Reviews for High Seas and Low Gods
Rascal chapter 19 . 3/3
I know what this is based on.
I just... hope more than one makes it back.
Rascal chapter 16 . 3/3
I was too gleeful to see that coming. Ow.
Rascal chapter 14 . 3/3
Rascal chapter 12 . 3/3
High five Dean.
Rascal chapter 11 . 3/3
I don't know if I believe Castiel's witch story.
I want to, it's logical, but...
He's taking orders from someone, I bet I can guess who, the ocean healed him.
He was looking at his blood and seemed surprised it was red. Maybe just delirium.
But I can't believe he's a witch until he explains this.
Guest chapter 34 . 2/21
I am so obsessed with your story, it's simply perfection.

The characters really fitted their Greek deity, especially Gabriel and Balthazar.
thetrickstaaa chapter 1 . 12/25/2014
Oh god i love you for this Story thank
Guest chapter 33 . 12/20/2014
This story is so amazing and awesome. I really enjoyed reading this story.
phantomcat97 chapter 34 . 11/28/2014
My entire family is in the room right now and I cannot cry. I WILL not cry. I will suck it up and I'll run into my room and I'll let it all out in about three minutes from now because at this moment I just. fucking. can't. even.
I don't know how to express to you just how absolutely incredible this story was without using several made-up words, a bunch of swears, and some hot, snotty tears. Reason one: ANDNXKFJSKKSKDKWOSN. Reason two: HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS ENTIRE THING. Reason three: *UGLY CRYING*
I actually don't even understand how this came together so incredibly perfectly but by Chuck you made it happen somehow. You must be an evil wizard whose sole purpose is to mess with my feels, because let me tell you they are well and truly messed. The main thing I want to communicate is: thank you so goddamn much for writing this. Seriously. I read this entire thing in one day because I couldn't look away long enough to go without devouring each chapter in ten minutes, and I just want to tell you is that my life would have been truly worse off for not having have read this. A billion "thank you"s are in order here. Absolutely beautiful, brilliant, perfect in every way, tear-jerking, grin-producing, heartwarming, heartwrenching, heart pounding, completely and utterly everything I could ever want in a story. Thank you.
And now I'm going to go have myself a good cry, because that's just what has to happen.
MagicGirl41 chapter 34 . 11/2/2014

Oh my gosh, where do I even start? I'm a huge Greek mythology geek, for one thing, and the way you used the characters was absolutely BRILLIANT. And the development of all the characters was spot-on! I was in love from the very first chapter, and the way you fit all the cannon arcs into the greek mythology was absolutely beautiful. The plot was wonderful, and your characterization was fabulous . . . IT WAS JUST SO GOOD! Congratulations on such a well done story, and thank you for writing it, it was a pleasure to read :D
MagicGirl41 chapter 31 . 11/1/2014
MagicGirl41 chapter 27 . 11/1/2014
Ohmygosh I love this story so much. What you did with Charon was BRILLIANT! And Dean swimming through the Acheron?! I'm trying so hard to contain my Greek Mythology/SPN fangirling for the final review but your writing is just so good!
MagicGirl41 chapter 26 . 11/1/2014

(Also Anne makes me sad, because Calypso and Calypso's story is really tragic, and Anne's cannon story is pretty tragic as well, and I think she needs some serious love. Or cuddles. Maybe both. Give that girl some chocolate or something!)
MagicGirl41 chapter 24 . 11/1/2014

Now that you have just ripped out my heart and burned it, I guess I'll move on to the next chapter.

Serenity Blossom chapter 34 . 10/27/2014
Fabulous story. Your plot was magnificent.
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