Reviews for The Butler: Alone
Jenmoon1 chapter 28 . 12/12/2017
This was cute
Frostlesskiss chapter 28 . 8/10/2013
Kya! I must say this is one of the best stories I've ever read! I love all the situations and how Ciel and Sebastian connect over time. And every time Sebastian uses his toys! *nosebleed* Kyaa I simoly love this! SEBASTIAN AND CIEL FOREVER! XD
Julia chapter 28 . 3/14/2013
thank you soo much for writing this it was wonderful i loved it a lot but it would of been better with more action but dont change anything i love your work your really good please i encourage you to be a yoai writter you make girls like me love and appreciate writers and your work ))))
FoxyNeko08 chapter 28 . 2/13/2013
i do hope you continue this. this is a great story
Skarlettefox chapter 28 . 12/18/2012
*Applauds madly*
This was incredible!
Katherine Daystar chapter 28 . 11/3/2012
This story is lovely! I like the dynamic you built up between Ciel and Sebastian. It's especially hard to make Sebastian affectionate without taking him too far out of character, but I feel like you did a realistic job choosing dialogue and mannerisms for him. Every time Ciel was cruel to him, it made my stomach knot up. The ending was sweet! Thanks for sharing this!
xSonya chapter 28 . 11/1/2012
Totally love how that ended! Now i'm sad that i finished it so quickly! D: this was very well written! Great job ::)
xSonya chapter 15 . 11/1/2012
That's too sexy. yay ciel is finally succumbing xD who can honestly resist sebby?
xSonya chapter 10 . 11/1/2012
Poor sebastian! I just want to hug him and squeeze him so tight! Ciel is such a heartless bastard xD
AkiraNatsume chapter 28 . 10/4/2012
more chapters please!
the bleach lover XD chapter 1 . 9/6/2012
i didnt read this properly but this is awesome sis
The one you should fear chapter 28 . 8/24/2012
3 Sad to see it is done. But amazong story! Yes, indeed.
FumikoAkuma6 chapter 28 . 8/24/2012
Noo, its ended..why!? Yes I know why (no need to explain) I really am satisfied with this chapter. It was more romantic than sexual which is good too. It had a bit more feeling so I think the way it ended was good nice story
promocat chapter 28 . 8/24/2012
so sweet! ( & i can see ciel becoming more in charge with the sex-he does like to be in charge)
promocat chapter 27 . 8/17/2012
i hope so-they need a happy ending!
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