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micaelakedian chapter 26 . 1/2/2016
This was an awesome story :) perfect and very satisfying.
Hekka chapter 26 . 8/28/2015
I cannot say that I take my words back (cause Sigyn still better than other Asgardians), but I feel somehow fobbed by Sigyn. She turned out to be no wiser than Thor with his own imagination of Loki (both sees only what suits their picture of the world. And believe that this is true). Because the story as a whole is very much contrary to the endless Sigyn's and Thor's confidence what Loki is the one mistaken.
People who supposed to know one about... forever not just turn away from one in the blink of an eye, at the bare assumption based on no more than their own conjectures. Heck! If they knew Loki at all, they would have understood his anxiety... Cause yes Loki did ruined the coronation of his brother, but not because of petty jealousy (it certainly has a place to be, but it is not determined Loki's plans - which also seems to me quite obvious from the movie). I thought that Loki just want to show their father what kind of king Thor become (the one who probably start the war on second day his rule). I am sure that he let jotnar in cause he was sure that they had no chance. Yes two of guards were killed but they were who they are - the guards. And they guarded Vault Weapons - which, in my understanding, is mean that they had to be the best of the best (they were the penultimate line of defense if the enemy has penetrated so far into the palace - the last was the Destroyer itself. So the words about how they were taken by surprise and did not expect jotnar to show up one day, for me nothing more than an empty phrase) ... I just thought that this is probably one of the reasons why Loki decided on this - he did not expect that the guards to die.
And I more than sure that Loki did not expect that they make it to Jotunheim without being stopped either.
As far as I can tell that Loki expected that, at worse case, in the heat of anger Thor will try to break the direct prohibition of their father about visiting of Jotunheim (and neither Sif nor Warriors did not tried to reason Thor - those sluggish protests do not count - or otherwise distract him while his anger subsided. And they did just it). And he would be detained by Heimdall, before the arrival of Odin. But then Heimdall - who claims his loyalty to Allfather - committed treason by allowing hotheaded Thor go in the forbidden realm (and ease with which Heimdall did so leaves me with the feeling that the gatekeeper not once indulge heir's desires. Probably I will not be wrong to assume who was one to rescued - probably not once - Thor and his cohort from the deserved punishment - and hardly saw any kind of appreciation for it: it's so not honorable to equivocate and dodge. And yet Sif's appeal to Loki showed that they expect him to get Thor - or them, or both - out of trouble). And then Warriors Three and Sif, who supposed to know Loki for centuries, violated the will of two kings (proving that they are true - blindly and reckless - not to Asgard, and not even to their king Odin, but to the one who considers appropriate to start a war due some insult) ... And make effective attempted palace coup (with the help of the same Heimdall) and all this on the basis of Sif's conviction in her own rightness, Hogun's support and no real facts on their hands ... This is instead try to talk (I mean real one where they would listen as well), to help the one who are supposed to be their friend, when on his shoulders fell the burden of kingdom and military conflict.
But none of them branded as a traitor. While this IS true even in regard to the Mighty Thor. Let's face it: Thor unleash a new war on the same day that he gave an oath to protect all the nine realms (no matter that the coronation was broken, the oath was delivered). And yet no one accused him of treachery or of any oath-breaking. Thor's loyal cohort also went against their own vows for their Realm, breaking the order not one but two kings, completing all of this relatively successful coup attempt (so willingly molding Loki in some power-hungry villain, just because it's the way they want to see him). Yet I doubt that the word of their "exploits" has spread beyond narrow circle (sure Odin seen to it). Otherwise, they would not be in this high esteem: I somehow doubt that all Asgard dislike Loki. Rather, they are by default considered Loki as second best, because of his unusual for Asgard ways. Or there would there be others as gatekeeper and quartet. And the guards handed Gungnir not to Frigga but to Loki (and I have not noticed any wishing to edify / instruct new regent in such difficult times - that speaks of confidence). Though of course there are those who reasonably fear the second prince: Thor difficult to manage, but is possible. What can not be said about Loki with his ability to see the lie. And self-critical person as Loki certainly more notice negative reviews than otherwise.
Even more so, in light of Loki's recent effective dealing with threat of war and beheading an enemy's government, I'm sure that love of citizens and ect toward him should increased. Cause Asgardians are not going to forget the centuries of fear and hatred against Jotnar and the desire to get rid of them just because of their Crown Prince suddenly wanted to become a champion of monsters. Beside Asgard may be kingdom of warriors, all right, but that does not mean that it's warriors agree to give up their lives at the whim of an heir who does not know diplomacy even if that will bite him at his back. And Loki's method preemptive strike just delivered them from unpleasant risk of another one-two thousand years war all for one person whim. Or almost. Thank to Thor. I'm wondering how many Asgardians decided that their heir lost his marbles when a rumor blew, that he on purpose ruined Loki's plans (which led to the fall of the second Prince into abyss. From the outside it seems that the Thunderer was traded life his always loyal brother for survival of the kingdom of monsters, on some another whim). When the Thunderer himself is one who unleashed a new war, and his brother the one who try to cleaned this mess most effectively as he could.
By the way, attempt to impute to Loki an attempt to destroy the nine realms is very far-fetched. Otherwise, Odin and his predecessors has succeeded in this particular achievement long ago. In addition there is always Thanos, who destroy worlds left and right. But the end of the living has not come... It's looks more like trying attempt to cook up some accusal that would justify the imprisonment of the second prince in the eyes of other Asgardians. Because they - Asgard - probably still wish that the younger prince was successful in his attempt to destroy Jotunheim. As much as they not care about Realm affected with constant strife one another, where Aboriginal people's life expectancy is hardly about a century.
scgirl-317 chapter 26 . 8/26/2015
Oh man, this was the end? I'm not sure what to do with myself now. I'm so used to this one going on that for it to be done will feel weird...

