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Artie Karee chapter 6 . 6/1
Always reread your stories, especially the Atwood ones. Its been forever since i read this first meeting. Its always so amazing to become a fangirl of a fanfic writer.
Sarai chapter 37 . 3/21/2022
I love it.
Guest chapter 37 . 10/23/2020
Haven't read this in quite a while, but when I found another story of yours I was reminded how good a writer you are, and how good this one in particular is, and had to re-read it. I've had some minor issues with a few things here and there, but as always this was really solid. I can't remember if there's a sequel to this where Granger gets his compeuppance, but even absent that this was great. And I loved how Sheila expressed her displeasure to Deeks about his leaving her - too funny!
Guest chapter 25 . 10/22/2020
I'm a bit confused - why exactly as Granger the one in charge? This was a joint op with the FBI, DOD, and other agencies. The guy they were after was known to be an agent of working with a foreign intelligence agency, and was an international arms dealer. That sort of thing should be handled by someone well above Granger's pay grade, no? I know the weapons stolen came from a military base, but the raid on the ship was about more than that I thought? Maybe not.
Guest chapter 20 . 10/22/2020
Deeks' thoughts about following the law when he entered the room are not correct. As soon as he saw the knife at Pearson's throat he had every legal right to shoot the man holding it. It would have been a tough shot, sure, but it would have been legal.

That said, his decision to go to the bar and get semi-drunk, and then to not call Joe and let him know about what was happening, is just confirming Granger's assessment of Deeks - he's impulsive and makes poor decisions because his emotions are controlling him, instead of him controlling his emotions.
Cori chapter 37 . 3/22/2020
I have really enjoyed reading this, it read as the closest to an episode that I have come across and I would thoroughly recommend this as a real Character story that explores a credible ‘What if’ Thank you to the Author, I think you’ve earned that title.
evelynmarie1 chapter 7 . 2/9/2020
This used to be one of my favorite stories but now knowing how it all played out with Ganger,it kinda bothers me to read it.I miss him on the show.
Novsnglus chapter 37 . 12/31/2019
I hope you have an agent. This is a novel.
JaniceS chapter 37 . 1/13/2018
I held the honor of having read this story. You paint your words with such color, there is no question to the event which are happening. Throughout this story you can feel all the emotions of Deeks, the exhaustion, the determination, the anger ... your words pull you in like a good book and won't let go. The introduction of a new character is also a very difficult feat for an established story line, but you pulled it off flawlessly. By the end of the story I felt at home with Joe and George and I look forward to their place in future stories. Awesome job.
CapeZero chapter 37 . 8/29/2017
Better late than never! Wanted to "get into" the Antwood Chronicles for a while now, and finally started today... and finished the first part today also(!).

You had me captivated throughout the whole story, brilliantly bringing in suspense as the whole thing was just one giant emotional rollercoaster.

I look forward to read the next part of the series, but I think I might have to prolong reading it, if even only slightly. Wouldn't want to run out of your brilliant series to read too quickly.

Best regards, Cape!
siriuslylovehp chapter 37 . 8/20/2017
I've been reading all of the NCISLA fanfictions since the begining and was going to wait until I'd finished all of your stories before reviewing but decided that that's going to take too long as I've found out you're still writing NCISLA fics. You are one of the few authours where every single story of yours I have felt like favouriting and so instead have favourited the author. I have looked forward to finding your stories as I go through the many on this site and look forward to reading your future fics. I'm glad that you have carried on finding the love in this fandom that I have recently discovered. I don't think I've ever found an author so dedicated to a fandom that they've wrote stories from almost start to finish in such a long going series. Thank you for sharing your love and again I look forward to reading the rest, I'm sure I won't be dissapointed.
Christina chapter 37 . 2/2/2017
I loved it , nothing I can say but I loved it
Guest chapter 18 . 9/24/2016
And, again, this is something that would never stand. Scott just committed sexual assault on Kensi (yes, ANY unwanted contact is assault), which Vance would hang him out to dry for, Granger or not. AND it's a violation her medical treatment for Scott to say what he did to her, endangering her life, and this was made clear to him by Callen and Hetty, and acknowledged by Granger, and so Scott would have no defense against that. Granger disclosing Deeks' private information isn't against any laws, but Vance would have something to say about that as well, as would the higher-ups at the FBI if Joe passed it along.

I'm not sure, since I don't recall the other stories you reference on occasion, if Granger was always written this way, but I have to say you're making him out to be a first-class prick, not to mention an idiot, someone who is setting himself up a huge fall and possibly long years in a prison somewhere. Not really how he is on the show, although it might have been at the time you wrote this story. (sorry, it's been too long and I don't remember exactly how bad he was back then) Either way, it's clearly well written, as evidenced by the reactions of your reviewers, so kudos! :)
Guest chapter 11 . 9/24/2016
Okay, unless Granger is doing this to allow Deeks to freelance, which I could see, and which would also explain Vance's attitude when Hetty spoke with her, he has no leg to stand on (no pun intended, Deeks). What he listed are not fireable offenses, and he can't do it without going through proper procedures. Deeks has a right to a hearing, to defend his actions, etc. This just shortcut it all. I'm assuming it's all a setup, but, again, wanted to give an honest reaction.

Oh, and FYI, while the junior agent might not think about it, giving someone who is bleeding aspirin is pretty much the worst choice in painkiller - aspirin interferes with clotting, and would make Deeks' situation much worse, potentially life-threatening.
Guest chapter 10 . 9/24/2016
Okay, I know this story is a million years old, and you probably don't check the reviews for it, but I'm just now reading it and wanted to comment anyway.

First, I like the story so far. The setup is solid, the emotions are spot-on as are the characterizations, and I like seeing competent Deeks stories. Too often he's only shown as a buffoon, as they do on the show, rather than the talented operator he clearly has to be. And the Phil/Joe character and his interactions with Deeks were a hoot! (still chuckling at Granger being pushed off the dock)

That said, when it comes to the end of this chapter ... no. Just, no. There's no way any of that could go down that way. First, what exactly is Granger taking Deeks into custody for? Unless I missed it (entirely possible) he's committed no crime, and other than going off the grid for a while, hasn't even broken regulations, and that can't result in being arrested. They take him to a house somewhere? No processing, no lawyer or representation, not even to a federal facility? Again, no. If he's charged, he has rights, and they're violating them worse than a Gitmo detainee's.

And finally, the actions of Scott at the end of the chapter would result in immediate suspension and very likely dismissal from NCIS. It is all kinds of illegal to assault a prisoner in custody, and even more so when they are shackled. This guy just ended his career without any chance of saving it (he couldn't hide his actions given the inevitable bruises not to mention blood loss from that kick), not to mention gave Deeks a slam-dunk multi-million dollar lawsuit payout. I know that things happen, that they're even shown on the show itself the agents threatening someone in custody, but actual assault is all kinds of verboten.

Please don't get me wrong - I really like your writing across all of your stories, and this one is included, but this chapter just was wrong on so many levels. I'm hoping you'll "fix" things in the next chapters (I review as I read), and look forward to seeing how, but wanted to give an honest reaction.
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