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danielneljack chapter 12 . 10/25
I'm impressed that you are able to pull off writing in an old-fashioned Austen-like style - I daresay most of us couldn't! The characterisation is very convincing too. I will eagerly await the next chapter - I'm very much looking forward to seeing what Edmund will do!
Guest chapter 12 . 8/3
Looking forward to the concluding chapters!
Biblioiam chapter 12 . 7/18
This was brilliant as always and honestly very cannon for not being cannon... Can't wait for the next chapter... I also hope, since edmund put fanny through the very thing he worried Mr Lawrence might put her through, that he doesn't get let off the jealousy hook just yet... ;)
LiningsOfSilver chapter 12 . 7/12
Yay, he's worked it out (finally) :) I love the moment of realisation - I think you timed it very well.
Thank you for the updates (I've been away so didn't see them until now), I'm really enjoying this story! I'm looking forward to hearing what happens next :)
I hope he tells her straight away and doesn't dwell too long on the misunderstanding with Lawrence.
Or maybe he could tell someone else first? That could be a fun scene to write (and read :D )
Yes, the more I think about it, the more I like that idea. Maybe he could tell Tom (or someone else)
Keep up the great work :)
Ines chapter 12 . 7/7
Finally! Great chapter.
Vee22 chapter 12 . 7/6
Oh, Tia - I absolutely loved this chapter! What a wonderful description of Edmund realising and acknowledging his feelings. It completely satisfies my longings for an in-depth look at Edmund's heart in a way that Austen never fully addresses.

The paragraph outlining how Edmund would not be able to relinquish Fanny into any man's care for he loved her himself - just beautiful. And perhaps I have Emma on the brain but somehow it reminds me of Emma's realisation that Mr Knightley must marry no-one but herself ;)

I now look forward to Edmund's pursuit of Fanny and the eventual happiness of both - perhaps I'm skipping ahead too much and you have more drama in store, but you know I love happy endings :)

Thanks for another wonderful chapter!
Vee22 chapter 11 . 7/6
Such a visual chapter. I can clearly visualise poor jealous Edmund questioning Fanny about her opinion of Mr Lawrence and fishing for details as he does so. Beautifully written and described. And oh, yes, the irony of her being the object of a man's attention only when he is conversing about another woman - although I have no doubt that Edmund's deepening affection for Fanny will soon break the pattern.

That last paragraph in particular was just so wonderfully written and I love how you drew the distinction between Edmund's scruples and his motives. Looking forward to more. Well done, Tia!
theredrobin chapter 12 . 7/2
Aw, I find it difficult to be quite so mean in the face of selfless Edmund. All definitely seems in character to me, nothing to worry about there. Now let's have this boy do something desperate to prove his undying devotion to Fanny, haha!
theredrobin chapter 11 . 7/2
"He's almost there!" I should say so! Edmund thinking unkindly of Mr Lawrence for no good reason (well, okay, love is the reason, but the dummy doesn't know that yet, does he?) is giving me such a case of schadenfreude. On to the next chapter!
Molly Jae chapter 12 . 7/2

I can't wait to see just how Edmund is going to go about winning Fanny over. You're a great writer! I love how you captured the essence of each character; and your writing style is simply something I can only hope to achieve.

More power to you. :)
LadyRuthless chapter 12 . 7/2
The Aha moment! At last!
Hildegaarde chapter 12 . 7/2
Awwww how sweet! Edmund waxes very noble towards the end but I think for everyone's sakes that it's a good thing he isn't going to be have to prove whether he would or not really relinquish Fanny. Please, please keep this going!
LadyRuthless chapter 11 . 7/2
Liked the last paragraph with internal observations of clueless-Edward. You've captured the omniscient narrator in Jane's style particularly well there. And a great chapter. Thank you for sharing!
Hildegaarde chapter 11 . 7/1
Oh wow so many different ways to see the same situation. I'm glad that Fanny made the effort to be more outgoing in conversation, as Mr. Lawrence was obviously in need of someone to talk to after the loss of his wife. And it shows how much Fanny is learning and growing that she could do that for him. I like the way that you're showing Fanny's development as a character as well as Edmund's growing feelings for her.
Thank you for a great update!
LiningsOfSilver chapter 10 . 5/24
Loved this chapter - the story feels like it's really moving!
And jealousy is a great choice - I think Edmund needs to suffer a bit before he earns his happiness :D
Please update again soon :)
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