Reviews for Star Wars Vs Star Trek My Thoughts
A.J chapter 1 . 3/25/2016
Actually you would have to include cloaking devices in the empires arsenal since they are mentioned in the movie TESB and as far as high speed tactics Empire ships can make micro hyper space jumps at high speed, this would allow them to get into close range of Fed ships and they also have Ion cannons which would be a quick way to bring down shields and disrupt electrical systems on the enemy ship.
As far as the large Ray shield generators go, I believe you are referring to the battle in the movie ROTJ
when the Executor's bridge deflector was destroyed by an x-wing, it must be noted that prior to this happening Admiral Akbar had ordered the entire rebel fleet to "Concentrate all firepower upon that super star destroyer" so it would stand to reason that by the time the x-wing shot at the executor's bridge defector her shields were probably already heavily weakened thus allowing the shot to penetrate and be effective. Next, as far as replication tech there is evidence for the existence of such considering the death star was built on site with materials near her location, and I have found references pointing toward the existence of replications tech as well. Also, UFP replication tech needs base material to replicate as they can't create something from , while the UFP may be able to construct a single starship at the same pace as the empire the Empire has hundreds if not thousands of shipyards in it's sphere of influence.
RYAN chapter 1 . 2/27/2015
I'd say that it is a valid assumption. However, you neglect to point in that the batteries on an Imperial Star Destroyer are turreted, giving them a 360 field of view with and approximate 270 arc of fire, causing the center spine of the ISD to be just as dangerous and the underbelly of the ship.

While the Federation ships do benefit from transporter technology, it is stated numerous times that shielding of any type inhibits the use and function of ship to ship beaming.

Another fact of Imperial Star Destroyers is that they are functionally carrier ships. Each ISD capable of carrying two full wings (64 or so) fighter craft. Beam weapons aren't accurate enough to hit fast attack craft like a TIE fighter. If it was a stock ISD against a stock, say Sovereign class Federation star cruiser (which are known to be slow and fairly clunky in combat maneuvering), that is a negligible part of the combat.

ISD ships operate like a hwacha: fill the zone with enough firepower to vaporize anything caught in the radius. Plus, most gun batteries are independently operated, meaning that coordinating fire is a much more serious threat to a federation battleship.
Greymangames chapter 1 . 11/12/2014
The phasers have a nadion based core inside them, which is more powerful than a laser based core (I think).
Guest chapter 1 . 9/16/2014
I know this article is a tad bit old but i felt the need to comment. In terms of sheet, raw firepower the GE will win more often then not if we are taking mid end showings for both factions. Mid end, for the GE, is gigatons/terratons (to those not famalir, basically enough to turn a planets crust to magma) due to something called a BaseDeltaZero existing. In terms of manuveribillity i wont comment because im not good with acceleration stuffs. But from what i know Federation mid end is about megatons (firepower equal to the Coveant from Halo, basiccally). Ground wise the Empire stomps handily due to the hilarious firepower advantage and speed of Wars replusor vechiles. (the walkers are only used due to Tarkins doctrine of fear policy.) Industry wise the Empire laughs at nearly everything in the Alpha Quadrant exluding things like the Q. This is due to them being able to construct a nearly 900 Km (yes, that is not a mispell) in total secery, and had it nearly completed in the course of 6 months. The industry required to peform that feat is mind boggling. All in all im fairly certain the GE beats the Feds handily.
chipmunkfanantic chapter 1 . 5/4/2014
you hit it on the money there friend , yea It's likely Starfleet would hold it's own against the Empire as much as I like the Empire I'm going with Starfleet , always have and always will , but how would the Empire fare against either the Dominion , Breen and , Cardassian alliance wouldn't that be something to compare
Willy Dubs the Awesome chapter 1 . 4/21/2014
Coming from a fellow geek, that was epic.
Dai mon Bok chapter 1 . 3/16/2014
Hey guys, your moms are calling you for dinner. Better pull up your pants and leave the basement...
OP: good effort and imagination. Don't let the people with completely hypothetical "facts" get you down.
Lapsed Judgment chapter 1 . 2/6/2014
Ben, you have definitely brought up some good points. I confess, I'm more of a Star Wars guy, and you have a few anomalies. First, Hyperspace in terms of travel is far faster than that of Warp travel. While calculations are required, it should be noted that Imperial ships can travel to battle sites far quicker. Also, the Star Wars Galaxy itself is roughly 10% larger than that of the Milky Way. In addition, the Alliance only controls the Alpha and Beta Quadrant to a certain degree. Therefore, they only have about 30-40% of the territory of the Empire, and the Alliance has far less shipyards then the Empire, as well as the Empire having a massive population (more troops, pilots, etc.).
Also, while it is true Federation capital ships are faster, their armament is much weaker. ISDs (Star Destroyers) are superiorly armed and equipped with fighters. And even with point defense, smaller Imperial ships can easily go toe-to-toe with the Alliance. And shield frequency doesn't matter! Turbolaser fire is completely unaffected! Also, Star Wars shields can block beaming attempts (as they do in Trek). Imperial ground forces have a huge advantage because they have access to cloning, and have actual tactics. And the majority of the Star Trek species would stick out like a sore thumb, with some exception to humans. Your thoughts are based greatly on your innate knowledge of Trek, and I hope my knowledge of Wars helps you to make a less biased/informed decision.
Respectfully, Deltoid
Guest chapter 1 . 1/13/2014
I strongly disagree.

