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Noni0816 chapter 5 . 10/16/2012
I really love your stories and especially this one. Can't stop rereading!
Guest chapter 1 . 10/6/2012
Love it, very entertaining and great english for once!
Digi Yo chapter 5 . 6/10/2012
You are an excellent writer and I think that your stories are one of the best here. Hope you do continue once you get any ideas. People just say whatever they feel like saying. I got a terrible flow of swear words once because I used a couple that that person didn't like but we can't be bothered by them. I don't exactly know what that was about but you should not really care about what people say and support whatever you like and write about since that is what Fan fiction is about.
Digi Yo chapter 4 . 6/10/2012
He he Awesome end! I loved it from the first word till the last.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/7/2012
there was a printing mistake in my last review.

its like that-we all admit tha good writer n u also know that.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/7/2012
there was a printing mistake in my last review.

its like that-we all admit tha good writer n u also know that.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/7/2012
stop it guys,

i think its a review section not a discussion section.

n yea ,we all admit tha good writer,n u also know that.

n u know wht,a good writer never write any thing professionaly,he always want to express his personal feeling abt smthng.n thats the definition of a true writer by Pramath Chawdhuri(a benguli writer)

so all that i wana say is,dont care 4 other jst write what u feel

n yea plz react only on those review which make u to correct ur writing not at thse who tel u to stop.
Anon chapter 5 . 6/7/2012
Hey, of course I knew that you had ended the story when u wrote that third chapter of Vivek and Tasha!

and as for the Rocky part, i personally did not feel anything weird that Rocky told Tarika about Abhijeet's feelings for her! its ok! every devil in this world has a positive side to him (i realized this more after watching The Vampire Diaries :D especially Klaus! :D :D) , even Rocky has! there is nothing weird in that! by writing this story, u tried to show a different kind of angle and personality to the characters and the "regular CID"! hence i personally am not angry with u for writing Hell's Angel! :) in fact i would say that, once in a while, u can write more of such stories depicting different and unique characters and their personality rather than our usual good and positive CID cops!
poesiariptide chapter 4 . 6/6/2012
i'm not sure if i'm making myself clear here... for the benefit of my readers, let me explain once again and i hope everyone understands this time.

1. I always, ALWAYS, include a "THE END" at the end of my stories, centralized and in bold caps. I hope that still has the same meaning it used to have- that the story is over.

2. Seeing the reviews makes me pretty sure that it's useless to include any notes at the end, because no one seems to be reading them. I made it very clear, when I finished Hell's Angel, that Tarika was NEVER going to even SEE Rocky again and she was going to be happy with Abhijeet, just like Rocky said.

And if Rocky had wanted to break Abhirika up, he could have DONE it then and there. He's one of the most dangerous men to ever cross the CID's path, and he can't carry off a slip of a girl? But he DIDN'T do it. On the contrary, he made sure Tarika got back with Abhijeet. I don't know how that is called breaking them up in any way, but that is just my opinion.

No offense meant to anyone, of course. I'm just making sure my point is clear to everybody. :)
shivanisharma9 chapter 1 . 6/5/2012
continue... just one thing please dont break our imaginary couples we cant see them with other person so please do that and that its all will surely like any other topic you will create in mind so buck up and please start writing we will wait for your outstanding story please please please dont go anywhere we dont want to loose our best story writer once again sorry on behalf of all others also please forgive us and just come back with new story very soon. you just rocked in each story keep it up.
shivanisharma9 chapter 1 . 6/5/2012
first of all we are really very sorry if we hurted you in any ways but can you please clear it that the story DEMONS is completed or not because you had written only one chapter and then no progress just explain it for me and please dont take break or stop writing stories your all stories are very nice and i am sure all were liking it i liked the most is small mercy it was outstanding and abhirka son was just mindblowng concept you are so creative no doubt at all please keep writing you can select any topic
Dayaforu chapter 1 . 6/5/2012
Ya can understand

Some people just forgot that writer also have personal life, writers are also human being

But for some of this type people

U can not stop writing... Which gives u happy ness

My request to u please write more and more
Anon chapter 5 . 6/5/2012
Hi Poesia-Raro,

Firstly, thank you for replying to my review :)

Well I know of course Daya deserves happiness in his life, and he should get a girl exactly like him, tough, sweet, loving and caring!

i also know that Muskaan is a very sweet girl, and as you said it is wrong to judge her just from the Divyana episode! she is personally my favorite cop after Asha and Tasha!

