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icykloud chapter 56 . 1h ago
Finally an update. Thank you! I've been waiting for so long.

Aww, Karou stil haven't give up on Sasuke? I kinda wish for him to be with Taro though. It seems interesting if they were to have a relationship.

Also, can't wait for the smutty chapter.
Izolda chapter 56 . 4h ago
I'm so happy you're back :) I hope that in all the good and happy stuff you'll find some space for a little bit of Sasuke angst. I'm a psychic vampire and his angst feeds me. Cheers xx
roro237 chapter 56 . 5h ago
Missed you and loved it _
sheechiibii chapter 56 . 8h ago
Seven parts? Awesome, this is the biggest part yet isn't it?

Oh man, Karou (I'm glad I know how you pronounce it now, I kept going back and forth) knows Amaya, that's not good. I didn't want to run into her again. Then again now she can't do anything about her father's murder maybe it'll be interesting to have her re-enter the story in a different way.

Hmm, I like that Karou's city relies on taxes. I think this is something that's never been mentioned in the Narutoverse before but it makes sense that towns without Ninja would need a system of order. Sasuke getting annoyed at how simple it sounded was so cute :3

Aww Naruto mentioning that Taro won't be travelling any further with them made me realise that after this part we probably won't se Taro or Karou again which is sad :(

Haha I bet May thought they were there for a gangbang. Oooh, a ball! Sounds awesome. Haha she doesn't want them down the hall from Karou, she definitely thinks they're gonna be getting jiggy. Hehe they feel uneasy at the idea of not sharing a room. How do they think they're going to cope when they reach home and Sasuke wants to separate for good? Haha yup Naruto you just keep telling yourself talking with Sasuke is all you're gonna use that door for.

I think the reason Sasuke dislikes being around Karou is because he is attracted to him and he feels the chemistry and he doesn't like it. Speaking of attraction, I love that Naruto has no idea Taro finds him attractive. Of course he'd be oblivious, that's just like him.

Being from a cold country (the UK) whenever I hear about it being really hot outside and people being relieved that it's cool inside it makes me want to go on holiday! Aww Naruto got embarrassed when he was telling Sasuke he enjoyed making Sasuke feel good and not getting pleasure for himself. That was cute.

Aww it's over. It was a pretty long chapter but it passed really fast. I loved it as usual :D I have no predictions as of yet about this part, except my thoughts on Sasuke and Karou possibly hooking up and Naruto and Taro possibly doing the same and Amaya possibly making another appearance at some point too. I took look at your poll (I said probably predictably Naruto/Taro and Sasuke/Karou) and I dunno why but I hadn't considered Taro and Karou might get together, now that's something that would be interesting lol

Also on your thoughts on the manga. I didn't like the epilogue at all and for me I consider the last chapter to be the end, and the rest is fanfic as far as I'm concerned. Everyone seemed out of character, including the pairings. But I heard the epilogue wasn't written by Kishi, it was done by the guy who is doing the spin off about the children which makes sense since he's establishing the basis for his story I guess. I certainly won't be interested in it at all since in my mind it doesn't exist! lol
Gweatherwax chapter 56 . 9h ago
As to the poll: Tarou and Karou, like, duh. I mean, come on, it's kinda hard not to seek solace in each other when there's two other guys going at it like rabbits right next door.

