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erunyauve chapter 14 . 8/9/2003
Poor elf - or perhaps I should say 'poor dwarf', having to put up with a stranger-than-usual elf. Of course, as I've think I've said before, Legolas' encounter with the Sea is really tragic - he is more bound to Middle-Earth than most of the Eldar, and he should have remained in the forest with the Wood Elves. But seeing as we can't change his fate, I like the way you've handled it here.
Thundera Tiger chapter 14 . 8/9/2003
**looks around innocently** T. Tiger? Thundera T.? Huh. Wonder who that could be... ;)

Ah, Bryn, this is easily one of my favorite stories on the web, and I'm so glad that some nameless face in the crowd released the hoard of naggers upon you. It was in serious need of an update, I hope you know. On to the review!

Your first section was eerie. Chilling. I got goosebumps, if that tells you anything, and that is not easy to do to me. Your descriptions were absolutely gorgeous. Poor Mortsdil. Actually, I think what happened was you reminded me of a dream I used to have when I was very sick. Where I was stuck in something like an ether and couldn't touch anything to push my way through. Very frightening. **shudders** Thank you so much for bringing back those memories. The image of Morgoth's laughter sounding like rattling chains in a cell was especially good. Morgoth's hatred for elves was also wonderful. Loved the line "dripping carcass of Manwe's precious Firsborn." That was deliciously good!

And Mortsdil recover was amazing! The scene with the carcass was inspired, if nothing else. Absolutely beautiful! Well, gross, really, but the imagery was amazing. And describing Mortsdil's feelings like trying to run underwater really brought it all home. Very easy to picture in the mind. Have I mentioned that I love this story?

And then there's the next scene between Legolas and Gimli. *That* was also amazing. I loved their confrontation, and it was even more tragic because Legolas knew the dwarf was right. But he couldn't help protesting, and Gimli just couldn't show mercy in this instance. Heart-breaking, really, and you play it for all it's worth. And then, as the call of the sea begins to overwhelm Legolas, you bring Gimli back only to find that the elf has somehow disappeared. This should be interesting, and I demand more story!

Wonderful stuff, Bryn, and I can't wait to see what you've got cooked up. The simple fact that Morgoth is behind much of this is enough to keep me chomping at the bit, and then there's the fact that you write wonderful Gimli-Legolas scenes as well as Aragorn and Bergil. More!
merannoeu chapter 14 . 8/9/2003
I am glad you are now updating this story.
Hildestohl chapter 14 . 8/8/2003
What happened to him? Did someone find him or did he just wonder off? Poor Gimli...Mr. Worry

I don't think I'll make you update by threats wouldn't receive them anyway, living so far away and all, I wouldn't be able to hurt you in any ...the only way to get you to update: I love your writing, your plot, your writing, your very pretty,...please update! _

Love ya,

Lamiel chapter 14 . 8/8/2003
Oh, I am so glad you're back! I've been waiting AGES for an update to this story-it has such promise. I don't know if I mentioned how much I loved your humor, especially in chapter 13, with the discussion of the fate of silmaril, and the nature of death ("Death of Elf. Death of Elf by Axe.") Hee hee. You mix tension and humor so well.

Looks like my favorite Elf is due for some difficulties, poor guy. That's the curse of being the most popular character-you're also the most tortured. Of course the great Tolkien himself started the whole Elf-angst genre with his sea longing. Not that I mind in the slightest-Elf angst means more Legolas, and likely more Gimli, and that's always a good thing.

Nice description of the Void, by the way. More soon! (Much, much sooner than the last update, hopefully).
Jocelyn chapter 14 . 8/7/2003
(Advancing slowly with a large metallic object in hand.)!

So is Legolas merely in the throes of the sea-longing or is the Silmaril affecting him as well? And WHERE THE HELL IS HE?

Poor Gimli. In a way, he's going through just as much as Legolas from having to watch. You portray the bond between them very well without actually alluding to it.

So Morgoth's in the picture. And he's after our favorite elf! (Gr!)

Want update! Want update NOW! (Jumps up and down) Pweeze?
e chapter 14 . 8/7/2003
About time! *grumbles* I was beginning to think you would never update! Poor Legolas. Tormented and hunted. Not a good combo. However much Aragorn might need a few bad traits, and even though the Noldor lords had trouble resisting the Silmaril, he needs to start getting it together. After all, the Silmarils were not created to be so tempting, they simply were. He resisted the ring when it *was* created to be so tempting to him. Besides, the Silmarils were the work of a Noldor. Of course they adored it, they thought they had a right to it. It seems to me that Aragorn has better willpower than most of those lords, anyway, because for a long time they were coddled and didn't feel any need to resist it. Aragorn knows there is a need to resist it, and Beren didn't have any trouble. He was human. Well, that's my argument, thanks for reading. Update as soon as you can!
dauntless-hurin chapter 14 . 8/7/2003
Argh! I hate you! I hate you! How could you stop there, you evil spawn of Morgoth? But-meh-*splutters*-Legolas is gone!