but i just felt like expressing here because u also know that Daya is a sweetheart when it comes to caring for juniors, and I always rely on Daya more than Abhijeet in that matter!

i again repeat that NO OFFENCE MEANT to anyone, and I am not writing all this to argue with you! just felt like expressing my feelings! sorry if I hurt you!

just felt like adding some things here (i know they are not related to the stories)

1. Tarika is the sweetest girl I have come across in the serial! i really don't know why people hate her, or want Abhijeet to stay away from her, or feel that she is coming in between Abhijeet and Daya, but i really really like her a lot! i hope FW should read your stories, and show atleast some kind of seriousness in Abhirika's relationship, instead of just confusing us and keep us wondering in what phase exactly is their relationship now! :)

2. If we forget the Divyana episode, i think Muskaan is suitable for Daya, and if FW consider to bring her back, then she shud come back, and not try to underestimate her juniors again. Apart from that, I have no problem with "Muskaan the cop" she was a perfect, brave and really sweet officer! she had made a dashing entry with her fight scene in the bank robbery episode!

3. Tasha was one of THE best juniors to Abhijeet and Daya! she won my heart in particularly 2 episodes :

a. "Senior Inspector Abhijeet" : the way she stood be Abhijeet, and told Daya not to believe Purvi when she was accusing Abhijeet

b. "Aakhri Chunauti part 8/9" : she was so desperately trying to make the trio remember everything even though Abhijeet was about to kill her! her dialogue to the trio : "aap teeno to CID ki jaan hain, please yaad kijiye!" hats off to her! why did FW have to kill her! :'( :'(

don't know why I mentioned this here, but felt like! can u please reply your opinion on these points as well?

and no doubt Vivek and Daya are capable of romancing! i wish even they get a good girl in their life soon! i don't know abt Vivek though, Tasha was just so perfect for him! i don't think anybody else wud suit him! aarrrghhh! i hate FW for killing Tasha!

once again sorry if i hurt you! :) i hope u don't get angry!

and hey, just a friendly suggestion, why don't u include Sachin, Lavanya, Kaveri and Kajal as a part of your stories? even they are good ya! and u can write a story on Sachin and Kajal! ;) :D

and come on, how can you forget our good old Freddy? he is soo damn sweet and cute, and deserves to be included as well! :)
poesiariptide chapter 5 . 6/5/2012

as u say i do accept reviews positively and try to take criticism in a positive way. but when people start saying things that are totally not true, just for the sake of saying, it's kinda tough to take that positively. thanks a lot for ur support though :)


thanks for the understanding and encouragement, it means a lot :)

but i think it's better that i take a break until i get a really good idea, because i don't want to write just for the sake of writing... i think u guys would get bored that way too, if u know what i mean _


well, what can i say? ur reviews were always the best and are still the best, cause u give encouragement and good criticism at the same time. :)

as for the points u discussed...

1. of course abhirika is everyone's favourite couple, and mine too. but the thing is, there are only so many ideas i'm able to think of (in the fluffy genre) because like i said, my ideas come from all angles (as you've seen, lol :D). and i've always made sure to show them as being in a committed relationship in all my stories, irrespective of the story's theme.

2. the thing is, i don't get ideas for any other pairing without having to think a LOT. u would have guessed that, actually, when i took so long to post dayuskaan's and vivesha's parts in this story. and i know they aren't very popular pairings, since they're almost purely the products of the writers' imaginations, like u said. i just wanted to include a little variety in my stories, cause come on, it IS kinda impractical for only abhi to be romantically involved since daya and vivek are NO less than him in any way.

3. as for muskaan... well, the thing is i feel (this is just my opinion) people place too much importance on the divyana thing. i mean, there is so much more to muskaan than that particular episode. that episode was the fatal mistake BP singh made- after that, everyone judged her based only on that incident.

the dayuskaan thing... i only ship them because i don't think any other girl in CID would suit daya. he deserves some happiness in his life just as much as abhijeet does. but of course, like i said earlier, this is just my opinion. hope u don't mind. :)

anyways, thank u so much for being honest and telling me ur opinion frankly, it's really valuable to me as a writer. _
Anon chapter 5 . 6/5/2012
Hey Poesia-Raro,

i am looking forward to your reply on my above comment! please don't hesitate to mention even if u hated it, and if u hate me, or would like to say anything against it! u can also write anything to correct me if i am wrong!

but please do write what you feel on the above review! i am waiting! :)
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