Can't really see Sasuke willing to either let someone else have Naruto after this chapter, though Naruto seems to be ok with it if Sasuke is in it too, as in a threesome (but then I doubt Sasuke would actually relax enough to enjoy one - the tension of putting them into something like that might be a good thing to work on to get Sasuke less in denial about his feelings, though), especially with Tarou.
Karelia Jones chapter 56 . 10h ago
Yay! I was so happy to see both your PM and a new chapter, it was like Christmas all over again haha.
I don't know what it is but I kinda like Karou and Sasuke relationship as it is, with Karou being annoying and aggressive and Sasuke shooting him down. For some reason I can't see Sasuke actually being able to have sex with him or do more than fool around with him. Considering how long it took him to be ok with Narutos prescence and the gradual lead up to more I don't know if they'll have the time? Plus it's kind of a vulnerable position and we all know how much Sasuke loves those. Idk maybe if it was more out of a reaction to something else? Or maybe Karou purposly made the room smell more like him to lure Sasuke haha you never know.
Could definitly see Naruto and Taro as long as Naruto doesn't get too emotionally invested in his thing with Sasuke, well more than he already is. If he does that one track mind focus he has could make that impossible. But right now I like them as friends and Narutos obliviousness is so cute.
Anyway loved the chapter! (Im)patiently waiting for more
PaigeyD93 chapter 56 . 10h ago
AHHH YAY YOU'RE BACK! im so damn happy, thanks for yet another awesome update! I seriously can't get enough of this story! :) I patiently await the next update! thanks again!
theehotnerd chapter 56 . 11h ago
GAHHHH! I'm so happy you're updating again. *cries in happiness*
lom1234iu0 chapter 56 . 14h ago
YAAYAYAY new chapter! Looking forward to the steamy next one too! Also, Sasuke is so sulky! He needs to be putting an effort into the thing he and naruto has too if they eventually want to have a relationship together (at least i hope that's where this is going towards?! :p ) I love love love this story, and cannot wait for the next one! _ Also, will there be a ball chapter? Maybe a masquerade! And during then it would be lovely if they opened up a bit more about their future and stuff _ *daydreams away*
Anywho, I'm hugely grateful you are persevering with this story, I know dedicating yourself to long projects can be draining, so I really hope you are still feeling the mojo and have other awesome things going on in your life to counter putting the time and effort together to write this! :D
Stay happy, keep writing! X
Loverofbothsexes5102 chapter 56 . 18h ago
When I received the e-mail letting me know that you updated I got so excited! Another great chapter as always. Now I'm curious to how you are going to continue this story. I can't wait to read the next chapter. I also like that you are continuing developing their relationship even further.

Are Karou's plans going to put the boys at risk? I sense something nefarious.
Ichime1 chapter 56 . 20h ago
When I got the Email, that you updated it felt like Christmas. I am enyouing your work much. Thanks for the story and an early Christmas.
DinosaurBrigade chapter 56 . 20h ago
Okay. Guess I managed to catch this one quick. I'm quite happy we got an update from you. I'm almost hoping I'm the first reviewer for the chapter or one of the first.

Love it as usual. It seemed a bit more wordy than usual, but I like that you really took the time to describe their new environment for us.

I really love how sasuke is sort of not so quietly opening up to naruto. And we have naruto taking pleasure in sasuke's pleasure. I feel like that says so much for how he views their relationship. Also sasuke not viewing naruto as draining even though naruto is rather high energy; that's the utmost in closeness compliment from an introvert. It's a little subtly sweet.

And I'm not a huge fan of karou hounding sasuke trying to get in his good graces. I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to my otp. But taro and karou have quite an interesting sound to it.

I can't wait to see how our boys relax and open up to their environment.
SupernaturalHearts chapter 56 . 20h ago
I love this fic it's such an original idea and you write it so well. I was so excited to see a new chapter. Thank you for all the hard work you've put into it and I can't wait to see what you have in store for those two in the future.
MindYourMind chapter 56 . 20h ago
Woohoo, I'm so glad you updated! Totally worth the wait! I'm very excited to watch this new batch of chapters unfold. It's so, so rare to find a fic that was started three years ago, and still gets updated. That's a lot of dedication, and I respect that. :)

BTW, I just love how you write Sasuke, and I end up loving it more each time you update.
Guest chapter 55 . 2/23
Omg im really sorry, i realize i may have urged you to hurry and post without actually reading all of your last note so i hadnt seen that you are so busy. im really sorry and please dont take it to heart if others do the same. your story is better than most books ive read and i think everyone would agree that we cant get enough. Thank you for all your hard work.
please update when you can but only when you have the time and energy again thank you so much. Ps i seriously ship karou and taro, idk when it happened but ya
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