slot on his back so he can uses these powers for five minutes. These discs disappear offer theyre used. He created these using his own technology.

Intelligence: He can hack computers and create machines.

Strengthens: When in closed up room.

Weaknesses: Has a hard time walking

Personality: He's usually funloving but when he takes up his anti hero identity he is sly and sneaky.

Backstory: He was born in 19? and raised in a lab. His father used him as an experiment in 2004 that involved him being tested in gravity like eniviroments. His mother tried to convince his father into stop doing this. But one day, the tests got extreme, and his fathers lab exploaded, killing his father, his mother, and anyone within and 2 mile radius. He was the only survivor. His powers began to surface when a family took him in. He was there until 2009 where they were both murdered by someone with a yellow ring. He wants to know why they were murder and who did it. He becomes a traveling theif to do meets the Young Justice Team when robbing a villains base. Events will slowly turn him into a pure hero that will join The team.

Likes:Girls with dark red hair.

Dislikes:The number 6

Relationships: yes, A romantic one with a girl

Anything else: You're awesome!
DeathDealer Inc chapter 1 . 5/31/2012
Superhero/Villan Name: Specter

Real name: Unit 12 a.k.a. Marcus Lune

Race: Cyborg

Age: 19

Gender: Designed to be male

Affiliation: anti-hero (however leans closer to villain than hero)

Relations: He was programmed to kill Batman, even though he has long forsaken his programming he cannot help but feel angry about the dark knight's very existence.

Home: Wherever he can safely deactivate

Civilian Apperance: he can take on whatever form he wants, however his favorite body is his father when he was younger. Brown hair, green eyes, a white shirt with a black jacket and blue jeans

Superhero/Villan Apperance: Like a Terminator (mainly just to scare his oppenents)

Superpowers: He was designed to take down Batman, so he was programmed with a wide variaty of martial arts, is programmed with everything in the history book, doesn't feel pain, bullet-proof, understands a remarkable variety of langueages, knows every weapon and how to use it, shape-shifting abilities, can change his voice pattern, enhanced strength, he doesn't get tired, he can switch his vision between normal, night vision, and thermal vision. He can also hear radio frequencies

Equipment: himself

Intelligence: As smart as you would expect a cyborg to be

Strengthens: See his powers

Weaknesses: can be picked up by almost any radar (with all the tech they put in him, they couldn't conceal it) he can't even fake emotions, he has no regard for human life and sees no difference between a live human and a dead one

Personality: he'll act like a heartless machine

Backstory: Specter was created by Cadmus in something called Project: Dark Knight. The sole purpose of the project was to create something that could kill Batman, they made 11 prototypes, all failures, before they decided to cancel the project. However, 2 years later, a Cadmus scientist tried to finish the project in secret, and came closer than anyone else had. The only flaw in Unit 12 was that he couldn't generate human emotions, he killed the scientist soon after his completion, and then escaped the labrotory. He knew that he was programed to destroy Batman, however found no reason to do so, so he ignored this programing and just went about the world, selling his talents to who whoever needed them. He didn't know what else to do

Likes: Nothing

Dislikes: Batman

Relationships: He's a heartless machine and can't feel anything for a living being

Anything else: None

This next one came to me while I was making the last one

Superhero/Villan Name: Lust

Real name: Sarah Just

Race: Meta-human, I think

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Villain

Relations: Worships Klarion

Home: Lives in a club on the streets of Gotham, works as a whore and dancer in exchange for a place to stay

Civilian Apperance: red hair and green eyes. A rather revealing tank-top and short shorts

Superhero/Villan Apperance: A pink, skintight outfit with no sleeves or legs,

Superpowers: She can mind-control males, and she has a skill called the Kiss of Death (works on both genders), she kisses her victim and extracts their soul from their body, killing them from the inside out. She also is very skilled in Martial Arts

Intelligence: She is a master manipulator

Strengthens: She is remarcably clever, and knows how to use her looks to get what she wants while also deadly if you let her catch you off guard

Weaknesses: She can't manipulate females as well as males, and she's more smart in a manipulative kind of way, but intellectually (book-smarts, tech-smarts, that kind of thing) she knows almost nothing

