Reviews for Keeping Secrets
Legendary Biologist chapter 30 . 5/2/2015
Hi again! Looks like I've caught up with everything!

And we're back to Robert again! I sympathize with him. Yes, again, he's in a prison, but this is in no way similar to the one at UEO. This is worse; he's alone or something like that. His monologue also shows that he's yearning for his family. And spending the majority of adult lives in prison is just horrible. Although the one at UEO isn't too shabby, you're still locked from the world outside. Poor Robert. And everybody involved in it.

And we're back to Addy again! This is when the tension comes again, and it's great (as always). People shooting each other - yes, this already scares me. I'm already thinking "Will they shoot Addy?" which makes me keep reading on because I'm hoping that they won't. And then somebody points the gun at Addy. Man, I'm also terrified, and what a relief when the man is Ben, Addy's old friend. Fantastic build-up of suspense there.

I especially love how Robert and Addy still remember Charlie. Their relationship becomes so sweet - like Charlie is just part of their family (of course, it makes sense; they've been working together for more than ten years). That's just adorable.

Next up, saving Robert I presume? If yes, I wonder if the rescue and escape will go smoothly. Yes, I'd love to see an update. You've got me hooked to this story. Even fandom blind, I really enjoy it. I've always liked the tense and dramatic moments, but what I especially love is that I can relate to the characters (especially Robert and Addy). They're so human and realistic. Also, with what they've gone through, it's just easy to sympathize with them, which is a plus! In addition, I adore the minimalistic writing style - not too much details, but just enough to cover what the readers need to know.

All in all, fantastic work! :)
Legendary Biologist chapter 29 . 5/2/2015
Hi again!

At first, when I saw how this began, I thought something went wrong again. But as I read on, ah, everything makes sense! Ben is referring to Addy. I find that you've handled everything well there. Many often fall into info-dump when it comes to the recap of the past events, but you avoid it. Here there are just some dialogue that talks about Addy's disappearance and Kristin going away with Michael, but it's enough to recap everything. Great job on that!

Wow, I was caught off-guard when Nathan deduced that the Macronesians are having the crew now. Brilliant! Yes, the Achilles' 'weapon' is the mobius hole. Yet there's no sign of it.

I see the search has begun. As always, every chapter has the hook. If the Macs have those people work on mobius holes... Given that mobius holes are dangerous objects... What will happen? Even if the crew is successful with the mobius holes, I don't think things can end well if those holes are weaponized for war. Also, will Nathan and Lucas be able to find the crew? Anyway, I'll have to read on to find out! :D

Great work!
Legendary Biologist chapter 28 . 5/2/2015
Hi again!

I think not much happens in this chapter other than searching for information. Not a bad thing of course, as it lets us know how they find more information about the UEO. Which is interesting. There's using computer, copy-pasting report to a text editor, saving the info into a removable drive...and destroying the computer.

The best part is when Lucas destroys the computer by running the hard drive under the water. It's true: like Lucas says, it's more difficult to hide the tracks after accessing into one's computer. So there's no other choice than destroying the computer... Though when Nathan says that people will find out that Lucas has backtracked the system to find some information, I just have a bad feeling. Will Lucas get caught doing that? Of course, I have to read on. :)

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 27 . 5/2/2015
Hi again!

Ah, POV shift. But it works this way too. Since it's now shifted to Nathan's and Lucas', we get to know what is happening outside and probably learn something about Robert, Addy, etc as Kristin is from the seaQuest and is with them for some time.

It's surprising to learn that Kristin has left Michael alone. And she doesn't give any news. I wonder why. I think I'll have to read on to find out.

The best part here is when Nathan and Lucas investigate the year when Robert and co are listed as KIA. The mystery is really gripping, as it brings up a lot of what have been previously developed. Matthews' year is listed in 2022, eleven years after everybody else. I'm suspecting maybe Matthews is involved in listing the years when the Achilles Incident happens. Though by this, I start to wonder if Matthews is still alive or not. Since faking year of death seems to be easy here, maybe he's still alive somewhere? Again, I have to read on to find out!

