Reviews for Making Him Beg
Bones2014 chapter 1 . 2/6/2015
I've got to say, this is my fav in the series so far. And not just because you have a bargaining, begging, naked Angelus hanging from the rafters, although that in itself hooked & reeled me in. I loved the bickering cuz that's just so them. However, I loved the bed scene after, where they cuddled, loved, talked, & planned. Amazing. Then you went & threw that bit of plot in the end that was so sad. Can't wait to read on. Excellent series. Don't know how you two come up with these stories, but glad that you do:)
Ivy chapter 1 . 8/28/2013
This was so hot. I wanted to touch myself so bad. But I'm at work.
SnowyBones chapter 1 . 8/13/2013
Oh Angelus, won't you ever learn? *laughs* Though again, I love her for hanging him from the rafters. It's hot. For a minute there I really thought she was going to have sex with him while he was still hanging there. THAT would have been something. Haha

I like that she's getting into anthropology and archaeology now. It makes me think of the book Brennan from Kathy Reichs' books. That's how her Tempe got started, with archaeology. :)

The last part of this broke my heart. Oh Angel. The pain really leapt off the screen. I hope they find their way back to each other one day. *sad face*
GracieDoll chapter 1 . 8/2/2013
Wow, another excellent piece of this series! I just love how stubborn these two are. It's a real tug of war between them, and neither wants to back down. Which is totally true to character. Brennan wants to hear him apologize, and who can blame her? But geez, it's like pulling teeth with Angelus isn't it? His pride is strong. Of course, I think hers is too. That's what makes it so interesting with them. It's always a power play, and it's exciting to watch it unfold and see who ends up winning. Brennan was relentless this time though! Whew! She was very cunning in her plan of how to get Angelus to give in, I must say. And I LOVED IT! haha! The fingers in the ass? DAMN. So incredibly hot and sexy! And then she really reduced him to goo with the oral ministrations. That will do it every time! ;-) She had him begging, which he swore he would never do. Gotta hand it to Brennan. She is just so fierce! I have to tell you, that I really enjoyed the pillow talk and cuddling they had after the sex. It's so interesting to see this side to Angelus. That's how you know that he is feeling something so strong for her, because we are seeing a softer side to him that only Brennan brings out. It's lovely to see. Now can we talk about the ending? sigh. Broke my heart. So Angelus now has his soul, and he doesn't think Brennan will want him anymore. I kept wanting to yell at him, GO TALK TO HER! But it's understandable why he would have those doubts. I am just loving how this is proceeding and very curious to see what happens next now that we have the tormented, brooding Angel. Great job as usual!
broilthesuspect chapter 1 . 10/14/2012
I had to go back and read my review from “Barging In.” I thought I’d read further than this, but maybe that is just because I accidentally skipped a few of the stories. My bad.

Oh wait, maybe I have read this. Alas, I was probably lurking and therefore owe you ladies a proper review. Let’s continue.

I’ll say this – I’ve never been one to like rough, kinky stuff, but thinking about Angelus and Witchy Brennan? Yeah, it works for me. Especially when Angelus is on the helpless end of the torture.

“The more angry he became, the more she liked it.” If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. ANGRY. SEX. IS. THE. BEST. End of story. Followed in close second by makeup sex. The two are not mutually exclusive.

“Who says that’s anything I want at all, Angelus?” I have news for you, Bren. Hanging a man nude by his hands is not just for the embarrassment factor, especially when you have the body and pride of Angelus. It’s mostly because you want to look at him naked. Don’t lie.

Aaaaand the f-bombs begin. I fucking love it.

I mean, Angelus has a point. You just sleep better with an orgasm under your belt for the day. Can’t help but agree with him.

Oh Lord. Angelus is digging himself into a hole here. He nearly had Brennan ready to let him down, but now he’s just going to piss her off more by trying to make more terms to the bargain. Stop, Angelus! We just want to get to the real naughty bit of the story. Then again, this teasing is pretty hot, too. Never mind what I said. Proceed.

Hahah, I love Brennan’s line here: “"You know, Angelus, I think that may be the first time that anyone's ever said my first name in conjunction with the notion of repressing sexual behavior.

Ha, sorry, it may not have been your intention for this to be funny, but I had to laugh a little when Bren says, “…because I come from a long line of tight asses?" You know, the last chapter… ahh, I’m sure you get it and now realize that I have a dirty mind. Rather, rediscovered that fact. Hmmph.

See, this is the glory that is play-by-play reviews! I thought it was funny that you used the phrase ‘tight asses,’ and then Angelus points out the same thing! I LOVE IT. Hahah.

I’m surprised Brennan hasn’t interrupted him here during his mini-rant about her clothing choices. She must really want it bad. And by it I mean… well I suppose I don’t need to tell you.

Hehe. It’s funny seeing Angelus (sort of Booth, okay I may have skipped ahead a little) accuse Brennan of being a gambler.