Personality: acts very suggestivly and over-confident

Backstory: Sarah started off as just an average girl in Gotham, with supportive parents and a decent education. However when she tried her luck at a moddling career things went downhill, her mother, who HATED modling with a passion, had all but disowned her. She had to sleep with a judge in order to get the job which made both her parents furious, and as she started to focus more on her career her grades were slipping, alot. And after all that, her house burned down and her parents died, her boss refused to provide for her, and she was too old to be put in an orphanage. While walking through the streets, trying to find a job, she overheard a preacher chanting about "Klarion, the great Lord of Chaos" Willing to try anything at the moment, she asked this man about "Klarion," the preacher told her about how "Klarion would one day take over the world and those he deemed unworthy would perish under his might, while his most loyal followers would be risen to Godhood" Intreeged, Sarah prayed to Klarion to help her. Klarion heard her and thought of what a great pawn she could be, so he appeared to her and gave her the abilites of Lust, so that she may be of greater use to him. After that, Klarion worked, subtly from the shadows, and thanks to him she managed to get a place to stay and get a decent paycheck, knowing this would make her even more loyal to him. And so Lust pledged her life to serving Klarion and enforcing his will in any way she could

Likes: Klarion and those loyal to him. Being able to manipulate people

Dislikes: When she fails to manipulate someone, and she'll freak out when someone badmouths Klarion

Relationships: She idolizes Klarion and probably feels a romantic attraction to him, however he'll probably never return the affection except to manipulate her
Blader 25 chapter 1 . 5/26/2012
Here's a villian for you.

Superhero/Villan Name: (something that can roll off the tongue) Flora

Real name: (Civilian identity) Rachel Kossky

Race: (Human, Metahuman, Alien, robot, whatever else there is)

Human/Plant Hybrid.

Age: (13-17, by human standards, is preferred) 15

Gender: Female

Affiliation: (Hero, villan, or anti-hero) Villian/Anti-hero

Relations: (Includes normal family and/or superheros/Villans currently living or not) Posion Ivy (mother type figure), The Joker (her boss), Harley Quinn ("Big sister"/"Auntie Harley" and surrogate mother)

Home: (Where do they live)

Permantly within Gotham City, or Washington D.C. She moves around to avoid detection.

Civilian Apperance: (What they look like in the open, be descriptive) Brown Jacket, Red sunglasses, bright red lipstick. She wears a short sleeved bright purple t-shirt that has the Joker smiling with the words, "The only thing I have left to my SANDWICH!" underneath the Joker's face. She wears gray capris with purple and green stripes on the side. Has her hair parted to the left, as she is a brunette.

Superhero/Villan Apperance: (How they look when fighting/doing crime, try to be descriptive) Red hair, thrown back or in a pony tail. She wears a green one piece jumpsuit, purple shoes with white on the bottom, white fingerless gloves with a rose on them, a dark green vest, and light green capris with red rose petals scattered over them.

Superpowers: (try not to make them like gods, describe all the powers they have)

Vegetation Control: Rachel can control the growth of plants with her mind, much like Poison Ivy.

Pheromone control: Also like Posion Ivy, Flora can release self made pheromones. She can control the amount and the strength of the pheromone. She can affect either male or female genders, but not both at the same time.

Pyro kineses- Flora can generate flames, increase tempature, and increase the internal heat of most substances. Fatal for some humans, or metahumans, or aliens, as she can cook the internal organs of their body. Her flames are light green , that smell fragrantly sweet.

Equipment: Optional (Tools or weapons) Trick guns or real guns, preferably pistols. Two "joy buzzers" and a bundle of explosives (i.e. Dynamite, C4, grenades, mines, etc...)round out her equipment.

Intelligence: Optional (Can they hack computers, create complicated chemical compounds, anything else like that that requires high level knowledge) Tactician, and explosives training.

Strengthens: (Their strong points)

Ambushes, unexpected attacks, manipulation.

Weaknesses: (Their weak points)

Can't fight more than three people at a time, usually goes without backup, loner.

Personality: (How well they interact with others and how they act period.)

Normally, Rachel seems and sounds a little out of place, using 80's catchphrases, then bursting into maniacal laughter. The terms random and funny apply.

