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Guest chapter 60 . 45m
great chapter! loved karou taro sasuke and naruto! especially loved the scene with karou drawing taro in the beginning and sasuke telling naruto that he trusts him! but I'm very excited for naruto's birthday chapter, to see what sasuke has planned for him! can't wait! keep it up!
cary99 chapter 1 . 59m
Love the chapter
Koda chapter 60 . 1h
I'm excited to see what happens next chapter. :) My first assumption is that Sasuke bought the ingredients to try his hand at making homemade ramen. Or something along those lines.

Also, a question towards you, Dash: Are you in college? Taking any psychology classes? I'm just honestly curious..

I bet that at least one of those "ask and I'll be completely honest" questions is going to be used when they're on the subject of Suna and where Sasuke is trying to tell Naruto why it's beneficial for them both to part. Naruto's going to use the question somehow, some way. Like.. I'm not sure which way it would go. Whether it'd be a 'do you love me' or something.. Something along the lines of their "friendship" and the whole "we're fucking" issue.. hahah!

I'm not really.. understanding what just happened with Amaya.. Well, I do, but not the part of why Karou would think Sasuke would find any sort of amusement out of her knowing he was alive and that he still had Naruto within grasp. He's been with the boys long enough to see that Sasuke isn't that sort of person? I mean, that's just my opinion, I suppose..

Whelp! No matter what, they'll get through it no matter what! :))
Thank you for another brilliant chapter, Dash! 3
Yuki-kyo-kira chapter 60 . 1h
I'm so glad she is back. I kind of want Taro or Karou to convince her that Naruto loves Sasuke. Also, I would like it if there was a bit more SasuNaru. I'm not big on NaruSasu, except this story and a few others. In this story, it seems like Sasuke is giving into Naruto more. I think Naruto may ask Sasuke to take him as a birthday present along with whatever Sasuke planned on making.

Also, I want the Kyuubi back! Something tells me that Amaya will bring Kyuubi/Kurama out.

I think that Karou may start to fall for Taro. I completely ship that!

BTW, I love how long your chapters are. They make me want to make mine longer. The story is in the detail and you seem to prove that. I love how all of your stories go, especially when something I don't expect to happen happens. Please continue writing and I hope the next chapter comes out soon! I love The Long Way Home! )
Guest chapter 60 . 2h
"I'm not sure you even know how to fail people. Even when you get it wrong you don't stop till you make it right again. No matter how annoying that can be at times."

HA! How galling it must have been to write that statement considering what an utter failure Naruto turned out to be in canon. He's a bad father whose own kid hates him. (He must really suck for Bolt to spray paint "shit dad" across his Hokage monument and call him "shit dad" in front of Sasuke.) He's a terrible Hokage who makes Shikamaru do all the work. (Confirmed in multiple light novels.) And he doesn't give a crap about Sasuke anymore. Yup, this is someone who doesn't know how to fail people, all right. Well, I guess that's what fic is for, to fix what went wrong in canon.

Given how dispirited Sasuke was after Kaoru invited Amaya to the party, I really, really hope Kaoru's plan blows up in his face and proves to him he doesn't understand Sasuke, certainly not like Naruto does. Kaoru constantly has all these little schemes and never suffers any consequences when they don't work out. It would be good character development if he actually feels sorry for his actions for once. Sasuke has a long history of being manipulated so he's never going to like it when someone does something behind his back, but even if that weren't the case, it's still good form to tell him the person who tried to have him killed over jealousy was at the party, no? But even if Sasuke had been told in advance what Kaoru was planning and why he'd brought Amaya there, I don't believe Sasuke would have agreed to seeing her. Kaoru is wrong about Sasuke being confrontational. He doesn't go out of his way to initiate trouble. (If anything, that describes Naruto better than Sasuke.) Naruto and Sasuke can get closure on what happened with Amaya, but NOT because of anything Kaoru tries to do.

(I also think Naruto should find out the truth about why Amaya tried to get Sasuke killed. And it would be interesting if he realizes how badly Kaoru wants to get into Sasuke's pants. It's kind of annoying that he doesn't know the real reason why Sasuke refuses to trust him and just thinks it's Sasuke's issues and not the fact that Kaoru acts like a thirsty fangirl which is preventing a friendship from forming.)
roxx1407 chapter 60 . 7h
At this point I am way more interested in seeing them talk rather than having sex. So, could you grant the long-awaited questions to Naruto, please?... I AM willing to do ANYTHING for that. I don't think that was a good move for Karou in this chapter, I mean, way to go downhill pretty fast. Besides, dressing them both seemed like a back-fired move too. Is it weird that I no longer want Karou messing with Sasuke in any way?... The intimate talk with Naruto was really moving, it could be that I can relate to the feeling of everyone failing you but that one important person. I don't think Sasuke realizes how deep his bond to Naruto has gotten, and sure we know that Naruto is very persistent about his bond with Sasuke but social persons rely on other people and aren't likely to create dependency as introverted people usually do. Now that they got a new map, it seems their traveling days together are counted, that makes me feel uneasy, I don't want this story to end but I also know that it can't possibly last any longer. Ok, I'm officially sad now.
I'm wondering what did Sasuke prepared for Naruto's birthday? Most of all, I want them both spending the day together, without company. Like in the old days.

