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Sailor Pandabear chapter 1 . 10/27
this was unnerving and incredible at the same time.
memo ouji-sama chapter 1 . 6/16
I can't decide whether to call the ending as a happy or a sad one seeing that I felt both. Great ending though, I did not expect Tsuna to remember everything at the end. I just thought that Mukuro will make him love him all over again. I even expected a love rivalry. Great great joooob!

Nufufu~ Author-saaaan, can I request a sadistic love story with the pairing Bel2718/1827Bel? Nufufu~ Or a non-Mafia AU with a yandere6927? You're just so great with your stories that I can't resist putting up a request.
SapphireNightSky chapter 1 . 5/12
I enjoyed so much reading this ff.
Kinda sad how Mukuro past his life, with or without Tsuna.
I've read many ff about reincarnation before but yours is most impressive one!
I love how Mukuro and Tsuna finally get together again. :D
karkittyx3 chapter 1 . 1/7
OHHHH this was quiet a cute story! really lovley :3 !

First KHR fanfic i can add to my favlist. Finally :DDDD thanks so much for this experience uvu
papapapuffy chapter 1 . 1/2
Hats off to you! This was wonderful! You completely captured me at the very beginning and everything was perfect. Continue writing!
Il.mio.nome.e.Chrome.Dokuro chapter 1 . 11/8/2014
I hope you don't mind me being your 70th reviewer but I just HAD to leave my thoughts for you to read.

I am not a fan of yaoi; don't ask me why and yes; something really MIGHT be wrong with me because of it but this is a fact and I'll own up to it.

It just so happened that I was preparing for another fanfic of my own that I am planning to write; a 2796 one that is a part of a rather big otome type series of stories. I stumbled onto your fic looking for ideas as to how Tsuna would react to loving an illusionist. How he would perceive someone so unpredictable and mysterious and the opposite of everything he had ever admired about Sasagawa Kyoko. How would someone like him develop feelings for someone few if any would trust and how would he go about developing feelings for them? This story... well I guess it really didn't give me what I was looking for but DAMN.

This is amazing.

I was NOT expecting to be crying at the end of this story AT ALL.

The perspective you used through the different years? The way they met? The way they got together as the centuries went by? How Tsuna became the person- the being- that practically sustained Mukuro... Breathtaking.

The way you wrote those emotional moments from Mukuro's point of view during the 2004 arc? Magnificent. It left me breathless and dying inside to have Tsuna remember him again.

The 2014 arc?

I'm still weeping; touched at the honest feelings they have for each other. This story is so good and so sensually written I just HAD to put this review in.
You got me hooked on yaoi now. I sincerely hope you'll be able to write more like this. You are an amazing author.

-Still stunned beyond words.
Sjsofi chapter 1 . 10/16/2014
Thank you so much))
atwq chapter 1 . 9/26/2014
Niknok19 chapter 1 . 9/8/2014
even though I'm reading it with a lousy translator (Google is the one), I fell in love with this story
Fay-chi chapter 1 . 5/29/2014
it's amazing
but, actually there are some parts that i don't understand

can you tell me why Tsuna saying he is ready?
PuppetPrince chapter 1 . 4/6/2014
Heart warming !
Lee.rin.7 chapter 1 . 1/17/2014
Wow, this is a great story,i really love it! Its so nice, throughout the whole reincarnation cycle,mukuro still loves him 'v'
Rosette-99 chapter 1 . 1/2/2014
I can only say on thing...*Speechless*...I'm not really a fan of Yaoi but who cares it was well explained like the past. Nagi being Mukuro's sis and stuff.I praise you Metamorcy for taking the time to right long but worth it. *
Zhizn214 chapter 1 . 12/23/2013
This is so cute.
Dariahn chapter 1 . 12/19/2013
you said it was gory and sad, but it feels very good with such ending.
I enjoyed every word you wrote. This story is really precious. I'll remember it for long.
Thank you so much for letting us to see that masterpiece.

Oh, and I was glad Mukuro DID murder some of the bastards on his way. It would be plain unfair to be the one who gets murdered every time. It's okay to have some fun revenge.

Thanks again!
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