Backstory: (How they got their powers and anything they've been doing during their life and how they live now) Rachel Kossky was born in Chernobyl, Ukarine in 1982 in vivo, or in a test tube. 4 years later, when the nuclear power station melted down in a accident, Rachel was one of the few people that were transported out without any radiation poisoning. Undetectable at the time due to primitive technology, Rachel had been infected with a small, untraceable amount of radiation. Her tube was passed different hands of parents, all who refused to accept her, mostly on claims of possible radiation poisoning. She, along with other test tube babies, were shipped to Gotham in hopes of having parents adopt them at a charity gala in Gotham Central Park. The Joker ambushed the transport carrying the test tubes, just for sheer mayhem. When he found Rachel's tube, along with her documents, he went glee with psychotic-inspired deviousness. He stole Rachel's tube and documents, making it look like she had never existed at all. After thawing her out, The Joker let her develop into a full

embryo, before having Harley Quinn carry and give birth to the baby. At the age, of ten, The Joker had her blood infused with a mixture of Posion Ivy's blood and Ace Chemical radioactive waste, the same material that made The Joker look the way he is today. Rachel gained her own meta human abilities, as well as being part plant.

Likes: Plants, nature, mayhem, destruction, irony,

Dislikes: Heroes solely out for so called "heroism", pollution, and Batman.

Relationships: optional (You want me to try and spice up their life? Yes/No?) Yes.

Anything else: Optional (Whatever else you need to tell me)
Blader 25 chapter 3 . 5/25/2012
Hello once again. I have a few submissions for you... Well, one really, and a suggestion.


Superhero/Villan Name: Apollo

Real name: Anthony Daughtry

Race: Metahuman

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Hero/Anti-Hero. He's undecided.

Relations: (Includes normal family and/or superheros/Villans currently living or not) Vincent Daughtry (brother), Christina Daughtry (sister, and sometimes sidekick Athena, given the right schedule.) Alexander Daughtry (father) Rachel Daughtry (mother), Vigilante(Greg Saunders, partner) Batman( he doesn't like him sometimes, but he respects him) Green Lantern Hal Jordan (big role model for him, he has even teamed up with him once) Static Shock (Virgil Hawkins) frequent partner. Huntress(sparring partner) The Bats(Of Gothsm City Impostors) Gotham City group that tries to help clean up crime. Which turns into a turf war with the Jokerz. Until Batman shows up.

Home: Salt Lake City, Utah.

Civilian Apperance: (What they look like in the open, be descriptive) Blue jeans, painter style, with all the pockets. Normally wears either polo shirts or t-shirts. Likes blue or clothes that have blue in them.

Superhero/Villan Apperance: (How they look when fighting/doing crime, try to be descriptive) He wears white pants with blue lightning on the sides, and silver on the knee caps. Wears a white jacket with blue lightning on it as well. A gray shirt with a miniature image of the god Apollo shooting a arrow straight up. He wears a white cowl with arrows on the sides.

He also has reverse outfit that has flaming arrows on the cowl, red outlining the eyes, dark gray for the pants and jacket, and a white shirt with the black Apollo shooting a fire arrow straight down into Hell, or Hades. Gold is emblazoned the kneecaps. His eyes go bloodshot when he is using this costume, and he becomes more sadistic and sarcastic. It's kind of like a personality thing.

Superpowers: (try not to make them like gods, describe all the powers they have)

Gifted by the Greek God Apollo, Anthony has enhanced durability, extended sight, and the ability to form a bow and quiver of arrows made out of white energy. He can also form crossbows and bowguns, kind of like a gun...that shoots arrows.

Musical Skill: Apollo is also the god of the lyre, and in a form, music, so Anthony is skilled with stringed instruments. As a personal skill, he can normally tell the name, artist and sometimes singer of a song on the radio.

Anthony can charge his arrow for area of effect damage. When he is enraged, he can shoot flaming arrows that pierce any material.

Equipment: Shuriken, cutlass imbued with mystic energy, and binoculars, equipped with infrared, night vision, and heat sensing modes. Also owns his own designed motorcycle, with two wheels side by side on the front and back. Shuriken are held in a pouch, cutlass is on his left hip in a sheath. Binoculars are in a pouch next to the shuriken on his right side.

