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jj2xthycawarrior chapter 1 . 11/20
That's so weird that you named her sister Tasha. My sister's name is Tasha. 0.o Aww, poor Ashling lol. "And no offense, but you can't teach..." Hahahaha! I'd like to see you continue this.
mikeyfanash91 chapter 25 . 11/20
I found this, at about 12 this afternoon. I could not stop reading. This is a great story. I love how you kept Jason innocent, and childlike 'cause what else would he be. I love how he just wants to protect Ashling. I do agree, I wish Michael had more to show for but I'm a die hard fan so I'm incredibly biased. I love the dynamics between them all and I can definitely see lots of random fights with the slashers, because let's face it, if your friends and you couldn't die if they pissed you off you'd stab 'em a few times. (Or I am just incredibly fucked up.) Didn't really like Freddy raping her, because imo the original they skidded away from him being like that, ReFred would be more like that. (I'm not hating on it, that's just my personal belief) I can't wait for the next chapter, this has been great I haven't been pulled in by a lot of fan fiction cause it's usually just "Oh I fell in love with Michael Myers, and his moves in bed are to die for." (I can be punny xD) Awesome story.
Guest chapter 25 . 11/15
O...M...G ...!
I'll fuckin bitch Freddy! I'll fuckin chain him a walk and kill him!
Zoe chapter 25 . 11/14
im violently sobbing in the corner of my bed
TroubleChild chapter 25 . 11/6
So i forced myself to read this in two days and I'm in LOVE! With the plot, and the characters, and your writing style! Jay/Ash was semi cute at first but gross because of obvious reasons, but are such cuties as best friends. I love Tasha, she's hilarious and has a great personality. I wish Mike could have more importance in here, but he has great moment so far. Freddy... My God! This is 100% accurate for him. I love Fred so much in the movies but this made me slightly hate him but still love him overall! I was hoping Pinhead would make an appearance, having something to do with the cube, but I'm defiantly not disappointed with what was given. Gosh, i wonder if they would ever make a remake of Hellraiser? Whatever. Anyhoo, i can't wait to find out what happens in these ending chapters and am so glad i found this before it was finished! I hope you are well, from the AN I've seen you've been through some troubles and i know how it is feeling hopeless, i wish you the best! Thanks for writing this!
Marissa chapter 25 . 10/24
Dude this story fanfic is sooooooo good omg I love it you have to keep it going
Guest chapter 25 . 10/16
Jason is gonna end Freddy!
Amy G. Bachemin chapter 25 . 10/15
I literally had an overwhelmed fan attack last night when I read this last night. FREDDY KILLED ASHLING!

However, is it bad that I was kinda glad he had his way with her? I kinda shipped the two of them... Too bad he was so rough that he killed her.


I was wondering if you were considering a possible sequel depending on how the story ends? I would totally read that sequel!
SethadoreVGC chapter 25 . 10/14
Holy shit. Things just got super interesting! :D

I honestly love this story and how well you're portrayed the characters and have kept them well in character. I simply admire how well you're been able to write this! It's awesome! Keep it up! :)
random-person666 chapter 6 . 10/14
Hi, this has to be one of my favourite fics on this site; first one I followed.
I love the concept and the character dialogue.
Darkness Takes Over chapter 25 . 10/14
Hi it's been ages since I've read this. I'm not sure what was the last chapter I read last.

This was a good chapter!
Amy G. Bachemin chapter 11 . 9/5
Amy G. Bachemin chapter 24 . 8/10

Just when they all started growing a bond...
Amy G. Bachemin chapter 23 . 8/10
Well that just blew my mind. 0.0

Amy G. Bachemin chapter 22 . 8/10
Love! This is getting exciting!

Y'know, I secretly keep wishing that the real Freddy will try something on Ashling. Like I ship them OMG!
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