Reviews for The Long Way Home
loveisforrrent chapter 17 . 7/24
I'm dying. This is my favorite story I've read ever. SO GOOD!
MimiJean chapter 66 . 7/23
This is that kind of moment when a simple action like take a hand is more meaning than everything. And that final, "No." jajaja. Okay, so there isnt more chapter, and im going to cry, at least that Sasuke say some "No." to me i will do. Hope youre better!
MimiJean chapter 63 . 7/23
Oh, Sasuke. That speeches! You are breaking my heart. Sooo, happy ending for all of them. Great!
MimiJean chapter 62 . 7/23
Im shipping SasuKarou ? wtf! what are you doing to us?! jaja
MimiJean chapter 55 . 7/20
OMG! The chakra is almost back! And, yeah, is so true that Naruto and Sasuke meet people because they want to fuck them jaja I mean, who doesnt ? lol
MimiJean chapter 52 . 7/19
Owww, my heart break when Sasuke said "everytime i try (to have fun), i feel like i have to explain myself" I dont know why. ... Im so in love with this story. I dont speak english so much by i cant take my eyes off to on chapter and i surprise myself reading the next one. Hope youre fine. I wish you the best, be strong with the bad moments you are passing through...
Anonymous Fan chapter 66 . 7/13
Please continue this fic! I'm dying to know what happens! I love your style of writing, and I find the characters soooo interesting. Please finish it
Guest chapter 1 . 7/12
at this point I'm just hoping that you're alright..
L chapter 66 . 6/28
Pleaaaaase update i look forward to reading this fic everyday , i even re read it sometimes cuz its thaaaat good , i hope ur doing okay and haveny abandoned this work cuz ur a really great writer...anyway if ur not doing fine right now i hope u feel better ! and i hope u get the motivation to finish this story :)
Guest chapter 66 . 6/26
Can't wait for an update!
Guest chapter 66 . 6/24
ahhh its been half a year since your last update, hopefully you havent abandoned this fic, although you normally take a few months to update 6 months seem a bit long, hopefully you are doing alright and havent lost the motivation for this fic bc i would love to see how it would end and what happened to narusasu and what will happen when they arrive in konoha!
Kumikoson4 chapter 66 . 6/12
I really loved your fic!
I was enchanted for everything: love, action, drama and the heartbreaking lemons.
At first I disagreed with the "other experiences" they can get, you know what I mean, but when I finally arrived Sirriani's chapter I was expecting something.
In some weird way I would really liked Sasuke getting along with Karou and Naruto with Taro.
To know each other and to understand they didn't need other people to be happy and fine.
Well, I'm happy they follow together.
I hope you back soon!
PD: sorry for my basic English, because Spanish is my native.
I've found your translate fic first, and I couldn't stop reading!
Guest chapter 66 . 6/10
I am hooked on this story like cocaine.
It is just so good.
Also, I love Karou and Taro so much. I really hope we will see them again.
Also I am curious to see what happens when they finally reach Konoha.
Please update this ASAP. I can't take it anymore
Guest chapter 66 . 6/1
Hey Dash! I hope you're doing good. Don't put too much pressure on yourself about finishing this fic. Have a nice summer, remember to relax!
Gimmi chapter 66 . 5/31
You're not gonna update, are you? :(
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