Loved the ending, though! And I like how Sigyn's kinda like, "screw it, let's rule the world!" Totally fits! Great work!
Hekka chapter 5 . 8/24/2015
For so far, I do like your Sigyn. It's the rest that's troubled me. Do not take it as flame, it's not my intention. But I just do not get it, why you did Loki to be mother of Sleipnir, then it's fact that Marvel universe has nothing in common with real mythology. Well, except names their characters... If I remember correctly Marvel-Loki not father of Hela, Fenrir or Jormungand in common meaning. Heck! Even if you ignore the simple logic says that the movie-Loki just can not be a parent of Sleipnir (and the rest). It's just not possible given the rather obvious relationship between the aesir and jotnar - and Angrboda and owner of stallion from the latter - in the Marvel universe. Plus "Journey into Mystery" explains about the creation of Hela (and I understand the other "children", if there is some applicants, was created without natural methods as well). And Movie-Asgard was created and strengthened in every possible way for a long time before birth of Loki: Odin not the one who created Golden Realm. Asgard from the movie was created by father of Odin's father ... or something like this. Aaand it already was as it is when Odin showed to his sons the Casket. Which mean Loki did not participate in the creation of any walls, considering the period of his birth and place of dislocation of their kingdom. Not to mention impossible of imposition such a strategically important task in many aspects, on the first stranger, ready to offer help. So I wonder how you go about Sleipnir... Still, I can not imagine a situation in which such would be possible, in Marvel universe. Forget process of conception - even though I'm sure that Loki even in his youth was a lot smarter than that - let assume that it is the result of some stupid/drunken bet. But did anyone from loving relatives did not occur to relieve the consequences for Loki, by simple procedure known to every woman, faced with the consequences of being raped? But no! And even worse, daddy dearest decided that it is smart to use his first grandchild as a permanent demonstration of his second son's shame, for the whole of Asgard to contemplate... Or is it only me who find the idea that Odin rides on own grandchild that disturbing (feels like this is not the Asgard but the Degradationgard)?
I just can not see scenario there Loki wanted to worsen his already not stellar reputation by doing something like that. And I somehow doubt that even in the worst situation he was eager to test himself as a mare and not simply created one (he is the powerful sorcerer and definitely not fool. What prevented him create mare by his magic?). Personally I am convinced that Loki could come up with a better plan (a bunch of them). And then I can imagine that Loki's ill wishers made up and spread (and believe in) the rumor that Loki gave birth to a odd horse.

I would prefer to suggest that Loki create the stallion by his seidr, at different circumstances and for different reasons. Maybe to present it to his father, to gain some avowal for his skills and talents... And I can see how Loki will cherish his precious creation, and perhaps his parentish attitude has given rise to rumors about the origin of his "child" . But of course, I spread all this not only for blabbing but for you to clear for me in more detail what your version of the events. Help me to understand your idea please?
TV appreciator chapter 26 . 8/23/2015
Nice story Abbey! I'd like to see it in the "Agents of SHIELD" universe too, but I don't know much about Ragnarok either, so dealing with that might be cool too. Looking forward to the next installment! :-)
The Bizarre Don't Bite chapter 26 . 8/22/2015
I demand a sequel right now!
JannaKalderash chapter 26 . 8/22/2015
HA! She clobbered him but good! Go Sigyn!

I can't wait to see what kind of plot these two can cook up to gain the throne of Asgard.
scgirl-317 chapter 25 . 6/9/2015
Why do you revel in making me miserable? If she weren't so friggin' stubborn about seeing Odin, she'd see that Loki's still alive! Gah! Please say that this stand-off will end soon.
Anonymous1662 chapter 25 . 6/7/2015
I like it! I cant believe how far this has gotten i remember when he first got sent to her lol.
The Bizarre Don't Bite chapter 25 . 6/6/2015
Don't stop! I love where this is going!
Anonymous1662 chapter 24 . 5/13/2015
Aaaaaaaw i loved this one.
TV appreciator chapter 24 . 5/10/2015
It was angsty indeed, thank you! I've been wondering about how people find out Loki has survived, so I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :-)
The Bizarre Don't Bite chapter 24 . 5/8/2015
Awe yeah, it's good to read this again! Cool updated, as well! Please update again, soon.
rin2004 chapter 24 . 5/8/2015
that sad chapter, but Sigyn is great! I can not wait to read the next
Lady Atarah chapter 23 . 3/7/2015
Hey I read your story only in the last two days and I really like it. I like the balance of emotions and the sudden twists in the plots. Update soon! :)
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