Reviews for Healer Mione
GwendyMary chapter 31 . 6/21
Aw, cutie! I love the twins
lorlorgrace chapter 5 . 4/23
I’m really enjoying this story, but my brain hurts with all the switches between tense. This isn’t a sentence from your story, but as an example, “he was hugging Scorpius tightly, he needed to make sure his son was okay,” would all be present tense, but you are switching between past and present tense. If you swap “was” with “is”, it wouldn’t make sense. I don’t even know if this review makes sense, but you need to keep your words as present tense, or past tense, not both. Sorry
reallyseaweed chapter 32 . 4/8
Oh good. Ron is okay with Hermione being with Draco now. Beautiful proposal. Scorpius is so cute
reallyseaweed chapter 31 . 4/7
Yaya Drao is going to propose. I love it
Guest chapter 29 . 4/7
Who was the surprise get ess here? Is it Ron?
reallyseaweed chapter 27 . 4/7
Draco is really mature in this story. Dream vacation for Draco
reallyseaweed chapter 26 . 4/7
ohahayy great. Harry and Blaise are supportive of their relationship. Ohh so cute when Scorpius keeps calling Hermione mummy.
reallyseaweed chapter 25 . 4/7
their relationship is known to the world now. What would be Harry and Ron reaction to their relationship?
reallyseaweed chapter 24 . 4/6
Hahaha Scorpius is such a love boy. He asked Mione to be his mommy. Will Draco propose soon?
reallyseaweed chapter 22 . 4/6
really. they are in a relationship already. and Harry and Ron didn't know yet?
reallyseaweed chapter 21 . 4/6
wait. so Draco is going to just kiss her and put some sense to her that this kiss is serious.
reallyseaweed chapter 20 . 4/6
there first kissssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
reallyseaweed chapter 19 . 4/6
uhhh hooo. Malfoy family hug with Hermione... will Hermione be about to go home tonight?
reallyseaweed chapter 18 . 4/6
hahha a green dress, really Mione? Zabini is a fun uncle for Scorpius. hahha even Zabini knew that Draco got it bad for Hermione
reallyseaweed chapter 17 . 4/6
uhhh ohhhhh! whoa whoa, intertwined hands already!
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