I should be finishing my homework now but, I think I'll re-read the past five chapters... well yeah... procrastinating
lom1234iu0 chapter 60 . 7h
fiery chapter! interesting bet! Thanks also for the private comment :) its so good of you to reply to so many of my comments! (ahhh you dont need to reply to this one!) I know you've read it, and that's more than enough! :) I'm not commenting very well today anyways, brains all mush! I'm loving the possibility as mentioned in the comment that there could be some sasunaru dancing together! ah 3
Thanks for the upload. Cant wait for -birthdaysex- i mean...the next chapter! _
Shinan7 chapter 60 . 7h
Yay! An update! Haha Sasuke should have really accepted that girls help xD.
Can't wait for more!
sheechiibii chapter 58 . 4/17
Hehe yes Taro sure does have a crush on Naruto. It's ever so cute. Taro's day #1? Hmm, what could that mean? Are we going to be going over multiple days, or multiple povs? Five minutes for a shower? Wow I wish I could do that, psh more like half an hour. Ah, povs it is, I like seeing more from Taro's perspective, he's a nice dude. Aww Naruto getting all excited is so sweet, he and Taro are just the cutest little things. Good guy Naruto, helping old men carry heavy crates around :)

Ah multiple povs it is xD can't wait to see Sasuke and Karou's interactions, I always find them so interesting. Haha to tear his clothes off with his teeth? That's a very apt description there Sasuke, clearly he knows what he's talking about when it comes to how people behave when they want to tear someone's clothes off with their teeth.

Sasuke's not very comfortable with people who he can't put into boxes of 'with me' or 'against me' is he? He doesn't seem to like middle ground or grey areas. The way you describe it fits his character so well. Also, this house mansion place sounds absolutely gorgeous the more I hear about it. The view of the gardens and the décor of the place just sounds does Karou's open-shirted appearance.

Oh my gosh, just them speaking about smelling barbeque meat is making me hungry, which isn't good since I'm in bed and it's midnight and I should be sleeping not thinking about food. Lmao! Oh my gosh Naruto – erotic – that was hilarious. Especially since he's talking to the lovely Taro. Was that flirting?! Totally flirting, so cute.

Taro seems to have forgotten that Naruto's a ninja. He did find that out, right? Yeah he definitely did I'm sure of it. So it shouldn't be so surprising that Naruto comes from a place where it's normal for people to be heroic and run down thieves in the street. But it's nice that he takes so much notice of Naruto's kindness. I suppose his surprise is warranted considering the only other ninja he knows is Sasuke.

I know I've said this before but I find Karou so, so interesting. The more I find out about his character, the more I like him. Oooh is this guard jealous? He seems jealous. Eiji. Hmm does he like his prince a little too much? Calling the guy who's beating your ass a fucktoy? Seems smart. Definitely seems jealous too.

Lost the sun? Oh wow it's getting late already, this chapter passed fast! Haha 'the rest of his boasting' you mean about how good he is at sex, Sasuke? :P Cakes? Now I want cakes! This chapter is full of tempting food. Oh no Taro! :( Don't fall in love with Naruto, that's such a bad idea for you, it's not gonna end well. Poor baby. At least there doesn't seem to be any chance of Karou falling for Sasuke, he doesn't seem to be the sentimental type.

This chapter was great, sweet and funny from both sides of these 'dates'. It'll be good to see them interact more in the next chapter. Thanks for the awesome work as always.
Oumoi chapter 1 . 4/16
I think this is legit one of the very first fanfiction that I've followed for that long ! It's just so in character.
Cause let's be onest, IC Naruto and Sasuke wouldn't just jump on each other ass like it's nothing, there need to be certain conditions, certain realieations and I think you wrote that well.

I'm gonna be real, I kinda dislike the "pair the spare" mentality but hey if you said you've already had that planned I guess it's really just a matter of prefrences. That said, I can't wait to see what happens next !
Ren chapter 59 . 4/15
Dios mío Dashel !

This chapter was really nice thanks to KarouTaro ( OMG ! they're so hot !) ... but I still can't accept KarouSasu ... I CAN'T ! ... xD sorry I'm a drama queen ... well ,the next chapter looks like will be pretty good , I don't know , somehow I hope we'll see some bitch at the party ( Amaya coming to make jealous Sasuke yeah!... () )

Thanks for this fic , you're a really great writer ! (っ)
Guest chapter 59 . 4/12
jleaw chapter 59 . 4/12
Awww, I loved this last chapter! Amazing, as always :) I know you didn't want to write a long scene between Karou and Taro and rather give it a steamy impression and I think it's actually great you developed their scene a little without lingering over it.
About Naruto and Sasuke, I'm wondering though... how long will they be able to restrain? XD I'm not sure Sasuke will to put it into practice XD Or maybe he will, but he'll end up frustrated and probably realise something too. Hmmm, well.. I guess we'll see that in the next chapters! I can't wait to read it :)
By the way, let me tell you that your chapter was a little sunshine in my life. I had to travel for the weekend and didn't have any wifi connection during the journey, but I had downloaded this new chapter before leaving home so thanks to you I had something to read!

So thank you very much and see you next chapter
Chonki chapter 59 . 4/11
Hey Dash! Very good chapter as always! It made me want to reach out and bash sasuke's head in at the last part of their scene. How could he still not realize that's he's falling for Naruto?! damn it! for all his genius, he's pretty dumb. Heh. I wonder what Naruto's thinking? I hope they figure it out already so that i can die in peace. Kidding! but still. also, i got the impression that karou's invitation extended only to sasuke and not naruto? I'd really hope that that isn't the case, i mean, i'd be hurt if my SO was invited and not me. anyway, great chapter and keep on writing! See you soon!
AzucenaXshadows chapter 59 . 4/10
I love how sasuke over think things. It's funny.

Awww taro and karou! So cute

Great job with the chap.
As always, I look forward to the next chap.
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