First, you cannot just dismiss out of hand the question of ground forces. The Galactic Empire is so superior in this area as to make the comparison laughable.

Secondly, there is the matter of quantity. The Empire encompasses millions of worlds. Tens of thousands of major capital ships. The Alpha Quadrant is quite outnumbered.

Finally, Star Trek has no equivalent to one-man fighters. Every argument you make for the superiority of maneuverability applies just as well to fighters as it does to capital ships. If the star destroyers cannot adequately target and hit the Federation vessels, neither should they hit fighters.

You also completely ignore the sheer number of weapons on a star destroyer. They are easily comparable to Borg cubes. Cubes are slightly larger and have a greater crew complement. Star destroyers have more turbolaser batteries and TIE-fighters to make up the difference. Think of how Borg cubes tear Alpha Quadrant vessels to shreds and you have a fairly accurate look at what star destroyers would do.
D.LAW chapter 1 . 1/6/2014
Federation primary shield is not the same as the empires shields . The empire has a two shield system . Particle shields and ray shields , Particles protect against photon torpedoes and missiles , Ray shields speak for themselves .Federation primary shield has the capability of both empire shields .Therefore twice as powerful as their shields and more efficient . Use less power . Two shield systems may work against the rebels ,But against federation vessels . they are extremely vulnerable. One transphasic torpedoes fired at warp velocity 3,500,000 miles away would vaporize a star destroyer in a millisecond . Phasers would take them down 300,000 kilometers away .Empire vessels weapons range 5,000 kilometers . That a receipt for destruction , Federation on the other hand in normal space at one quarter impulse power is faster then empire star fighters . At 46.500 miles per second the empires sublight weapons can't hit a federation vessel . It's out of range in less then a millisecond . thy don't need to go warp speed to defeat empire vessel . It's like a world war 2 plane going up against a f 18 fighter .
Space-Dweeb chapter 1 . 11/6/2013
Your opinion is very interesting, but I have a few things to point out. Blasters(troop weapons) Have several settings from stun to high enough to kill an elephant and everywhere in-between. Star Wars has several weapons beyond the scope you have included, such as concussion missiles, several turrets and anti aircraft(point-defense) weapons, and much more. wiki/Category:Starship_weapons This is a good link for their weapons.
As you said, Star Wars shields are specifically designed for combat, implying that they are much stronger. For instance, in the movies Star Trek ships take large amounts of damage, yet you hear a tech officer yell out, "Engines at 10 percent!" or something similar. Star Wars ships are knocked around, but do not take any physical damage until their shields are completely wiped out.
Yes, a ship can go to Warp faster than hyperspace, but hyperspace is faster than warp, giving Star Wars an advantage in speed.
Bacta is a very good medical source, but it is not the only medical assistance found in Star Wars.
The Imperial Intelligence is very good at getting information, willing to do whatever is necessary to get what they need.
The Empire doesn't have anything in the way of transporters, but Star Trek would still be unable to board their ships with their shields up.
Regarding food, if a Star Destroyer was cornered, its superior armor alone would give it enough time to bully its way through an armada into a clear space to engage hyperspace, allowing an escape. Wider firing arcs is a completely subjective view, as that argument could be made for either side of the conflict.
While most of the Star Destroyers have their weapons on the port and starboard sides of the ship, their weapons are turrets which easily allow for fore protection, though I don't specifically know of their aft protection.
Shield generators are vulnerable, but I have seen nothing in the way of Star Trek fighters, which are the only things small enough to find a gap in a Star Destroyer's shields to attack the shield generators, therefore, those are still safe.
Star Trek ships may strafe, but there are several smaller ships (Victory Class, for instance) that would be able to protect their larger counterparts from strafe attacks.
