Reviews for Harry and His Trout
Katie Duggan's Niece chapter 1 . 5/20/2012
Ah, I can just hear Imelda Staunton saying, "Trout! Trout?" You are SO busted, Harry Gregson. ;-)

Miss Pole in general amuses me, but the story itself is heart-tugging for its depiction of young Harry (immediately sympathetic) and Mr. Carter - yes, an imposing figure in top boots and brown jacket and breeches.

"Tall, high-booted and dressed in brown, Mr Carter towered above Harry. He was known by all. He was the Manager of Lady Ludlow's Estate, just outside the town; the Estate from which the infamous Trout had come. Mr Carter also carried a cane – with panache. It was brown and sturdy with a sculpted silver top."

Funny how both Miss Pole and Mr. Carter are in effect agents of the law as well as of general social order in the village.

But we also know Mr. Carter dispenses mercy as well. His generous spirit is at present concealed to Harry, but you've done justice to it here.