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Ashley chapter 63 . 8/30
I absolutely love this story and in the month of August have reread the entire story twice while impatiently waiting for the next part. Thank you for writing this story. Hope the next chapter comes out soon, the anticipation is killing me: )
Vienza chapter 63 . 8/25
Hello! OMG Where has this story been all my life? I absolutely love it! . I'm obsessed!
I'm so happy Sasuke realised that he needs to be with Naruto haha. They have such a beautiful bond! I can't wait until they decide to put a romantic label on it lol .
Please please please keep working hard on this story because I will actually die if it doesn't have a conclusion! But at the same time I will be really sad, I never want it to end haha !
Althea chapter 49 . 8/21
im pretty late to the game as far as reading this fic goes and that being the case i wldnt normally leave a review,, but i just want you to know i really like yori! he's got a really dynamic personality and it stands out. (tbh i was hoping a lil for a threesome in the back of my mind, esp w sasuke detailing how attractive he is, but i didn't have my hopes up :P)
cellaria chapter 63 . 8/19
Omg I had to catch up like 8 chapters! lol I haven't been able to use my iPad & hate this site on my phone but I'm an idiot & I just realized I could use a desktop version! XD But I love how everything went! & I love the Taro/ Karou parts they're really cute together & I hope Taro becomes his little companion! It'd be nice if everyone wasn't in such denial when they meet up again! lol (it'd be really fun if Taro & Karou could visit Naruto & Sasuke when they're back in Konoha or wherever) I love the little cute things! Sasuke making Naru that ramen was the best! Omg & when Sasuke says anything heartfelt & Naruto related I totally have an inner fangirl moment lol I also love that they're cuddling & sleeping in the same bed consistently now & I hope that doesn't change once they're traveling again! I think I'm really ready for them to finally acknowledge there's something more there! Btw that last little exchange between them was my favorite part lol XD
ILuvIY17 chapter 63 . 8/16
Oooo Sasuke and Naruto temporary dads that indeed sounds really interesting! Cant wait to read what you have planned in part 21. Wow Dash you almost have 2000 reviews! Im so happy you deserve them all as this fan fic is amazing! And im sure it has brought a type of closure for some readers who didnt enjoy the ending of Naruto. I know that this story came out before that. But when i think about this fanfic it makes me happy because this how i would envision the series ending.

And I must say I really can not wait for the moment when either Naruto or Sasuke blurt out" I LoVe You" (or something close to that) and the other is in complete panic mode over those three small yet powerful words!

I know it will probably take a few more parts before that moment, until then I will be lurking around in the background admiring this fanfic!

*huge grin*
Dalephi chapter 6 . 8/12
So straight on to part three since not much happened, besides them discovering more about where they are (and maaaybe Sasuke warming up a little bit already).

So I enjoy Amaya in this story since she seems to be a bit of Sasuke's counter player, especially later on. I'm glad for them she's gone now, but it's also kind of a loss 'cause it was interesting how she made Sasuke act xD Also remembers me of how far they've come now he still tried to go away and later on helping without a second thought when Naruto passes out despite all the threads that he would, haha. What I absolutly love here is that Naruto isn't completly convinced about trusting Sasuke either, like he wants to but he's not completly sure.

Also forgot we got to thank Amaya for the whole kissing thing. Thank god Naruto was dense enough to see it as just a gratitude thing :'D
clajira chapter 63 . 8/10
I don't think I've ever reviewed this story before, but I've been following it for a while now. And it is honestly the best Naruto fanfiction I've read so far.
I love that the characters are not ooc, a problem a lot of other fanfiction have and your descriptions are really detailed, but don't become boring.
At first I was a bit wary about Taro and Karou since I don't particulary like original characters but you made me think they really belonged into the universe.
Maybe the best thing is the lenght of the story. I think this is the longest story I've ever read, which is also steadily interesting.
I enjoyed this chapter more than the previous ones, since they are finally going back on the road, which I kind of missed in the previous ones. Also I really look forward to them becoming "dads".
I think you should post the chapters like you did until now, because otherwise the waiting time would be a bit too long. But it's of course your choice, so do it as it fits you best :)
Thanks for writing this truly amazing story (sorry for awkward english, it's not my first language)
JustAmel chapter 63 . 8/8
You rooooock 3
Kissme007 chapter 63 . 8/7
Wow! Really, wow. This is simply an amazing story - the flow, the characters , the plot , the smut ... Basically everything connects and seems a gradual conclusion which is quite a feat so well done.

My only problem is that this story being my fist naruto X sasuke (any male x male in the naruto fandom actually ) , you've completely spoiled me so unless I find a better written fic (I'm gonna be optimistic here and sincerely hope that I do ) , I'm dooooomed! This seems to be happening a lot lately. I'm pretty new to male x male and any pairing and any fandom I pick up , the very first fics leave me spellbound (and a little annoyed coz rest don't measure :p).