You said that the Federation would DEVELOP a point defense mode to combat large fighter attacks. I find this a moot point, because if the Federation has to develop a defense system, the fighter attacks would have done their damage by the time they can have it tested and online.
Again, you said that you would IMAGINE that Starfleet has a tank, but there is no evidence to support this while Star Wars(the Empire specifically) has many tanks like the AT-AT, AT-ST, Turbo tank, and several other types.
I have not seen any air support utilized by Starfleet that would have the armor and weapons capabilities to combat an AT-AT, and an Imperial Fleet could keep Starfleet ships out of orbit long enough for their tanks to do their work.
Phaser rifles may be able to punch through Stormtrooper armor, but with the Stormtooper's advance military training (despite the movies' way of portraying them, Stormtroopers were an elite force and a very frightening army) they could easily obliterate a force of less-well trained, less-well armed and less-well armored Starfleet security officers.
Yes, Imperial Analysts could very well underestimate the Federation from its size but after one battle when they see the Federation's abilities, they would be able to return with better tactics and a better understanding of the enemy.
If Klingons and Romulans are Starfleet's allies (I can find no evidence indicating that the Romulans would ally themselves with Starfleet) it is highly unlikely that the Rebellion would be willing to join in their very war-like and hate-filled battle.
To add a point of my own, the Empire has many Super Star Destroyers ( wiki/Super_Star_Destroyer? ) and a Death Star, which you did not take into account at all. These ships would build a fleet big enough to destroy any Federation fleet.
I personally believe that the Empire has just as much capability, if not far more, to defeat the Federation that the Federation has of defeating the Empire.
My view is very biased towards Star Wars, but this is how I see things.
Jedibobby chapter 1 . 10/16/2013
Well, Star Wars might have the advantage if it's infantry vs infantry because there are dark Jedi that serves the empire too.
TheBleachDoctor chapter 1 . 10/10/2013
I think what the Empire would have to worry about is something that they cannot combat; Section 31 and Temporal Investigations. Ignoring the fact that ANY Warp-capable vessel in the Federation fleet can pull off time travel in a pinch using a star, Temporal Investigations and Section 31 will NOT stand by and let the Federation fall. The Federation wouldn't even need to know of the attempted invasion, a few Wells-class Temporal ships slipstream to the Wars Galaxy, travel back in time to before anyone developed space travel, and torpedo the crap out of any planet capable of supporting life.

I feel a bit cheap pointing this all out, but Temporal Investigations has been around and present since the ENT era. That means the Federation exists far in the future, meaning that the Federation never lost. If you want to say they lost, and Temporal Investigations never came to be, then you've just invalidated the entire Star Trek series.
Temporal Investigations cannot be countered by anything the Empire can muster. As demonstrated, temporal warfare can only be countered by other temporal warfare... And Wars doesn't have any of that. At all.

So yeah, integral part of the Trek verse prevents it from losing.

Of course, that's no fun.
majorshane chapter 1 . 8/15/2013
I like your ideas, but I have to disagree. While the star trek races do have some technologies (transporters and replicatores) that the empire doesn't, the general level of technology in sw is probably higher. I say this because in star wars you have a thousands of years old galaxy spaning empire with ships capable of crossing the entire galaxy in a matter of weeks. In star trek your main focus: starfleet, is only a few centuries old with a medium sized portion of one quarter of the galaxy under its control. This difference in available resources is huge.

I think of star trek to take place in a 1400-1600 setting. An age of exploration with several governments (English, Spanish, French, Portugese/UFP, Klingons, Romulans, Cardasians) exploring their universe and expanding their territories. You also have mysterious foreign empires (the Chinese or Japanese/Dominion or borg) with new and vastly different cultures. It takes months to travel around the world. New islands and continents with new civilizations are just waiting to be discovered. Man vs man is just as common a plot as man vs nature. The world is a VERY big place with much of the plot coming from the exploration and investigation of its mysteries.

