Reviews for Going Against The Current
Guest chapter 21 . 9/7
OMG PLEASE FINISH THIS STORY! Ive read many fanfics but yours has brought me the greatest pleasure. Although i love the Jalu pairing, I'd be happy with the Sticy. Thank you for your hard work
DaizyBlaize chapter 21 . 8/28
*sqeals*please update, I'm dying of curiosity, dis is my best and I hope you update... even if its been years since you last updated but I just can't let you give up like COULD YOU GIVE UP AND QUITE LIKE THAT?!its not nice.I may have watched Boys Over Flowers but this Geum Jan Di is too unpredictable, and when will Yi Jung sumbae meet Ga Eul,wat will happen 2 Gray and Natsu?how will Jellal start a relationship with Erza?does Rough have a crush on Lucy or is he just being overprotective? How else will Loke be involved in this?.Look, I love this story so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas update soon okey
rosami chapter 21 . 8/16
WAIT I FORGOT TO SAY- wh ywhy hywh yawhzsbhjcne ;;;-; why did you say it was a StiCy/StiLu/LuSti in the last chapter x-x.. I knew bc of the decription, but I had forgotten! I swear! Whyy, did you remind meeee ;c, you shoulda just let me have my fun ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;. I'm sorry I'm a baby when it comes to reviewing shit. (You took that the wrong way, I'm not saying that this is shit. I meant like reviewing AND shit, when I say, for example 'Ugh but I don't want to greet everyone and shit' I'm not referring to the he/she/it/or action/object as shit, I mean shit as etc or to put it simply, 'reviewing shit' 'reviewing(and)stuff' - okay how did this turn into me explaining my choice of words and speech to you? Who knows. Anyways, fuck Sting and I bid you a due!
rosami chapter 20 . 8/16
you omfg no no no I WANTED JELU OR ROLU NO FUCKKKCKCKJWAhzbrHABRHDbeznrhfebzr hfnsebz rhjfnbszh KMS kEWBHAHIsxhjbnwazdj, / sorry 'bout dattt, I kinda freaked. xD I love when there are stories like this; good grammar, storyline is AMAZEBALLS, and no ones OOC.. but my favorite part is when Rogue/Jellal/OC swoops in and takes Lucy from Sting. I don't like when Sting falls in love and gets mushy.. and then Lucy's like 'oohhh hes changed, I lurrrvevvevevvee him 3 :*' the only situation where its okay for Sting to mush- in my book-is when the author crushes his heart and JeLu/Rolu/OCLu goes WHOOP. Get him hit by a car. Bc ik theres like no RoLu in this, but I love Rogue's cold-ish side but then he finds himself interested in something, (which NEVER happens EVVER) a girl none the less. :/ But I'm gonna be honest, I love this so much and I think you're a marvelous author! -Roze/ p.s. you're editor is amazing can I have her(him?) xDD (joking, just joking)
Niquesh27 chapter 2 . 6/16
I think this chapter was awesome
GeekyNerdyFangirl chapter 1 . 5/18
Looks pretty good so far, though I sincerely hope it will end up being different from Boys Over Flowers. Anyway, I really think it's good.
Anonymous0324 chapter 21 . 5/9
Please update, your story is nice. And I look foward to reading a couple more chapters :)
Akatsuki fan girl 4ever chapter 13 . 5/1
Took you long enough, sting.
Akatsuki fan girl 4ever chapter 9 . 5/1
hilarious! :)
Akatsuki fan girl 4ever chapter 8 . 5/1
aww! :)
Wxter chapter 21 . 4/8
Overall a good story.. However found the ending rather anti-climatic.
UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH chapter 21 . 3/22
Silent Killing chapter 21 . 2/2
This is heaven, siriously. Loved it, hope you'll come back to this story.
Crystalline Lilies chapter 21 . 10/12/2015
I've read this a while back, and I came back in the hopes of an update because this is so dANG GOOD UGH (please update soon ;-;)
Guest chapter 21 . 8/28/2015
You're not a writer, your 'muse' is you should atleast credit her for thta eww
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