Reviews for Tony's New Assistant
fuelforthefunnyfarm chapter 37 . 6/5
This chapter had an absolutely beautiful ending. You characterise Loki very well, though I think Coulson is your best character. I rather like Darcy too.
Guest chapter 38 . 6/5
love this
alfredo joy chapter 38 . 3/29
OK. That was awesome. And made me really wish I had taken Political Science in college
Zuzanny chapter 38 . 2/29
That was fantastic! I really enjoyed how you portrayed all the characters. I am craving more, but still like where it ended.
excessivelyperky chapter 38 . 2/17
"But Brain, burlap chafes me so!”

Sorry. Pinky and the Brain takes me like that.

But Tony and Loki suit each other very nicely indeed (and given what I’ve seen of Howard Stark on Agent Peggy Carter, I would likely have no trouble believing Tony’s stories). And Tony won’t have any trouble believing the Odin ones.

excessivelyperky chapter 37 . 2/17
I would pay cash money to watch Odin and Fury play poker. Just sayin’.

After all, both of them have just gotten through gambling for the future of the universe.
excessivelyperky chapter 36 . 2/17
“Here! You hold this!” “No, you!” Yes, that kind of party can be fun for the whole family. Besides, Tony and Hammer and von Doom love sniping at each while fighting aliens.

And as much as I admire Fury’s idea of getting Ms. Hill and Loki together to improve each other’s thinking, it might have results (*see* Total Nine Worlds Domination) that he wasn’t counting on.

Just think of the children the two of them would have…
excessivelyperky chapter 35 . 2/17
I like Loki’s way of inviting more guests to the party—some of them might actually be useful.

And yes, it’s time to go visit Mr. Tesseract.
excessivelyperky chapter 34 . 2/17
It’s great to watch Tony having fun (so this is what adult ADD people do in their spare time!).

And the brotherly reunion was quite nice, too.
excessivelyperky chapter 33 . 2/17
Actually, Phil is usually right to blame Tony whether he’s there or not. However, Hawkeye is doing a bangup job cutting down the numbers, even if his commentary is a smidge ragged at time, and he can’t get to the Tesseract (I believe that will be Loki’s job).
excessivelyperky chapter 32 . 2/17
Thor is such a sweetheart sometimes (and I suspect Odin was going to drag his feet till long after Jane was dead on rebuilding that bridge, but I bet the thought never crossed Thor's mind).
excessivelyperky chapter 31 . 2/17
Meet the ‘Rents, Midgard style! And yes, Thor really is that obvious—or why Loki can’t resist poking him so much.

Mmm…weird particle physics…yum!
excessivelyperky chapter 30 . 2/17
I think Odin realizes he may be a little late in asking what us Midgardians are up to…and he will make a tragic mistake if he thinks getting rid of Loki is going to get rid of us being annoying to Asgard. Odin’s never met the Green Guy or Tony Stark either…or even worse, Jane (imagine, if you will, Jane having a *really big* 3D printer and access to some unobtanium…)
excessivelyperky chapter 29 . 2/17
What can I say, I love Darcy and I certainly sympathize with her strong desire to stay alive, at least in the near term. And yet…she’s got enough Loki in her to stick around for the fun and games (though she’s smart enough to have scoped out at least two escape routes by now).
excessivelyperky chapter 28 . 2/17
Yes, if *Tony* thinks he needs backup, the sh*tstorm must be of truly epic dimensions. Since Fury is easily bored (almost as easily as Tony), he knows that Fun Will Now Commence (quote from Seven of Nine).
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