On the other hand in star wars the setting is more of a present century setup with a globalized (galactisized) economy and political unions uniting or crumbling. Almost completly man vs man style plot. The world is small as you can fly to any city within 72 hours, the entire planet is connected via the internet, and most of the contries sit down and discuss things in the United Nations (or the galactic senate, before the space natzi's won WW2/Clone wars). In SW the plot comes not from exploration, but from fighting for freedom and resisting tyrany.

I realize that there are some parts of star wars that involve exploration and some parts of star trek that involve politics between established nations. Both have healthy doses of man vs himself sprinkled in. I only compare the general setting of these 2 fictional universes, not every single movie/episode plot point.

Consider for analogy Sinbad and his crew going up against Red October in a sea battle. Sinbad has had lots of adventures, made friends and enemies, even had run ins with some Pagan gods and evil wizards. At the end of the day though, his sailing ship of wood and seamen is going to be completly blown away by a Nuclear powered sub from near modern times. Sinbads only hope is if Posiden desides to sink the sub with a Kraken (or if Q snaped his fingers and all the ISDs blew up). But then its not SINBAD vs red october, is it? Not really.

There are mysterious oponents in star trek like the borg or crystaline entity that could maybe take down start wars. That said, these advanced alien foes usually serve as nature in a man vs nature style plot. The most mysterious thing in the sw galaxy: the force: is a well documented well known and completly accepted phenominon. Basically the 'magic' of the star wars world is a tool for the protagonists to use and the 'magic' of the star trek world is at best completly alien to them and at worst their main source of conflict (the caretaker array).

One advantage star trek may have is there curriosity and adaptability. Valueing scientific discovery and being self proclaimed explorers in a huge age of exploration means challenging preconcieved notions more readilly and more experience dealing with new technologies and new aliens. In star wars, aside from the death star, you almost never hear some one say "look at that! Its like nothing I've ever seen before! What is it?" That phrase is practicly the theme of the star trek universe. Because ST and SW are so different, ST could possibly recover from their surprise and adapt to their oponents quicker than SW. Could they adapt fast enough to not be wiped out by thousands of massive capitol ships? I say doubtfully.

Another point is hyperdrive vs warp drive. If the 2 galaxys have the same laws of physics in regards to subspace then, like I said earlier, SW wins hands down. If their 2 galaxys are so different that warp doesn't work far far away and hyperdrives stall in the milkey way, then either side could have a massive tech advantage, it depends on the writter (SW would still have a far larger resource pool to draw from)

I love both, but do prefer watching star trek to star wars. That said, I have to give this to Star wars. The main ensemble of aliens in star trek surrounding star fleet probably control 1/4 to 1/5 of the galaxys resources, and control next to none of the mystical elements (like Q, the profits, or time travelers from the future). Even united a star fleet alliance can't compete with the Empire/New Republics near 80% resource base and thousands of years worth of industry and technology and Force users.

These are all just my thoughts. Ultimatly the winner in any fictional conflict will always be whoever the author needs to win to move the plot forward, sometimes your ship is disabled on the first shot, sometimes it lasts for an entire battle scene spaning tens of screen minutes. Like Superman, the heros and technology of Star Trek and Star Wars will always be as strong as they NEED to be.
Anon chapter 1 . 7/9/2013
I honestly feel you are wrong, and here are my arguments in a civilized fashion.
Weapons and Shields
Weapons on star trek ships would seem to be used on lighter shielding than star destroyers, as a star destroyer needs a more powerful shield to cover the ship. Federation ships are smaller than star wars ships, therefore shields are less powerful. Penetration of shields is therefore easier for star trek ships than star wars ships in their own universe. But that means if shields are penetrated in an equal number of shots, star trek weapons are about 5 times weaker, and up to 50 times weaker in some cases.
Assuming galaxy size is equal, star wars ships are around 365 to 3000 times faster due to time nescessary for travel.
Ground Vehicles
Since when could we make assumptions?
This destroys the arguments , since we can make assumptions, let's assume that star wars has giant,5 mile high invincible walkers. It is not fair.
Underestimation cannot be assumed. Plus, the imperial war effort can continue much longer based on their galaxies size.
Based on this , I believe star wars crushes star trek in combat.
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