Reviews for Strike Wizard ARC 1 Arrival
Guest chapter 11 . 6/27
this is a great start of the first arc of strike wizard
Spazel chapter 11 . 6/26
So far this is going pretty good in my opinion. Although Harry is so damn clueless at times, but if you like his cluelessness you can keep it. If you don't want to keep his cluelessness for the most can you make it so he can get occlumency or something similar to it like how Hermione got her ability. Also, I am interested what you are going to do about the thing that is holding back his magic. Is it going to be about the soul leech, Dumbledore putting magic blocks, or a combination of the two? If you are a sort of Dumbledore fan than at least the story is in such a way that gives him a reason to keep Harry out of the loop about the prophecy with his cluelessness. Again, great so far other than a few of my personal opinions, and hope you can continue this on.
Dragoon Galaxy chapter 11 . 3/17
I am definitely looking forward to the second part
CrimsonRageX chapter 11 . 1/5
I like your story but i have never heard of strike witch before so the only thing i can say is longe chapters.
FinalGuardian chapter 1 . 1/4
Looks interesting but hope in the world did you mix up 'bizy' with busy?
Sky EXE chapter 11 . 1/3
This was a great read, and I'm looking forward to the next arc.

Also, would it be alright if I wrote my own version of this? I won't be using yours word for word, but just the base of it, and will be a crossover of sorts with Ace Combat instead of Harry Potter.
madmanalpha chapter 11 . 1/3
I really like how you set this up. I think you have done an excellent job integrating Harry and Hermione into the Strike Witches verse. When they first were introduced to the magic department it felt a tad rushed, but your pacing and giving a time frame for the rest I felt was spot on. On the Poll you have set up I started to say after Sanya's scene, but rereading your fic before I made voted caused me to go with the first choice as I felt this Arc set up really well for it. You have Mio and Minna at their MPS test, I feel that given the state of the machine that they would be asking about the test figures and may even ask for them to base themselves from the 501st base of operations. I think this is a wonderful fic and if I feel that I would finish it and not write myself into a corner I may take you up on that challenge to write a crossover between these two worlds. Well I eagerly but patiently await your next arc in this series.
Neroj chapter 11 . 1/3
Right, as you asked for a more indept review, here is mine.
First of Harry seems to weak and naïve. I don't mean just in raw stength, but in personality.
He knows the dangers he is in as a powerfull wizard, and his current attitude would make these worse. If he acted and apeared more confident and powerfull, he would be far better equiped to deal with them, simply because other people would find it less easy to influence him.
Same with his relationship with women, so far he has been utterly dominated by all the female figures around. I know this world has probally become more female dominated because of the necesaty of witches and i don't expect you to make him some kind of super alpha male, but give him a backbone, make his disagree with some people, stand up for himself, hell even make him a officer, doesn't even have to be a high ranking one.
On the same note, the fact that he is weaker magickly then Hermoine. I always figured that like in actual real life anatomy males tended to be stronger and have more endurance, whilst women had more finesse. Now i recall you mentioning that his power is atleast a bit drained by his scar, so this is fixable, then again you may think differntly about this issue, but that's your opinion, and this is your story.
On that note his fighting ability has to be boosted. Right now he is a good flyer but not that good actual fighter. I don't want him to be some superman who can deestroy all oposition on his own, but make him powerfull enough for him to a intergral and irreplaceble part of the war effort. Thi will once again strenghten his position and protect him against people who would use him as breeding stock.
Now this is all i can remember on a initialy without rereading the entire fic, wich i don't have time for. I hope this helps, and all of this is nothing but suggestions, and i will admit i am a fan of the strong independant Harry so that has collored it quite a bit. Do whatever you want with it and i hope you continue writing. Altough i would suggest trying to update more often.
The Crimson Vixen chapter 11 . 1/2
Rawr! Loved the fic. Had a "idea" Harry has his broom, and Hermione knows a bit about runes and enchanting, going from her putting them onto the striker, why not have Hermione do something like say, enchant their gun's/put runes on there rounds to both slow the heat build up, and say... expand the space in the "clip" to increase round cap and /Maybe/ place rune's onto the rounds to cause them to explode? (I imagine that the explosion would be fairly small. But, in War, every bit helps.) possibly enchant the strikers themselves to store "extra" magic possibly via placing a gem in each one that is enchanted to store extra power? (to grant a bit more flight time, so to speak) another idea, was to place "broom" enchantments onto the strikers, to grant them a bit more speed, that could be activated in a "pinch" but not active full time due to extra power drain? possibly enchanted clothes? (slight heat resistance, less chance of tearing, slight environmental "control" (keeping the wearer warm in high altitude/slowing encroaching frost bite a pair of goggles that grant harry better vision/night vision/telescopic sight, and a mouth piece that provides oxygen/serves as a aid to fly in clouds (breathing in a cloud is... ill advised. a bit like breathing in absurdly dense fog. it somewhat Hurts. and after a while the water Can build up in your lungs, if in the cloud long enough. And can cause dizziness and fainting. (ground fog, is a fair bit less dense. But a rain cloud, is ill advised to breath in, for more than a minuet or two. (I know this due to my mum having taken me up in a crop duster when she told me that, and I told her that I did not believe her.))

