Reviews for Rubik's Cube
Kimco96 chapter 15 . 5/6
I love this! (The whole Black Games series too) I really like having this scene from Zuko's POV. I would love to see more of it. (Or anything you do really. It's all fantastic. You're a wonderful human)

Have a happy day!
ZutaraBrasil chapter 16 . 3/26
Ohhhh Zuko com ciúmes de sua filha, adoro quando ele fica enciumado, parece mais sexy...
ZutaraBrasil chapter 11 . 3/26
Oh meu Deus! (boquiaberta) Podemos considerar que essa cena foi "real"?
Por favor diga que sim rsrsrsrs
ZutaraBrasil chapter 4 . 3/26
Aurora... perfeito! O amanhecer é entre a noite(Katara) e o dia(Zuko). Brilhante e mais uma vez fofo _
ZutaraBrasil chapter 3 . 3/26
Ownnn que fofo!
Adoro essas cenas de Zuko se tornado papai, essas cenas quando ele perde a pose de homem inabalável e se derrete em amor!
zukofan chapter 18 . 1/28
please please please post the second part?
Aurora chapter 4 . 1/14
I just finished reading Dawn, and my heart warmed when I found out,
You named her Aurora. :)

I couldn't help but smile.
Thank you for this little Drabble, it made my day. :)
(And mended my broken heart after reading TBG, hahaha.)

"Welcome home, Princess Aurora."
JackieStarSister chapter 2 . 12/10/2015
Is it bad for me to like this chapter? I know it's supposed to be sad, but I like the brief yet poignant introspection(s) here. I like the paragraph about Mako always being too late, and how this death triggers memories of previous deaths. Two minor things could be improved: "The pain was unbearable" sounds cliché and bland; "blood less" should be "blood loss".
JackieStarSister chapter 1 . 12/10/2015
One thing confused me here: "she leaned forward and pulled Jinora's blanket up to her chin". At first I thought that meant Korra's chin, but it seems you meant Jinora's. Maybe this could be clarified?
Elen-Di chapter 18 . 12/7/2015
Aww. So bittersweet. But I really like it - cause honestly it doesn't make sense for them to end up staying together - and I think you capture that really well. Mai deserves something different and she deserves to be happy! Go visit Ty Lee! Or something. :) Can't wait to read Part 2!
SkepticalBeliever chapter 18 . 12/7/2015
Mai had so much potential to be an interesting character but, like you, I thought her ending was unsatisfactory. I am eager to see your changes to her. :)
Elen-Di chapter 16 . 10/31/2015
Awww. I love it. And I love that their daughter is named Aurora for the dawn (when the moon and the sun might both be visible too!)
Elen-Di chapter 15 . 10/31/2015

Your Zuko makes my heart break even more than the original show, I think. I'm BLEEDING FEELS
Elen-Di chapter 11 . 10/31/2015
Ughhhh. It goes against everything I am to be disgruntled in a review (for an author so incredible and able to make me weep) but I just... Can't... Stand... Botara. I'm sorry. It kills me. I just love Zutara so much, especially the way you've written them (SO beautifully and poignantly and heartbreakingly) that Bowten kissing Katara just... Ruins it all. In my heart. Cause you've already broken my heart with the Black Games and the Rise of One (I want to go back and reread and leave actual reviews as I go) but I just have to say now that your writing has affected me just as strongly, if not more so, than the original. Im telling you, heart. Broken. (Which is to say, I love your work and please don't ever stop.)
Lemniscato chapter 7 . 8/7/2015
Awh, Tenzin is adorable. Scooping up his wife and basically running away, because he didn't want to get caught. Makes me think of my sister and I when we were younger and listening in on our parents talking about us, haha. I really like Tenzin written like this, not having a stick up his butt and being kind of childish. Love it.
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