Reviews for Fighting It
foxfire flamequeen chapter 1 . 5/24/2012
So I'm going to respond to your review reply first because this seems like a much better way of communicating than opening up a thousand threads like we did before.

I just started talking to Maggie today over chat and Skype and tumblr. She's... super-nice. Why do I keep hearing bad things about internet people? You're super-nice, Maggie's super-nice, Hanna's super-nice, Ash is super-nice, I only seem to meet super-nice people! (Guess I'm just super-lucky.)

You and Maggie have such different writing styles I don't think they compare much. When she writes something short, it doesn't come off as well as when you write something short. You seem to specialize in oneshots, big or small, while Maggie appears to write better multi-chaptered stories (of course, I'm just going by your Dick/Wally smut fic on LJ, and I don't know if that's the best example you can offer - I loved it, but it doesn't flow as well as your oneshots, you know? And the attention to detail seems a little sparse at times BUT NO I WILL LEAVE REVIEWS FOR THAT LATER NOT NOW.) I just love you both. All four of you are tied as my favorite because you guys have such different styles that it's impossible to pick one over the other, and IT'S ALL JUST SO AMAZING I THINK I'D DIE IF I TRIED TO PICK DON'T MAKE ME!

Dick is smart, and unlike Wally, he prefers to not live in denial. That's a good thing, right? SOMEONE has to break it to Wally.

The more details I see in a story, the more love I have for it. Have you ever read The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan? Jordan writes in such a way that you can -see- what's happening play out in front of you, simply because of details. Instead of using a whole separate paragraph for descriptions, he just inserts the color and size and shape as he goes. You'll know if you read it. And the details make the story come to life.

Your writing is nothing like Jordan's (I like yours better) but the whole detail thing is at work here too. A super-short oneshot has enough detail to make the characters -move- in front of you. For instance, here, there's a tidbit about Dean not being a noisy sleeper, which starts off the entire scene. The fact that it's his -left- cheek that's pressing up against the leather duster. Since we know it's -left-, and we've seen the boys in the Impala so many times, it's a quarter of a second before we can picture it.

I haven't watched past season 5 (bits and pieces of 6 but not the whole thing), so sometimes I get lost in the recent Supernatural fics. But the best thing about your oneshots is that you don't really need prior knowledge of canon events to get what's happening.

Starting off this (b)romance between Cas and Dean is possibly the best thing Supernatural could have done. Really. It's amazing, and so much fun to read (and I'm guessing write, considering everything you write nowadays is Destiel-related) about!

I love the whole idea of Sam being completely delighted at being able to hold this over Dean. He can be such an adorable little brother sometimes!

Not to mention the distinction between Jimmy and Cas. Must get a bit weird, considering that's someone else's body you're perv'ing on. Dean, that's weird. What are you doing.

Why do we shippers not care about this detail? Technically, Jimmy never gave Cas permission for -this-.
Androgynous-Heron chapter 1 . 5/24/2012
I enjoy the last part a lot, fucking being pornographic about it.
ciara1973 chapter 1 . 5/24/2012
Sammy is sooo evil! ;)