No joke Bren. One of the most arousing things a man can do is compliment you. Knowing (or at least being tricked into thinking) that you’re super sexy to someone is a quick turn-on. I like that you guys highlighted this.

“Thus, she decided to step up her game as she hoped he’d give in before she did.” Isn’t this always the object of the game we call sex? Haha.

Oh my God, if I knew you ladies would not immediately de-friend me, I would tell you tales of angry sex. However, I’ll keep it locked up tight/write smut about it later.

Mmmm, that tongue waggling. If I were Bren, I would have forced that waggly tongue to go to work by now.

I love the phrase ‘shame the Devil.’ It’s a little old fashioned and a little bit mischievous and a lot bit naughty. Especially coming out of Angelus’ mouth in this instance.

Oh. My. God. What a point of weakness. This scene with her sucking on the skin below his ear… holy hotness, Batman. If he doesn’t give in to this, he has nerves of steel. That is one of the most sensitive parts of any human body.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be a dharmasera story without some Adam’s Apple action. d/m’s choice, or is this one of Lesera’s vices too? Hmm… Same question goes for the underarm hair action happening. It *couldn’t* just be made up. ;)

“I’m so sorry. How clumsy of me.” I love that you made this entire lead-up simultaneously sexy, torturous, and playful. It really is covering all the bases as far as foreplay goes.

Now, I’ve often said that my favorite word is ‘fuck,’ but in all reality, it’s actually a variance on that very word which you used here. “Abso-fuckin’-lutely.” It’s always appropriate in context. So versatile.

Oh my god… this is surprisingly hot. And let me tell you, getting a nurse and former CNA to think anything sexual to do with the asshole is hot is a MAJOR FEAT. Ohhhh. C’MON, ANGELUS, GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY. I’m getting impatient here, in case you couldn’t tell.

Hahah.. the added, ‘…no easy task given his length and girth…’ Even Brennan is willing to admit that he is packing.

YES! He gave in! Excuse me as I read the next section in its entirety for proper effect before returning to comment.

::fans self:: Wow, guys. That was hot. Like, mega hot. They certainly wasted no time getting to it. And get it they did. Phew. Wow. Okay, I may just need to cool down for a second.

I love this line: ‘…and gave up the life of an endlessly wanton youth to enjoy the endlessly young life of wantonness.’ Very cool how you put that together.

Daffodils! I get the reference. But narcissus works all the same. For Angelus at least.

I thought it was interesting how you described the emotion in Brennan’s voice as ‘edged with some kind of emotion he could not discern.’ It’s Angelus. While he knows the emotions that Angel felt (wait, is this before he’s ever turned into Angel by the gypsy curse?) Or, if he doesn’t know them yet, no wonder he can’t discern what she’s feeling… an emotional attachment because she actually DOES have a soul. I think. Or I may be overthinking the whole thing a little too much.

I’m liking the fade-to-black with the added tag. Drawing us into the next story I suppose? I guess I’ll just have to keep reading…

Ahhh, I was reading this and was getting incredibly confused… why on Earth would Angelus ever feel guilt… or why would he not have a clean suit to wear? After all, he can just kill a man his size (as hard as that may be to find) and take their clothing! But alas, my question from earlier is answered! He’s been ensouled by the gypsies! Oh dear!

Oooh, it makes me feel so bad for Angel for feeling this way. Angel’s tortured guilt was the thing that fueled the series, but it was always so heartbreaking to see how it took a toll on him. I’m looking forward to reading (and re-reading) Angel’s thoughts on all of this… :)

great chapter, ladies!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/23/2012
Awww poor Angelus
devotedbangel chapter 1 . 8/31/2012
Um...I'm at a loss for words. This piece was so EPIC. As always, I enjoyed the banter between Angelus and Brennan. No doubt you have these characters down pat, and when you combine them in this crossover, they don't lose any of those characteristics and it meshes so well! Let's talk about the tactics Brennan used to get Angelus to apologize, shall we? The fingers in the ass! Oh yes, you went there! GAHHHH! Hot hot hot! I love how Angelus reacts...anytime we can get some moaning and groaning and cursing, it's a goooood thing! But he is a stubborn vamp, isn't he? And of course, so is Brennan. But she finally gets what she was after, doesn't she? And in a delicious way, I might add. The sex is off the charts, but you can start to tell that this isn't just physical attraction anymore. There is more. So the flowers...aren't those mentioned in an episode of Bones? Her password I believe? Very clever. ;) Literal Brennan annoying Angelus! Loved that. The ending though! Angelus is now Angel. Wow. My heart is already breaking for him. I'm really curious how Brennan will react to ensouled Angel. I'm also dying to see how dirty Angel can be as compared to Angelus! Yay!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/10/2012
I started reading this chapter and thought, ‘Wait, I’ve definitely read this before.” But that was one sentence into the thing. Thank you for adding a nice little reminder, ‘As he had nearly forty years earlier…’

And, I just want to let you guys know (out of pure entertainment value) that I sat here and stared at the word I typed, ‘fourty’ and did not understand why there was a red squiggly line below it. This went on for all of three minutes before I realized I was a dumbass and didn’t know how to spell forty.

