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Guest chapter 6 . 7/25/2012
Awww. I've been going through your stories again, and I absolutely ADORE the way you write your characters. ;D Thought I'd leave a little something on this one since it was especially sweet and amazing. Also, I wish to God you would continue in this story line, with the Winchester family hunting down that Alpha and trying to bring everyone else back. ;D Would LOVE to see all the Winchesters hunting together again! *grins*
SammysTeam chapter 6 . 7/25/2012
Oops sorry, that last comment was from me, forgot to log in. ;D
Guest chapter 6 . 7/22/2012
Great story. It would make an interesting 'verse. I would love to see how Sam and Dean deal with having their parents back, first with Sam's recovery then after.
JaredPadaleckiFan chapter 6 . 7/17/2012
Beautiful. i loved it
AlElizabeth chapter 6 . 7/9/2012
Awesome story. Good ending. Glad to see Sam and Dean both came through. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
casammy chapter 6 . 7/7/2012
Interesting theory, since sammy has just brought of return dean of the purgatory, really I am very eager to see this episode and want with the whole heart that sammy is the one who brings dean of return.
Johnny-on-the-spot chapter 6 . 7/7/2012
Kick a$$ story!
ILETUDRIVE chapter 6 . 7/5/2012
I loved the idea of the blood spell to pull Dean out, Sam's desperation was palpable as was Dean's, the inclusion of the other hunters moved things forward and showed a good way for survival while in Purgatory. Loved Ash's creation of the laptop designations, of course if they succeed in getting people out of purgatory, then next time one of them dies (angel's being dicks and kicking them out of heaven) they would be killed immediately.

There are several good, subtle things in this story, John's observations to himself as Mary questions Dean about Sam, and his hard learned lessons from when he did the same thing. I couldn't help placing the boys and John in the same slight au of your other stories. This just brings Fire in the Blood forward, with Sam now being old enough to do what the teenage Sam couldn't do but would've if he could (anything to keep Dean with him).

I also love this:

Dean frowned and instantly cut his eyes at her. "Mom..." he began; his tone sharp. "I love you, and I'm glad you're back. But you are freaking him out," he snapped, a little annoyed that Mary couldn't seem to realize that herself. "So back off..."

Mary's eyes widened. "But – "

" – Another word and you're out of this room," Dean growled; glaring at his mom and feeling Sam's heart continue to hammer beneath his touch as he rubbed the kid's chest.

Mary blinked; staring speechlessly at her oldest before she did as she was told; knowing Dean was just doing his job and protecting his brother...even from her, if need be.

But the harshness of Dean's words and expression still stung.

John swallowed a smile; knowing that being told a stove was hot was different from actually touching it yourself...which was similar in intensity to actually experiencing the results of pissing Dean off about his little brother and not just hearing about it secondhand.

"Let's sit..." John quietly suggested to his wife and pulled Mary away from the bed; knowing from experience that Dean was not fucking around; that their oldest would waste no time in kicking both of them out of the room if their presence continued to upset Sam.

After reading this all I could think of was your story about when Sam got sick while he was with John and Dean's eventual arrival. I love that. I love your work evoking memories of your prior stories and the added dimension those stories give to the guys realationships.

This is a story with a lot of little moments, thoughts and slams. The Alpha Vamp looking for the other brother when Sam is first brought to him, or getting the hell out of dodge before Dean could arrive and see Sam's condition. John's jealousy over Bobby, the subtle continuation of Angel's are dicks, John's realization that life would be a lot different now, neither boy would just fall in line anymore and follow his orders and his own blunt realization that he would have a problem with that.

In all this is just another great story that shows the depth of need that exists between the two brothers, the others are nice and interesting but at the core it was always and will always be the one doing anything for the other.