Anyway, enough rambling , I have a few questions/doubts though I doubt I remember all since I read this in one go so here goes - 1. Since naruto has the kyuubi inside him , shouldn't the effect of those berries been neutralised ? 2. Shit I swear I had a few more but seems like I totally forgot :p.

I like the parts style you've got going. It's different and gives mini closures after every few chapters until the story gets completed. Appreciate that. And it's so good to see that you updated recently. Can't wait to read more (like a lot more ;) )
Heaven's Eagle chapter 63 . 8/6
So. Over the last few years, I've become very picky with my fanfiction - partially because I no longer bother to read things that don't please me, and partially because I don't have as much time as I used to. That said, I started this and was immediately intrigued. Bonus points, it had sixty three chapters, so I wouldn't have to wait forever to get to the plot (or the smut) or worry about the project being abandoned!
And now, here I am, SIXTY THREE chapters of binge reading later, and I still don't know why the everloving fuck Naruto and Sasuke can't use chakra! And the worst part is, everything is so damn interesting that I don't even care. I want to know more about Karou and his father (and sister?) and how Taro learned the flute and, gods forgive me, what will happen to Amaya. I want to know more about the Hunters and whether they recruit from skilled guards or if outsiders with enough skill can join or if they take apprentices at young ages, whether voluntary or otherwise or both. I want to know if Sasuke and Naruto have lost more time than they thought, or if they've gained it, or if that instinct was totally wrong. I want to know everything.
And gods they're not even close to Suna yet. You've bewitched me. This is black magic I say. And maybe, just maybe, this is the Bijuu fucking with them. Gah. I love this. Dangit.
Wings Out
Dalephi chapter 1 . 8/1
Soooo... I've been a really bad reader, since I jumped in a couple of parts ago and haven't left a single review ; Bad me!

First of all: I normally never read unfinished stories, mostly because I just can have it when it's suddenly discontinued. Fanart from Yasuli made me curious though and then another one of your readers swooped in, starting to convince me to read and so here I am. So you better finish this! /Tries looking scary, but fails/

I'm not dissappointed so far, I like how you display the characters, love your way of writing and the stort is nice and long to read (I love long, really do). I've read straight through it twice now as well as read your other stories twice. TLW is definitly my fav, but I liked Dreams aren't real a lot too and WLN series were fun too read. The plan is now to read a third time and actually review ;

So reading chapter one again makes me wonder again wth happened to them. I like how you kinda get lost in the story and forget, for awhile. Also the orb! I was so expecting something to happen with it the first couple of chapters. But unless I forgot I don't thinking anything happened with it xD

Anyway this will keep me buzzy till the next part I think. So excited about it! Why did you have to tease us and mention the temporary daddy thing, now I'm even more excited. I bet it's going to be funny and cute both, haha.

Anyway keep up the writing and don't stress yourself! Better two months between chapters than get a burn out! We van wait (even those who don't want to can)
Guest chapter 63 . 7/29
I adore this story! Another great chapter, cant wait for part 21!
Kuroshitsuji95 chapter 63 . 7/31
I loved this chapter! (I must admit that I was kind of frustrated when Sasuke wanted to stay and Naruto agreed to the conditions, but it worked out in the end, so I was happy) And it was really cute when Naruto felt so sad and disappointed about Sasuke's decision. He really did everything he could to make Sasuke stay with him! :')

It was also really adorable when Naruto threw evil looks at Karou at the end because he almost took his Sasuke away. And the way Karou assured Naruto that Sasuke was most likely not to leave Naruto's side any time soon.

I also really ship Karou and Taro! So this chapter was really cute when it came to the two of them. Karou actually didn't want Sasuke to stay because he would lose Taro (even if he didn't realise it himself) and that was super cute! (It feels like I use the word "cute" way to much, but I can't help it)

I really look forward to the next chapter! It's going to be really awesome, cute and (hopefully) smexy to have the both of them alone again. I hope that they start to think about their feelings soon (they obviously like each other more than friends), but they don't need to understand it right away. They can take their time, but I want them to start thinking about their relationship soon :')

I like it when you update the way you do now. I think that it would go a long time between the updates if you upload every part at the same time, and the chances of people forgetting about what happend in the part before will probably increase, so I think you should upload each chapter individually as you have done so far.

But I'm going to follow you either way ~
Mariposa chapter 63 . 7/27
lovin it!
AzucenaXshadows chapter 63 . 7/29
I'm tired as hell, but I will review darn it!

I'll admit I was cursing Karou out in my head when he said naruto and sasuke relationship was un health lol
They NEED each other darn it!

any-who I now ship Karou and Taro so hard lol

ok, uh, glad to see them finally heading back out.
I'm soo interested to see this temporary "daddy" issue.

until then, i look forward to the next chap.
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