But… back to the story.

There we go, stepping right into the mental picture of nude DB. I like.

Side note: I am allergic to hemp. A little disappointing, right?

Are you sure it wasn’t thirty, forty, FIFTY years of bickering? Ok, that was a stretch. I admit it.

I concur with the scientific fact that Angelus is offering up. Vehemently.

‘We bicker…’ Just watched Secret in the Soil the other day for inspiration and laughed my ass off at B&B’s first experience with Sweets. I’d forgotten how funny therapy was.

Surely Angelus is just trying to manipulate Brennan into letting him down. There’s no way in hell Angelus would apologize for something. Much less sincerely.

Temperance and abstinence does sound like a drag.

Ah, and she points out his manipulating ways. Good.

LASCIVOUSLY . Mmmm. This word. Love it almost as much as the concepts it invites into a story.

Oh my lord. This entire paragraph starting with ‘”So come on,” he crooned, letting his somewhat faded Gaeltacht brogue bleed through on the edges of his voice as a lazy grin curved his lips…’ Holy fucking mother of hotness, Batman. We needn’t discuss the effects of dirty talk.

The earlobes. Ahhhhhhhhh. Seriously, sometimes it is really hard to just read the story without interruption *cough*

And for the record, that is not a complaint.

Diamond Jubilee? Sometimes I want to google this ish just to see if it’s accurate, and then I think, ‘This is dharmasera. Why wouldn’t it be?

Hahahahahah! “…with that rather skillful tongue of yours―skilled that is, when you're not flapping your mouth off like you have been in the last hour…” SO funny. Both humorous and threatening. Kind of hot.

And again – “Although, with you, you seem to have something else you’re keeping up there quite nicely.”

Alright, well this part poses a question. Can vampires get fat? Can they gain weight and grow hair and stuff? I’m guessing since I’ve heard rumblings of a straight razor shave it is possible (and not to mention
Angel’s weight fluctuates quite a bit from S1-S5. Not that I expect DB to look the same forever). Hmph. Rambling. Ignore me.

OH DANG! Heh heh… she still has him tied up and now having her way as he has before.

When I was taking, what, freshman anatomy or something, my professor told us about all of the ways that males and females can be aroused without genital penetration on the first day of class (believe me, if you’re not turned off by the phrasing ‘genital penetration,’ there may be something wrong with you) and the next day, half of the class had withdrawn. Sorry, but if you can’t talk about anatomy, you probably don’t need to become a nurse.

Narcissus. Heh.

The two of them talking about meeting up in Cairo makes me think about B&B and meeting at the coffee cart. AS MUCH AS I HATE THAT.

Also, I love that you have Brennan calling him ‘sweetness.’ He’s anything but… makes it all the more entertaining.

This is making me incredibly sad. All of a sudden (in the story… I realize time has passed) he’s feeling as if he’s not good enough for her, and all of this guilt… This means we’re transitioning to Angel?

Oh man… I can’t wait to see where this takes us.

Super hot, ladies, as always. Not to mention you managed to keep the story moving despite the fact that the majority of this story was waiting, waiting, waiting.

I’m ready for the next one… just not tonight for this tired broil!
Dancingfool5 chapter 1 . 7/10/2012
Oh, I loved this one too although the ending was a little sad.
toffeeeclairs chapter 1 . 6/10/2012
Wow! Love this sequel - the end is sad but I can't wait to see what you ladies have in store next!
focuscpl15 chapter 1 . 6/3/2012
Just read this entire set of stories, and I must say you have caught my attention... I had to read them back to back to back! :) The smut of course was awesome but the way the characters interacted and played off of each other is classic Booth and Brennan... Always trying to one up each other and be the "alpha" while breaking all the rules for each other... You guys nailed it... And what an awesome cliff hanger! Cant wait for the continuation... Now of to read some more of your stories!
DBGrannyFan chapter 1 . 5/29/2012
love how you bring out Angelus and give us a steamy interaction then...WHAM... end it on a sad note...Angel going back into the shadows.

Hope the next chapter is soon...and Angel is back on his game!
Lroy44 chapter 1 . 5/26/2012
Love these stories! So fun, so different, so amazing... Please keep creating them. I'm hooked.
mef1013 chapter 1 . 5/24/2012
I love this crossover series so much. You ladies are brilliant.
xdelgado chapter 1 . 5/24/2012
Uf!, you lead me from hottines to darkness in one motion...So, this is just starting, I guess so. Guys, you really amazes me, once more. Nice job, see ya...
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