Reviews for Love in the woods
yukitenshixxx chapter 1 . 5/21/2012
hay there! So...Finally, I had to wait long for that one to be uploaded. ;p can't wait for the other one.

Just a tip here and there, in overall you need more detail; that makes the story read more fluently and better. For example add some descriptions of the places they are, go deeper into the feelings they are having or something like that. this also makes that you get a better balance between text and dialogue. your story line is great, love the protective Tezuka. and the fact that he let Fuji sleep in his arms when he was sick.

I also liked the part where Fuji asks why Tezuka is blushing and he just ignores Fuji. :p

Btw. Why I'm doing this in english and not in dutch, have no idea. :p

But you know me, I'm absolutly normal so there must be some logical reason for it. (cough cough)

yeeeeaaah...I'm hyperactive at the moment, sorry for babling. ;p

until the next story! hint hint.