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nix.mixx.94 chapter 12 . 5/2
Can you write some Klaus/Buffy Bonding chapter, maybe around the time when it was the two of them when Damon was in the other dimension and Hope was "dead". Maybe just them being depressed loners together and taking turns making tea and taking care of each other because they were really the only ones who understand each other.
Lazarus163 chapter 10 . 4/14/2016
So I have always hated Kennedy to the point that I have no idea why Joss Whedon ever added her as a character. But regardless I hate her a lot, and it feels like I have found someone who hates her just as much as me. Also I love the running gag you have during season five when they kept brining up Jeremy getting kidnapped. But great read as always.
Lazarus163 chapter 12 . 2/22/2016
I've waited so long for this, -cries at how beautiful it was- thank you so much.
NicoleR85 chapter 12 . 2/22/2016
Another great chapter. I can't wait to read more. Please update soon.
Lazarus163 chapter 11 . 2/21/2016
I recall when I was reading in season four you said that you were gonna do a foot notes chapter of Willow at the highschool when Rebekah compelled all of them. I really want to see that happen.
iloverogan07 chapter 11 . 12/21/2015
I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your work. I think I have read The Next Chapter 4 times. And I'm fixing to read it again. You do an amazing job writing!
CuppaTea13 chapter 11 . 12/21/2015
Another amazing chapter from you! Oh, gosh, this was kind of everything I was hoping for. I want another chapter like this! I want more! More!

Anyways, it was heartbreaking and brilliant and Buffy and Damon were so raw and emotional and it was just...but at the same time with all that raw emotion, you still maintained that sleepy-just-woke-up-lying-in-bed feel that's giving it a nice feel of intimacy and shared pain, confusion, ect.

NicoleR85 chapter 11 . 12/21/2015
Another great chapter. I can't wait to read more. Please update soon.
isugirl chapter 3 . 11/9/2015
I really like this side one-shot, but I'd love to see another chapter of how klaus' side of things as their relationship grows, especially when Buffy lost Damon and when Buffy showed up in NOLA.
NicoleR85 chapter 10 . 9/30/2014
I loved it. I can't wait till the story starts up again.
Guest chapter 8 . 1/11/2014
I wish you would make a sequel to this.
Guest chapter 9 . 7/26/2013
Aww, I love Buffy/Damon moments!
randyzoopurple chapter 9 . 7/22/2013
so cute :)
iceyobsurity chapter 3 . 5/9/2013
I have to agree... Klaus is one super hot Original vamp! I'm rooting for Klaus/Buffy!
iceyobsurity chapter 8 . 5/9/2013
I have to say I LOVE me some Klaus/Buffy... They are so awesome together!
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