Intelligence: Optional (Can they hack computers, create complicated chemical compounds, anything else like that that requires high level knowledge) Fairly smart, he can stratigize and work with tech on the fly, although he isn't the best at something he hasn't done before.

Strengthens: (Their strong points)

Range. Lot of distance. Good marksman. Quick shot. Expert with shuriken, especially when moving.

Weaknesses: (Their weak points)

Is a close fighter, but he can't deflect anything coming right at him. He works with the cutlass for melee combat, but he's still learning.

Personality: (How well they interact with others and how they act period.)

Laid-back, follower, but won't hesitate to take charge. Enjoys humor, and can be punchy, laughing at anything, if he is very exhausted. Tends to chuckle at blatant humor. Is very respectlfulky, addressing elders as "sir" and "ma'am". Is very friendly, and likes to socialize with others in a break.

Backstory: (How they got their powers and anything they've been doing during their life and how they live now) Anthony and his sister Christina were average kids. Well, they were Mormon, and still are, but it's not every night Apollo and Athena show up in your room and grant you and your sister gifts and ask you to be their representative. Anthony is close to graduating, with Christina a year behind, the two have had to fight tooth, nail, and time, to keep their hometown and their secret safe. Anthony works at a local store, and Christina baby-sits for families. They still team up and take out crooks all, before midnight. Anthony also works with The Bats group in Gotham City, helping to stop the Jokerz!

Likes: Adventure, Humor, Success, and chocolate. Enjoys seeing the sunset from a hill or high point.

Dislikes: Sonic Screams, Failure, getting thrown through walls.

Relationships: optional (You want me to try and spice up their life? Yes/No?) YES! With whoever you feel like.

Anything else: Always has something witty or sarcastic to say, if he can't think of anything.

For a villian, you could use Talon from the Static Shock series. Or...I can make you a villian.
Batwoman 696 chapter 1 . 5/25/2012
Superhero/Villan Name: Owlgirl

Real name: Tamara Wayne

Race: Metahuman (Clone)

Age: 3(physically 15)

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Hero

Relations: Bruce Wayne(Genetic Template), Unknown metahuman(Genetic Template) Dick Grayson(Adoptive Brother)

Home: Gotham City(Wayne Manor)

Civilian Apperance: A grey turtleneck, faded blue jeans, and black and gray sneakers

Superhero/Villan Apperance: Dark grey kevlar body suit, thick blue-silver metal knee-length boots, thick blue-silver metal elbow length gloves with clawed fingertips, blue-silver metal chest plate with a black "O" on the chest, blue-silver metal cape that resembles wings. her head is covered with a dark grey cowl that left the lower half of her face uncovered and the cowl has blue-silver, circular lenses. The cowl is covered with a blue-silver metal mask, with the area over her nose resembling an owl's beak

Superpowers: Superhuman Strength- Under optimal she can lift and bench 400 pounds.

Superhuman Speed- While not as fast as the Flash or Kid Flash, she can move fast enough to appear as a blur.

Genetic Memory- While not a superpower, she managed to unlock the genetic memory of Bruce Wayne, something Cadmus had intended upon her creation. Though she did not recieve the memories of Bruce Wayne's life, she recieved an increase in intelligence, knowledge of various fighting styles, as well as several abilities unique to Batman.

Equipment: Batarangs, grappling gun, smoke pellets, line launcher, cape, plastique

Intelligence: Exceptional detective skills, can speak over 15 languages, hacking and programming specialist, skilled inventor

Strengthens: Leadership skills, Strong willpower, expert escape artist, expert at tactics, exceptional fighting skills, trained to physical and mental perfection.

Weaknesses: Anti-social, does not seem to empathize with others her own age(or at least her physical age), extremley shy that leaves her unable to talk to people.

Personality: Due to having unlocked the genetic memory of the DNA belonging to Bruce Wayne, she has a generally darker personality, a contrast to her teammates. And due to Batman's reluctance to trust her and the way he is distant with her, she developed a nihilistic view on life. Unlike her father, she doesn't bother acting like a srew-up in public, but simply stays indoors.

