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RadiantKeybladeFantasy chapter 35 . 2/27/2015
Cool! Another update! I'm always so happy when I see that!D

Anyway, I love your portrayal of Squall's emotions and thoughts in this story, especially here. The "extra actions" you had each character perform really added a bit more to this and certainly make it more emotional than the game portrayed.

Of course, I love the scene(s) with Squall beside Rinoa. Those parts are always so touching and you can really see how much she means to him, yet he's still not willing to allow others to see it to that extent. I guess it's that part of him that "cares too much about what other people think", haha. Okay, jokes aside, it really is a beautiful part in the game.

I also like your added segment of what could have possibly transpired right after the second battle with Edecia, most specifically when Squall took over caring for Rinoa. Things like that always get me. I don't know why. But, then again, they are cute together and my favorite game couple

I know I always say this, but I can't wait for the next update! I really hope you can post it soon!
rebekka chapter 35 . 2/27/2015
Love your story!
b0rnwithwings chapter 34 . 2/26/2015
And you stopped at one of the best parts! heart has been crushed. Not going to lie though, reading this made me want to go home and play it again, so I did just that. Last night started it again. Haha definitely my favorite Final Fantasy game. Thank you for reminding me of how much I love this game and it's characters. Looking forward to the next chapter!
RadiantKeybladeFantasy chapter 34 . 1/18/2015
I am so glad you updated this! I was beginning to wonder... Don't worry about it though. We all go through a time where we don't feel like writing even if want to. I know what that's like.)

Still, I really enjoyed this chapter; it was totally worth the wait. I love your extended scenes - the part with Quistis, Rinoa, and Zell in the hallway was funny. I could totally imagine I also like how you have all of them participate in a battle instead of just a few and play to each other's strengths. Good idea!

Of course, my favorite part was with Rinoa moving closer to Squall during the encounter with Seifer. I loved that!

I hope you'll update again soon. There's still so much coming up that I enjoy just as much!
RadiantKeybladeFantasy chapter 33 . 9/12/2014
I'm glad you're still updating this story! I really miss reading it.

Sorry I was so late to review. I haven't checked my e-mail in a while, so I didn't get the notice about your update.

Still, I really like how you made Squall so cool in this chapter! I've done that "Threaten the Enemy" option before, but it usually only makes the fight even harder for me. I can barely win with only the first two hits being taken, lol. You portrayed their aerial battle so well, too. I almost cringed when Squall took such bad injuries. Thank God for Cure spells, lol.

On another note: I always feel SO bad when I think of the Garden students dying. They're so young, and the battle with Galbadia comes so unexpectedly. I don't think about it too much when playing as I'm too busy watching the main characters in the fmv(s). But, it really is sad to think about... Yet, I'm guilty of having written the same thing before.

I really hope you update again soon!
Diana Ashe Rydia Lynn chapter 33 . 9/10/2014
Good chapter. Thank you. My 3 favorite female characters of FF.
Diana Ashe Rydia Lynn chapter 32 . 9/7/2014
I am so sorry it ended here. Can't wait to see what you do next. It has been a while since you updated. Hope you update soon.
Diana Ashe Rydia Lynn chapter 27 . 9/7/2014
I have really been enjoying your story. It has been very interesting. My only problem is this chapter at this spot. This area is not on the way to Balamb. Why is it here. It is on the way to Edeas house. So it just confused me being here. Otherwise I think you are doing great.
RadiantKeybladeFantasy chapter 32 . 5/5/2014
You did so well on this part! Squall's thoughts, in particular, are so well-written here. This is the moment in the game where Squall really starts to change noticeably and you portrayed that so well with your added One of my favorite points in the game for sure, and you made it even better.

lol. Sadly, reading your story has allowed me to see so many connections I never made all of the time's I've played the game. I'm beginning to wonder what else I failed to follow or didn't read right, lol. Can't wait for the next update! This particular part where Squall saves Rinoa is one of my favorites!XD
RadiantKeybladeFantasy chapter 31 . 5/2/2014
Wahoo! I can't believe we're this far along already! I can't wait for when Squall rescues Rinoa, yet again. I always love those moments. Ahhhh...

It is interesting that you had Rinoa take the first shot at the invading Galbadian soldiers - I didn't expect that at all. And, I love Zell's quick take-down - it's just like Your fight scenes are getting better; I enjoy reading them, especially as of late.

I also like that you added a few extras with Rinoa falling down the side of Garden. I am surprised she never actually said anything after falling (at least nothing that the game noted). It adds more...dramatic effect, I guess? It always did surprise me how long she can hold on, however. I never would have thought. But, I guess it's a reference to the fighter she is inside, haha!

And, Rinoa's thoughts at the end are perfect. I can only imagine she might have been thinking something along those very lines. Nice touch!
RadiantKeybladeFantasy chapter 30 . 4/29/2014
Yes. Definitely a long chapter, but I suppose it was inevitable given this was one of the longest, and most significant, moments in the game.

I have to say though, you nearly had me in tears with Selphie's words to her deceased friends. I mean, even when playing, it's the same effect - but, it's just such a sad and sweet moment from Selphie that you can't help but feel for her. On a side note - I've always wondered what exactly was on that computer that Selphie didn't want anyone to

Again, I always love your improvisation on some of Squall's thoughts. The note he made about Irvine's hesitation towards shooting Edea was perfect, and it really does hit the nail on the head as to why he couldn't do it. It really did take a lot of courage, and to a degree, love, for him to go through with it anyway. I'm sure he's glad he missed, but you've got to admire his dedication to his military-like life. Every time I play the game now, I still can't believe it too me that long to connect the dots, lol. Gosh, I can be so slow...

I always love your updates, and I'm really glad you're still writing this story. I can't wait for the next one!
RadiantKeybladeFantasy chapter 29 . 4/27/2014
Wow! Another update in just a couple days - I like it!D

Your fight scenes are getting better - I really enjoyed reading this one. How you described the moment when Quistis grabbed Fuujin's wrist and Zell and Raijin duked it out before the former...flipped away, I guess is the best way to say it - I could totally envision it. Great work there!XD

I can't wait for more! I don't remember if you mentioned whether or not you would include the Excavation Site on Centra, but I can't wait if you do! Don't feel obligated - it's your story. I'll enjoy it either way.)

Update soon! Still so many moments I can't wait for!
RadiantKeybladeFantasy chapter 28 . 4/24/2014
YES! You're still updating! Coincidence, since I was just wondering when the next one might come only yesterday. You read my mind; and you're in another country, lol.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this update. I do like the conversation that occurs if you bring Quistis into Balamb. Hers and Irvine's are probably my

I look forward to how you portray the fight against Fuu and Rai. Update soon!
jaffa3 chapter 19 . 3/26/2013
I love your story and I love how you made the same teams I did for this part keep it up
jaffa3 chapter 8 . 3/26/2013
Love your story and I loved the "shut up I made it that ugly to symbolize my hatred"
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