Signed C.V.
Sergio Dumbledore chapter 11 . 1/2
jejejejej the history this well... as for the following since arch he/she would say that you began based on the series but that it is not exact he/she would believe me so that nobody gets bored since many they know the series. That this to their consideration and I believe firmly that you are right when it challenged all to make a history cross over among Harry Potter and Strike Witches. To write is not easy... you believe me that him you. If they don't like your since history they don't read it jajajajajaj it is its idea that they hold back. If they don't like then they don't read it and point doesn't believe that you are bothered for that reason. On the other hand to those that we like that he/she leaves alone us to read their pleasant history. I wait the continuation. I would like harry and Hermione to meet with the Professor Miyafuji and they were with the before it disappeared and that there they met with Mine and Minna and they would be part of the Strike Witches.

As for the challenge of making a history accept it of all heart because in fact thanks to their history I have several ideas. I hope to be able to them to capture soon.


Sergio Dumbledore

PD: My English is very faulty, I am Sorry. It is not my main language
Sao4life chapter 11 . 1/2
Love the chapter and this story has been awesome so far
Rydan fall chapter 11 . 1/2
Suggest you ad to that challenge, short-pants and quick to throw of foot-wear (slipers & so).
Perhaps with a also quick to throw of skirt like cloak in order to cover the legs in could weather when not using a Magical Engine?

The drone weapon, remove the drone control, make it pilot, swap out the magical engines of it, to the jet-engine version of the magical engine.
There, magical fuel problem solved, older witches can now fight again.
That magic draining sword, use it for drone core containment of it's self-destruct system.

Like, potential, future know-how, including what they know how the time-line should go, in terms development.
Wands & Firebolt, new engine development, a spell-focus engine.
Could lead to a Infinite Stratos IS unit or Hundred it's version.

Don't like, them losing their pets like that.
Should be nature spirits, not living spirits or should I say flesh and blood spirits like every living thing is.

Harry on his Firbolt, plus his wand should be equal to a Witch with Magical Engine and muggle heavy weapons.
The problem the muggle planes have, is durability and manuevreability(?).

You know that mechanical computer from 18 hundred or so?
I bet that guy was a wizard in the HP setting, the muggles never found them, probably a few of them at Hogwarts.
Does this mean this was never invented in the S(trike)W(itches) universe?
Because that could then be traced back to spell work, wand making & Hogwarts.
What this means for Runes and Wizarding Math?
Easy to take muggle programming classes, that is.

How many secret development programs are layed bare by their debriefing or hinted at?
How many will be combined?
That is a option they could try to push them into, development and testing.
Their world was furture along, so they migh notice things that in their eyes are backwards and the WHY might offer clue's how to improve things.

Japan had the I-400, I-401 & I-402, from the start of WWII
Look them up, if combined with German U-boat designs and the Strike Witches, it could profite quite a sea mobile force, especially if that drone is turned into power armor, a poweres exoskeleton, with jet engines...
Harry & co should know of those submarines, I would expect.
You know, pre-emtying actions to be put in research positions that will keep them away from combat lines, apply for field testing of experimental units, the above subs would work well with that.
Then watch Arpeggio of Blue Steel or read Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio.

Anyway, till the next time.
Remnant's Spartan chapter 10 . 12/16/2014
Please continue this amazing story
ChrisW96003 chapter 10 . 9/5/2014
Updated: Nov 26, 2013

it is now September 5, 2014 NEED an update!
Rydan fall chapter 10 . 4/6/2014
You remove to much of the HP magic, also, Harry & Harmione would probably have said that short-pants are the same as underwear and thus no excuse to not wear in order to be combat ready.
Infact slippers are more likely to increase combat ready-ness, since you don't have to untie your shoe laces, in order to kick them off and mount those magical engines.
So combat readiness is a pure excuse for not wearing (short) pants.

Wands are focussen, magical engines are focussen concentrated on flight generation.
On that, I think Harry's broom should out-perform any magical engine untill around the rolk-out of the jet-engine based magical engine, a more standaard high performance magical engine was produced during that time, which is during the second arcof the story, when they were based in their second base, on a whole different front.
What I mean is that the HP magic should investigated, especially if they could use the magical engine principle to create a pair of hand/arm mounted "focus engines" (for lack of a better name).
Think, Harry & Harmione know at the minium, Protego, which is a shield charm/spell.
The Strike Witches just have gotten a gold mine, especially if Harry still has the remains of his first broom.
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