Backstory: Created by Cadmus as a secret project, she was deemed to uncontrollable and kept frozen under ground. It was two years before the League found out, and they rescued her and upon finding out that Tamara was his clone, he adopted her, but was rather distant with her. During the year she lived with Batman, she befriended Dick Grayson, her brother, was her only friend and was the one to convince her to become a superhero.

Likes: Reading

Dislikes: Spicy food, bitter food, being shy

Relationships: Yes, but she's gay

Anything else: She has shoulder-length black hair and cold grey eyes. She struggles with being shy and struggles with trying to tell her father and brother that she's gay.
aradiuh chapter 1 . 5/24/2012
Superhero/Villan Name:Negative

Real name:Clara Kent

Race:Kryptonian (she's a clone)




Relations:Well, technically she's related to the Supers, as she's a clone

Home:She doesn't live anywhere permanently. She usually stays in abandoned warehouses.

Civilian Apperance:Gray cargo pants, black leather boots, braid, black t-shirt, and a brown leather jacket

Superhero/Villan Apperance:She wears a black t-shirt with an upside down s-shield, combat boots, gray cargo pants, and her braid.

Superpowers: She has the same exact powers as Conner as she is his clone.


Strengthens:She is a leader. She knows what needs to get done and gets it done.

Weaknesses:She can't think for herself (literally). She is very impulsive and will take any chance to gain freedom. This always leads to her getting wipped with a kryptonite laced whip.

Personality:She is very confident and tends to taunt her opponents.

Backstory:When Conner and Match faied, Cadmus decided to created. This time, they controlled her actions. She does have a bit of free will, but not much. Her one goal in life was to take down the Justice League and everyone in her way. She has met Conner before and when they met, things did not go well. The first thing she told him was,"I'm Clara. Clara Kent. I'm basically you, but with less angst." Because she was basically the opposite of what the 'Supers' stood for, she called herself Negative. When she actually

Likes:Free will, thinking, helping, and feeling emotins.

Dislikes:Her compartment, the villian she is, the fact that she can't control what she says or does.


Anything else:You can kill her if you want to. But can you make it that she did it to protect someone and to be free of control.
Malaizjan P.J. Shultz chapter 3 . 5/24/2012
I like this story. I'm going to Pm you soon. You wanted villains. You got my permission to use one of mine. I'll send the info over for you. I can't wait for the next chapter.
Omnitrix1 chapter 3 . 5/24/2012
Superhero/Villan Name: Inferno

Real name: Martin Sykes

Race: Metahuman

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Villain

Relations: No relations

Home: New York, Manhatten Island

Civilian Apperance: Light brown long hair, wears an orange t-shirt with black jeans, and blue sneakers.

Superhero/Villan Apperance: Skin becomes light red, his hair resembles fire, wears a red suit with a black belt, and light blue gloves and boots.

Superpowers: Pyrokinesis, the ability to create, control, and manipulate fire.

Equipment: None

Strengthens: Has an eye for destruction, and knows just what to do to instill fear.

Weaknesses: He's arrogant, and will jump into any fight. Also, if he gets covered in water, his powers won't work.

Personality: He is extremely arrogant and always rushes into battles without thinking. He lives to fight, and he doesn't take defeat lying down.

Backstory: Originally your average trouble maker, Martin Sykes did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. His parents originally abandoned him when he was a child, and from there he developed many emotional issues. From then he lived on the streets, and grew up believing that the only way to get a head in life was to be better than everyone else. Eventually he became a thief, stealing anything that he either needed or just wanted. But his life changed on the night he decided to steal from a lab. The lab was testing a way to try and make human beings heat resistant so they could survive severe burns. But, something went wrong with the experiment. It caused an explosion which Martin was caught in, which ultimately embed him with the ability to control any and all fire. From there, he threatened the scientists to turn him back, but the solution the offered was temporary. He would have to take power dampening pills every two hours in order to look normal. After the two hours ended however he would transform back into his altered form. He then had the scientists make him a heat resistant suit, and thus he adopted the name Inferno.

Likes: Causing mayhem, inflicting torture, and stealing whatever he likes.

Dislikes: People who try to get in his way.

Now my thoughts on the chapter. I liked it. I liked the interaction between the group, I liked the start of their first official mission, and I liked the new player. Nice. Can't wait for more.
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