Reviews for Home
Cmdr. Gen. Marasco chapter 1 . 5/24/2012
Very nice. Even though the subject's kinda sad, I couldn't help but smile at the end of this. Bittersweet, I guess.

Oh, on the subject of Marvel movies; they're making one of Runaways, called "Little Faces", I think. Not sure about the title, though.
RobGill chapter 1 . 5/24/2012
Oh, my, yes. I love Runaways (and anything else Brian K. Vaughan writes-including Ex Machina), and I think it's a crime that it's been "on hiatus" for so damn long; who doesn't want to learn what happens to the Pride Kids next? The manner in which Nico and Karolina are shown together in this unresolved crisis seems very believable, Nico's initial reservations about Karolina, notwithstanding.

And don't worry about neglecting The Avengers; it's OK, but it can get a little overrated. If you have to worry, worry that the (eventual) film adaptation of Runaways gets watered down to accomodate those bothered by Karolina's feelings.