Reviews for Heaven's Feel II: The Second Holy Grail War
Guest chapter 15 . 2/22/2013
If possible, could you add statistics cards for the servants? Other then that keep going.
Merlinius Ambrosius chapter 1 . 5/25/2012
What we currently know of the First Three Heaven's Feel.



-Only 3 Masters: An Einzbern, Nagato Tohsaka, Zouken Makiri

-Only 3 Servants: Saber, Lancer and Archer (Confirmed by Irisviel in the Consultation Room Extras).

-Year 1800, the ceremony happened in Ryuudoji.

-Justica Einzburn was not the Einzbern's Master. She had already been sacrificed as the core for the Greater Grail by the time the Servants were summoned.

-The Masters could not control the Servants properly due the lack of Command Seals, so the Heroic Spirits pretty much did whatever they wanted.

-According to Nasu, the first ritual could not be considered much of a "war" (whatever that means) and it ended in failure due the insufficient amount of sacrifices (Servants).


-Four outsiders were brought in for the ritual because seven Masters and Servants were required.

-3 Families tricked mages from outside who saw the Grail as a chance to make their wishes reality.

-What we knew until then of the second war is that Zelretch is the one who suggested to make it a war with "wish granted" as an incentive to get people to join

-Although magi from outside were invited, the Three Families took care to maintain a shroud of secrecy around the ritual in order to avoid catching the attention of the Mage's Association.

-Battle Royale implemented.

-No rules. Total chaos.

-I imagine everybody was showing their magic and destroying everything.

-Happens during the Meiji Period, 1880. There was a French Military Mission so it would be logical to think there was a French Master.

-Einzbern Master was the first or second one to be defeated.

-Year 1880. Grail appeared in Tohsaka residence (I imagine Tohsaka, who was the son/daughter of Nagato's daughter, was one of the final Masters).

-All 7 traditional Classes were present and only proper Heroic Spirits were summoned (there were no heretics like Angra Mainyu or Giles de Rais due to the lack of Avenger).

-The Makiri added the Command Seals to the Servant System.

-The failure this time was caused because the conflict took too long and the time-limit was surpassed without a clear victor being defined (to those who don't know, the Greater Grail will remain active for only 14 days once the Heaven's Feels starts. To successfully open the gate to the other side, the ritual of descend of the Holy Grail must be performed after the defeat of all 7 Servants within that 2 weeks window).

-But according to the Irisviel Consultation Room Extra, everybody died in the end. However, it was never mentioned WHEN they died. Most likely, the remaining participants kept fighting to death even after the time-limit was surpassed.


-Proper rules were established and an agent of the Church (Kotomine Risei) was called in to act as a "referee". There was a need for a strong, impartial referee to make sure everybody would follow the rules of the Heaven's Feel. Because people from the Association would be inevitably biased, they ended up relying on the Church.

-Jubstacheit purchased a land on the outskirts of the city (the Einzbern's forest) and constructed a base in it by bringing a castle from the family's homeland and rebuilding it in that land (the Tohsaka family had to work hard to conceal both the purchase of the land and the building of the castle from public eye).

-The Edelfelt sisters used their money to have two small mansions built within Fuyuki which was destroyed sometime during the Grail War.

-The ritual suffered from the external interference of both the Nazi and the Japanese Army.

-Rather than a pure battle royale, it was more a fight over the possession of the Lesser Grail.

-The conflict mostly took place not in Fuyuki, but in the Japanese Imperial Capital (Tokyo).

-Matou gave their mansion to the Church who managed the war (Kotomine Risei).

-Avenger replaced Berserker as a Class in the War.

-Jubstacheit or another Einsburn was the Master of Avenger and they were defeated the 4th day. The grail became tainted.

-Puppet Master is the Master of Assassin, a Hassan who's NP blows heads off.

-One or two none mage had to receive Command Seals.

-1940, Grail appeared in Kotomine Church (ancient Makiri house). I imagine there had to be one Nazi Master.

-We know HF3 happened during WWII and there were Nazis.

-Edelfelt Sisters summon two Sabers sharing the same identity. One runs away and the other one is defeated by Tohsaka and eventually...marries him.

-Ended as a failure because the Lesser Grail was destroyed before the ritual was over.




Fate/stay night (Final War as Waver Velvet dismantled the Greater Grail, or Heaven's Feel Route happens).


I hope this helps you. Good luck with this fic. I'm interested.
Aoi Samil chapter 9 . 5/25/2012
It looks like this will be a interesting war, can't wait to see all the servants.