Sammyscougar chapter 6 . 7/4/2012
WOW... What an awesome read . Could not stop till the end. Loved the Alpha Vamp with his elegant bullshit but wanted to join the Winchester posse to hunt him down. So happy the Samulet reappeared, it's such a special item. Really wish it would come back for season 8, I do believe Sam retrieved it from the bin. Using Sam's blood as a beacon for Dean was a fantastic idea, especially since it features a lot in the series. Loved the line " Your blood is like Proverbial Gold". You had me trembling with anticipation during the Werewolf attack, couldn't read fast enough to see who rescued Dean and what a shock it was, I was gobsmacked... And then everyone else at the camp, double gobsmacked. Wonderful to see big brother still worried about Sam even in Purgatory & Sam doing anything to get him back, their bond is unbreakable. Loved when Sam zonked out said "Your Bossy" so sweet and Dean saying "Now Go the Fuck to Sleep" I'm sure there's a book with that title..Lol. Anyway enough waffling on. Your a great writer, don't stop and thanx for sharing... I hope you don't mind but I've mention your story to the SPN family at GetGlue, hopefully more people will read your awesome stories... Beers & Cheers.
Guest chapter 6 . 7/3/2012
This was a great story. Very even, thorough and intelligent throughout. I kept wishing that Supernatural writers would come up with something this good. Thank you.
KKBELVIS chapter 6 . 7/3/2012
This was all kinds of awesome and had me glued! You pulled me in like a fish on a hook! No surprise there, though. Just sayin'!

You wrote: She wanted to see Sam's eyes; wanted to know if they were hazel like John's, blue like hers, or startlingly green like his brother's.

I love how you wrote worried about her boy...needing to see his eyes

You wrote: Mary smiled at the memory of how her sweet little four-year old had often dutifully watched Sammy while the baby had slept; had insisted on having a stool beside Sam's crib so he could fully see the baby at all times. that image of little Dean. I can see it! So clear.

You wrote: Dean glanced down at his chest, remembering how he had also cleaned the amulet and then had promptly put it back where it belonged – around his neck – and then had joined his parents as they had waited for news about his brother.

Dean taking back the amulet...dude! So want to see this on the show.

You wrote: Because John could tell that Dean was different; was truly his own man now and would not take orders quite as easily; would be more likely to challenge John and make his own decisions.

I really like how you show us what is going on in everyones minds as they are reunited and it makes totaly sense. John respecting Dean that way especially I liked.

You wrote: Mary sighed; hating herself for what she was about to ask but unable to resist. "Shouldn't he be awake by now?"

"Jesus, woman..." John groaned and shook his head.

Dean chuckled. "Sometimes it takes him a little while," he told his mom. "Sam's a big kid, but anesthesia knocks him on his ass."

That cracked me up totally...and Dean ever watchful of the monitors and of when Sam was about to wake. So sweet and caring...gave me warm fuzzy all over and literally took my breath away.

This would make a cool series the family hunting together...sniff...sniff...I smell a sequel.

Thank you much!
zekeschance chapter 6 . 7/3/2012
Awww, I can't believe it's over. *sniff sniff* Such a sweet, informative, detailed chapter. Love how you wrote Mary all nervous and agitated but acting like a typical mother. John, laid back yet ready at a moments notice if need be and realizing how the family dynamics will have to change from what he was used to. Dean the uber protective guardian of his little brother. Then of course, baby brother Sam waking up and not having a clue what was going on. Just a nice picture of a family there for each other. And what the Winchesters truly represent. Thank you so much for this story. Love it and you!
Girl-of-Geekery chapter 6 . 7/2/2012
WOW! What an epic ending! :D

And a happy ending - something so rarely seen with Supernatural. :P

I just adore Dean (as always :P). No matter what, or who's there, Sam will always be Dean's to look after. :)

I was honestly alternating between going 'Awwww' and laughing in this chapter. It was soooo sweet, but there were parts that just cracked me up. Especially with Mary and John.

lol, I just loved Mary alternating between wanting to kill the alpha and worrying over Sam. And John's reaction was just perfect!

I especially loved the "Mary, You know I love you. But if you don't sit down and shut up..."
Mary - "You shut up."

That was hilarious. :D

And Sammy :) He was so cute in this chapter.
I kinda wondered how he would react to seeing John and Mary, and the whole "I'm dead. It didn't work." And appologizing over and over to Dean fits him perfectly, I could SO see him doing that.

But yeah for Dean convincing him otherwise. :)

Wonderful story! Definitely one I'll come back and read again and again :D
LadyBeryl chapter 6 . 7/2/2012
I would really really like the show to end this way somehow. I love it!
huge sg1 fan chapter 6 . 7/1/2012
that was a good story. i really enjoyed reading it. i liked the ending a lot. great job. i think it would be cool if you did a sequel or a follow up story and we got to read how they rescued everybody else and how they are figuring out how to be a family again. i would really love to read about how sam and mary get to finally know each other. but anyways, great job :)
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