Reviews for His Angel
Antaxocide chapter 4 . 21h
Why does harry have a ponytail and a hair band? Its not manly at all!
Antaxocide chapter 33 . 12/8
Yep you should be sorry you nutcrack
XxDragon King DragneelxX chapter 1 . 11/28
It was a great read but a huge disappointment as they just drops the story Half way through. Although there is some closure as it does tell us what he had planned to do and how the story would end.
Guest chapter 33 . 11/11
Thank You so much anyway for this story
mckertis chapter 1 . 10/28
"pen pal" unless you meant "penis pal" - surely wizards dont use pens ? "quill pal" is more aproppriate, no ?

"her face cracked into a beautiful smile" ...ewww, that is not a good mental image.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/15
Just one point of frustration - If a story is "Discontinued" (also known as "Abandoned"), then it stands to reason that it cannot legitimately be marked "Complete" also. While there are several other possible statuses (In-Progress, On Hiatus), but those two that you used are very much contradictory.
1529 chapter 33 . 10/9
Still one of the better romances on this site. While I regret your discontinuance of this story, your outlined path not taken means that I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the ending very much as I tend to read happy endings more often.

Still, a great story to your finish.
Tubafreak chapter 18 . 9/18
coccyx asas q
Guest chapter 1 . 9/17
Mi è piaciuto tanto il quarto sia quello originale sia il tuo spero di riuscire a leggerli e di riuscire a tradurlo.
Sto leggendo il quinto originale, appena finito leggeró il tuo.
AaronD1 chapter 1 . 9/8
You are a very good writer, and for the most part I enjoyed this story, but I stopped reading at chapter 13 - at the end of the school year. The bashing really made it difficult to continue reading to that point. It was extremely unnecessary, it felt shallow and petty. The characters you chose to bash were obviously acting OOC, but so was Harry. Harry's thoughts on them and his interactions with them ruined his character.

One of the first thoughts he has of Ginny in this story is criticizing her for being too "tomboyish".

I like the idea if a Harry/Fluer pairing, but at the same time my main ship is Harry/Ginny. Harry/Fluer is enjoyable because it has the potential to mix things up with new characters from a new country to take an interest in Harry - that's whats enjoyable about it.

It's just the bashing that ruined it, and by chapter 13 Harry's relationship with the Weasleys was destroyed and I decided that it could only get worse from there. I very briefly read a small part of chapter 33 to determine weather or not I should keep going, and aside from the obvious fact that the story is discontinued I decided that I did not like the direction that it was heading in.

A good story is in the characters, and bashing takes a 3 dimensional characters and flattens them into just another super typical villain that we have all seen a thousand times before. There are so many ways to cause a divide between Harry and the Weasleys that doesn't involve bashing. The best author is someone who can keep the characters as they are while creating realistic tension between them that leads to a split.

Flattening a character, even if you do not like them, lowers the overall quality of the story.
xNaruHina chapter 13 . 9/7
Meh, Harry is still letting other girls than Fleur kiss him in places that aren't his cheeks...he really needs stop and be more faithful, Fleur deserves someone who won't go off kissing other girls .-.
Aidis chapter 33 . 8/26
Much of me is glad that you didn't finish this story with the outline that you gave in this, to go from somewhat lighthearted romance into what can only be described as a dark, twisted, incomplete closure would have ripped both my brain and my heart in twine.

Don't get me wrong, I'm one of few who was so disgusted by the fact that Rowling ended 7 with a fairy tail ending that it's the only book in the series I haven't read at least twice and I stopped caring about canon Potter-verse pretty much all together. That being said, your fiction took a very depressing not to mention confusing turn, and like I've told a select few other authors on this site, reading chapter after chapter of a spiral into depression and tragedy isn't very appealing to most people, or at least not myself, especially when you've invested so much into a "romance" as it were.

Sorry if I've rambled and I hope you get what I was trying to say, I did after all read the last chapter quite drunk. I don't want you thinking I didn't enjoy your fiction, because I did, rather emmensely even.

I guess my point is just that you should pick your audience and stick with it. Doom and gloom vs. Light hearted and happy. But really, what do I know I suppose. I'm just some drunk ass hole, you're the one who put so much time and effort into something I've enjoyed an incredible amount over the last few days.

Rambling again. I guess all I really have left to say is that, if you read this, thanks for writing. I'm going to check your profile now to see if you've written anything else so that I can read that too.

JumpingToaster chapter 3 . 8/17
Never understood the appeal of men having long hair whether it is in terms of length, feeling, or maintenance. Though I guess it is better than being bald. Less men can pull off the bald man look awesomely.
Tony McNucklz chapter 33 . 8/9
as much as I enjoy this story, the death and fate as actual beings bit bugs me. too many existential questions arising from their existence complicate the story in my opinion, and detract from the idea that the characters choices actually affect the outcome. if the gods decide what happens, what point in pretending the existence of free will? and without free will, what point having characters if they're just marionettes for greater beings?
just think this would be better without death and fate being characters rather than complex unknown concepts.
too bad you stopped with this, though I am certainly enjoying your Witcher crossover.
Baby Huey chapter 8 . 8/7
You seem to really like the word "smirk". I find it rather...annoying to read it so many times in the same chapter.
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