Every single chapter has the hook. Of course it's known that Robert and co are working on mobius holes, while Nathan and Lucas still aren't so sure about them. But now I wonder. They'll be tracing them, and they'll soon find them. But what will happen if they find out the mess with Macronesia? Well, gotta read on!

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 26 . 5/2/2015
Hi again!

Again, tension. It's always well done. In this chapter, when the Engineering Officer is about to start the mobius hole, I'm on the edge of my seat. The short, snappy dialogue helps building the suspense. But overall, the event is tense. The Engineering Officer refuses, yet Captain Nichols insists, then Robert steps in. Him giving speech about mobius holes makes me wonder how Nichols will react afterwards. Turns out that Nichols ends up thinking of having a meeting.

The meeting part makes me chuckle. Not sure if it's intended, but I just have to laugh at Nichols, who has been a jerk earlier, gets the whole crew disobeying him. Nobody is interested with the mission, huh?

Shoot, that ending! Somebody betrays the crew? Who is it? Although Robert says that it's the Admiral's dirty work, I suspect Nichols. Everybody doesn't want to continue the mission, so maybe he's upset (just guessing). Robert is captured? How about his family? This is such a great cliffhanger. I just have to read on to find out all the answers to these!

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 25 . 5/2/2015
Hi again!

I like the atmosphere in this chapter. Calm, then tense, then calm again. It starts really relaxing and calming, with Addy saying that she's safe and sound. Then it starts to be not so nice when Addy feels like it'll only be temporary. And finally she's found. And back to the mobius hole project. Again. Really, really feel bad for her. Though it appears calmer again later. Addy gets to see Robert again.

I adore the tidbits about Addy saying that as long as Michael is safe, she doesn't mind. It shows her mama bear nature again, and I really like Addy for that.

The Project Mobius is holds my interest. How will these two end up? We've known that Mobius hole is dangerous. Robert (and Addy too, maybe) is traumatized by the the Mobius hole incident long time ago. Yet they have to work on it. Well, I gotta read on, as usual. :)

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 24 . 5/2/2015
Hi again!

This just heartbreaking (in a good way; the emotional ride is great). The exchange between Robert and Addy. The feels. Robert being hasty in the conversation doesn't just add the tension, but it also makes it even sadder as he can't speak much. And it's even sadder because he doesn't have the heart to say that it may be the last time they meet! Thinking that he will probably leave both Addy and his child Michael forever, the sadness is just profound.

I really, really sympathize with Robert. Big congrats; this chapter just successfully grabs my sympathy for Robert and his family. Especially Robert. Already having to leave his family behind forever, he gets to see the mobius hole being utilized to attack the Macronesia ship. And it brings back the trauma he gets when the Achilles Incident happens. Poor, poor Robert. I'm now hoping that things will turn out well for him!

The last part. The letter. The way he vents everything to Addy is just sad. Apologizing for being hasty earlier, hoping that Addy will be safe and sound, how the mobius holes make him remember the Achilles Incident... They make the last part heart-wrenching.

Fantastic emotional ride here! I'll be reading on, hoping that everything will end up well.

PS. Large jump? I don't think it causes problems. Instead, if you don't jump, you'll only be dragging the story, and that won't be good... Besides, timeskips just work well with your story.
Legendary Biologist chapter 23 . 5/2/2015
Hi again!

The beginning at first, confuses me because Robert is around. But it urges me to read on, and glad that I do. It's satisfying to know that Robert is given some time to spend with Addy and Michael.

The exchange between Robert and Kristin is really, really touching. Robert isn't very nice to Kristin, but as I've stated in the previous chapter, poor guy never gets the chance to say goodbye to his mom. Also, I can understand his view of Kristin at first because it's realistic. Kristin, being close to his dad, may just have a chance to replace the position of Robert's mom, and Robert won't like that. Glad to see that Kristin clears up that issue.

