Reviews for The Hive: A Beginning to The Colony
sam stewart chapter 8 . 5/15
i look forward to reading more as you post them.
Itac chapter 8 . 4/5
Esta muy interesante, por favor continuarlo.
Anonimo1 chapter 8 . 3/8
Continua por favor.
Little Liar chapter 8 . 2/5
I like Naruto.
Lovethefanfix chapter 8 . 1/31
This story is amazing! I would really appreciate it if you found some time to update it? Thanks for your time!
ivanganev1992 chapter 8 . 12/4/2016
Ch 8

The Emmy tortured alive ninja and humans from T&I would be perfect.

And Runners for Inuzuka with alliance with the Hive .
ivanganev1992 chapter 2 . 12/3/2016
ch2 those are the best enchantments
Lil Kidny chapter 8 . 7/12/2016
It really good I actually hope you update it it's good
Guest chapter 8 . 4/3/2016
Please give new chapter
ArronGenerator Rex chapter 8 . 9/28/2015
Please do more.
Twilight Dance of Chaos chapter 8 . 8/1/2015
Intriguing idea. I have to admit that the idea of using Madara or Obito as one of the... parents... to the Xeromorphs would be so comical.
ZGK1007 chapter 8 . 7/7/2015
Love this so much!
TheMysteriousPerson -0-'-0 chapter 8 . 7/4/2015
Man this is an awsome story you should definitely continue with this honestly the best alien predator cross over I have read so far good grammar, plot and action and the journal entrys are funny so keep them in when you decide to continue this story
Lord Knight Shiren chapter 8 . 6/3/2015
Can't wait for more chapters a great story
SonNamikazeXeno chapter 8 . 5/28/2015
yo, love this story, hope you continue it... can't wait to see it develop
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