Reviews for A love that consumes
tdetwilightlover chapter 24 . 7/14
This story was absolutely incredible, thank you thank you thank you for writing this️ seriously, if I could get this in a printed copy it would never leave my bedside table, thank you
tdetwilightlover chapter 16 . 7/11
Lovvvvve this notebook parallel
tdetwilightlover chapter 16 . 7/11
And Bonnie’s still a bitch surprise surprise
tdetwilightlover chapter 14 . 7/11
Stefan is pathetic.
tdetwilightlover chapter 13 . 7/11
tdetwilightlover chapter 6 . 7/11
Oh my, excuse me while I go cool off for a minute, holy hot damn
tdetwilightlover chapter 3 . 7/11
Ugh fuck Bonnie I forgot how judgy she is
DeeDayDream chapter 24 . 10/8/2018
This was an Amazing story...although frusturating at was all worth it. So happy the Brothers ended up Close again. As for was sooo good it even made me miss Nina and Ian being together in the real world...Powerful there. Thank you
Spirithunter12 chapter 11 . 9/3/2018
Elena Gilbert died? Just like that?
Spirithunter12 chapter 1 . 8/25/2018
"Damon was a killer, a heartless monster, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Nice sheep, though."

I'm dead. Lol
DElena all the way chapter 22 . 2/27/2018
I love this story. Dont ask me how often I read it already lol :)
Guest chapter 24 . 2/15/2018
This story is perfect ! I loved all of it ! You’re an amazing writer ! You made me cry, laugh, smile, be angry, be in love and ‘wet’ oops haha
StarlightSo chapter 24 . 2/3/2018
What an lovely Epilogue! A nice story you have here. Though I read this after Forever mine so ypu can understand I was thrilled but not to that level. Nonetheless it was a pleasant experience. I love a good vampire storyline one that doesn't not follow the tv series, and your story was pretty amazing.

Thank you for putting this much hard work into this.
Delena fan chapter 24 . 12/11/2017
The story simply amazing I love it the way u write about damon and elena is superb their passion love caring and family. Keep writing on delena. Delena is forever
Guest chapter 24 . 8/23/2017
The story wax amazing and joker looooved it!
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