Aliens? At first, I thought that was too sudden, but after thinking back a few times regarding the UEO's reactions, everything makes sense. Brilliant! Maybe the UEO has first known that it's aliens that have been messing around with them, which is why they're so secretive. Also, it's probably the reason why the UEO start censoring letters when Kristin and Addy hypothesize that the cause is not mobius hole. Well, I'd love to see how thing will go. As I've said, every chapter has the hook. ;)

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 22 . 5/2/2015
Hi again!

The beginning is relaxing and calming. The letter's tone helps building the atmosphere. As I read the letter, I can assume that Addy is now more comfortable. She's got a friend now. A great friend, since both of them share similar field of interest (and I chuckle at Robert's 'microscopes' monologue). After that, the letter picks up the ending from the previous chapter well. Without making too much fuss, it can be assumed that Kristin believe in her about the mobius hole and whatnot. Brilliant!

Although I really wish that Robert will be more open towards Kristin, I can understand him. Poor guy never gets to mourn his mom's death. Yes, I sympathize with him.

Every single chapter always has the hook. :) The last part grabs my interest. The mobius hole is probably not involved in all the fuss? Then what causes all the problems? After that, the UEO starts censoring emails? WTH is happening? I. Just. Have. To. Read. On. You always do a wonderful job in drawing readers into the story!

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 21 . 5/1/2015
Hi again!

The first part really makes me feel for Addy. She's sad not just because she's pregnant; she also feels lonely without Robert. Being in a sequestered island just adds to the loneliness. And worse, she isn't allowed to contact anybody outside. Poor Addy.

The part about Kristin's introduction is really gripping. What can be more hooking than an unfamiliar woman 'sneaking into' Addy's house? ;)

Then when Addy asked Kristin about seaQuest, I thought some light would be shed...but it isn't. Left me curious about seaQuest's fate. Ah, I see. Kristin is just trying to find Nathan.

I also find that Kristin being around with Addy is a comforting one. The exchange between them shows that Kristin is a nice person. She provides Addy the encouragement (and probably, the companion) she needs right now.

When Addy reveals about the secret project she once worked on to Kristin, the last line sums up what I'm thinking. Will Kristin trust her (although Addy isn't hoping for that)? Anyway, this is what that keeps me interested in reading on!

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 20 . 5/1/2015
Hi again!

Whenever it comes to building up suspense, you always do it very well. This chapter opens with Matthews being MIA. It interests me to read further, because I want to know if he's still alive and why he's MIA.

The tension is the best in the conversation between Robert and Addy. First, there's a mystery why she's acting oddly. Then, when I read the tests, I still don't get it (at least, when everything is positive and Addy hopes that it's false positive, I'm already suspecting something), but when Addy says that her name rhymes with 'Daddy', oh, gotcha!

I love how Addy reacts to that. She doesn't want to raise a kid here because 1) she can no longer work in this 'prison', 2) the kid can't have a normal, happy life there - no schools, playgrounds, etc etc. But it's a dilemma. She doesn't want to get rid of it (that's mean if she does), yet she doesn't want to raise a child there. All these make me sympathize with Addy and also, make her a very relate-able character.

The last part is amazing. It's both gripping and sad. It's gripping because seaQuest disappears again and Robert is called (maybe to help find seaQuest). This makes me wonder what he'll go through this time (have to read on, as always haha). At the same time, it's sad because having to carry on his duty, Robert must leave Addy and their baby. Really, really feel sorry for this couple.

Fantastic work!
Legendary Biologist chapter 19 . 5/1/2015
Hi again!

The revelation in this chapter isn't really shocking, but it's extremely satisfying to know the truth about what really has happened in the past. It's because I've suspected that something is wrong with Matthews (shown by his acts and speeches), while I also want to know the truth about him.

What is amazing in the whole fic is that every character gives different feelings. Such as Matthews. I'm never fond of him from the beginning. Now that he reveals himself to be the one who sabotaged things, I hate him. He caused so many problems. Then Addy, the momma-bear. I love the paragraph when she monologues about dying. She doesn't just monologue about her dying, but also Robert and Charlie. That's so caring of her (and I really like her).

When Robert scolds Matthews about 'say something', it brings back to the first chapter. Looks like this foreshadows something related to Robert's act of keeping secrets. You know, it's a fantastic foreshadowing because right now, Matthews' act of keeping secrets causes so many problems. Now I'm assuming that Robert's act of keeping secrets will also cause problems (maybe; in short, I just have to read on to find out)! :D

Wonderful work!
Legendary Biologist chapter 18 . 5/1/2015
Hi again!

Ah, it's now revelation. It's a great way to pick up the issue that has been addressed in the previous chapter. What? Charlie is secretly involved in the mobius hole research? That's surprising. I don't see it coming, yet...I think yeah, beside Addy, Charlie is the scientist among the three. Though his intention is good, so it's tolerable...though I don't think researching something that has been dangerous years ago is a good idea.

I love that the unstable mobius hole is brought up again. I now believe that what keeps happening at Deck 7 many years ago is that. It fills in the gaps.

The last part is tense again. Because the previous part shows that Robert is keeping secrets about the mobius hole project, when he's interrogated, it makes me think that he has caused seaQuest to disappear. Though I can trust him saying that it's a coincidence. He's keeping secrets about the mobius hole pretty well and it's near impossible to contact the world outside. This mixed feeling keeps me hooked, even finally it's revealed that it's indeed, a coincidence.

Talking about hook, ending the chapter with ["There are things you need to know about the Achilles."] is a great way to hold one's interest. I'm very interested to read on to know about Achilles and how it's related to seaQuest's disappearance!

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 17 . 5/1/2015
Hi again!

Timeskip again? But you've done it well again. Addy's monologue shows that she has accepted that living as 'prisoners' isn't that bad, which hints a character development. She's used to live in something like isolation.

I think this chapter has the lighthearted tone, and if you're aiming for that, you've done well. First, Charlie looking at Addy's white dress and how later Addy compares white lab coats to white dresses. It's true that lab coats are way more practical than dress (since I myself hate wearing dress and prefer wearing something practical, I really understand, hahaha). Then there's Robert and Addy discussing about seaQuest and Achilles. Thinking of naming the new sub Medusa is priceless (Achilles - Greek Mythology; Medusa - Greek Mythology), and Addy's description about Medusa just tops everything (and true to the legend; look at Medusa're a statue)!

The last part is weird indeed, and I agree with Addy's last line: Weird. How can people secretly do research on the mobius hole again? Due to Addy's and Charles' Science Department involvement in the Science Department, it is puzzling to know why none of them knows about the secret research. Is the crew rebelling against them or what? Or something is fishy with Matthews? All these make a fantastic hook. I have to read on to know what is happening!

Great job!
Legendary Biologist chapter 16 . 5/1/2015
Hi again!

The first part, especially Robert's monologue, raises a few questions. It holds my interest. Does Achilles still exist? If yes, will Robert's dream of combining some elements from seaQuest with Achilles come true? If it is to happen, how can Robert and co get it to happen? They're still 'prisoners'. Well, I think I just have to read on! :D

The paragraph about the comparison of seaQuest and Achilles is also well done. It isn't overly long, which makes it avert info-dump.

The best part here is the exchange between Robert and Matthews. I'm not fond of Matthews, who's really harsh to Robert. Then when Robert points out that Matthews knows a lot and doesn't seem to be isolated, something is suspicious. When Matthews changes the topic after getting asked that question, it's even more suspicious. Is he involved in something fishy? Or he's just trying to 'protect' his crew (if he really does; I don't believe him)? I'll have to read on to find out!

Well done!
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