*croons*Ahh, poor Legolas, shush, poor, poor Legolas...*squashes Legoplas plushie to her chest* ‘Why must you do this to me? Why must you torment me so? Have I not sacrificed enough? Have I not given you all I possibly could, asking nothing in return? Already have you taken my innocence and joy of Arda, and now you demand my strength and mind as well!’ *wails*

*turns to scout party* I am...dissappointed. All I asked for was one fanfiction writer. What happens? You all come back with bruises shaped like acorn's on your head. How could you have dissappointed me like this?

*Most of the elves are snifflig, but one falls at my feet, sobbing and begging for forgiveness*

There, there, it's alright, but to make sure you do your job right this time, You're going to have a new member. Cruel, cunning and desperate for updates. Yes.

I'm going to Hunt. You. Down.
LittleLoopy25 chapter 13 . 8/4/2003
Thundera Tiger was right- You havent posted another chapter of this in a while. I really like this story, and Im kinda anxious to know what going to happen on this journey and with the stone. Consider yourself nagged.
dauntless-hurin chapter 13 . 7/24/2003
Well, I have finished as far as you have written, and I will admit, I enjoyed every second of it! After forcing myself to forget the nitpick at the beginning, forcing myself to believe that the War of Wrath may have changed the Silmarils, as with the sons of Feanor, I let the words wash over me, and have rarely been so delighted! I place you in my esteem with the masters, Thundera Tiger, JastaElf, Treehugger and the like! Well done! I eagerly await your update, Mirkwood scouts under my command will be on you trail if you don't update soon. they are most loyal, I assure you. Oh, the stab at the slash writers was great! “You surprise me, Master Dwarf. I had oft taken you to abhor such affairs.” Had me rolling.
dauntless-hurin chapter 1 . 7/24/2003
For the first chapter, I'm afraid I just have nitpickings, but they may prove important later on. According to the Silmarillion, "Varda hallowed the Silmarils, so that thereafter no mortal flesh, nor hands unclean, nor anything of evil will touch them, but it was scorched and withered..."

Also, they were locked in a crystal casket, due to the above, but I doubt Muriels parents are in possession of such a thing.;)
Ithilien chapter 13 . 5/13/2003
Ha! So you were coerced into updating, eh? Bully for me, I say. I've always been a fan of this fic, and have been hoping it might see something of light soon. So more updates to come do you think?

The conversation between Legolas and Gimli was great. Truthfully, I don't think elves would have much qualms about male/male pairings, but I can see Legolas questioning it in dwarves. Yes, I too might be a bit confused if I met up with bearded dwarf then was later told that he was a she. And Gimli's response was grand "And all Elves have longish hair, yet I do not confuse Elf with Elf-maiden!"

And of course the discourse on death had me chuckling as well. “Legolas, there is no variation of Death. Death is Death. You are either dead, or you are not. It is simple as that.”

“Nay my small-minded friend, there are many variations of Death. Death of soul, Death of body, Death of heart, Death of mind.”

Gimli snorted. . . . Death of Elf, he mentally added. Death of Elf by Axe. . .

Gimli is not the only one snorting.

Now Mortsdil scares me. What is he planning for Legolas? I think Gimli may be right. Just toss it and get out of there. But here's a question: is the stone having some kind of effect on Legolas? You hinted before that it might have when he gazed upon it. What does he think of it now that he possesses it? We already know from the old tales that elves are not immune to its pull. How is Legolas bearing up? Is he using his knowledge of history to push the desires back?

I loved Aragorn's insight, comparing Bergil to himself and also Halbarad. And also his missing his old friend. Sad.

I'm so glad you have added Eomer to the equation. I do love the horsemaster and would love to see him involved in a good drama. So now the only question is how soon do you think it will come?

Forget what I said before about leisurely updates. I love this story and would find time any day of the week to read it if only it would come. Soon?
Joannawrites chapter 13 . 5/4/2003
Pebble snuggler?

That phrase has been in my head since I read that, and it was days ago.

I don't think I can do you justice in a review. This story is so engaging, so seamless that I actually sometimes forget I'm reading and not just experiencing. And that sounds weird, but that's also the mark of an incredible story in my opnion. Just completely takes you out of your time and worry and puts you where the writer wants you and carries you along, never doing anything to jar you out of the experience.

I am enjoying the ride. And sorry I've caught up, because now I must wait for you.

iilaiia chapter 13 . 4/25/2003
I'm not much with writing reviews for some reason but this chapter (and the whole story really) affected me and I had to mention it. The flashback scenes between Halbarad and Aragorn is quite simply one of the most moving things I have ever read. Almost to the point of tears, and I know that may sound weird but I'm serious. The connection that Aragorn had with his first human friend was intense and to him, probally seemingly unending. The jolt of those constant realizations that Halbarad is dead was so upsetting to me. The thought that Aragorn has to go through that grief over and over again was touching and very sad. Good stuff!

Also the Legolas and Gimli scene was great too in just about the opposite way. Very comical and it's wonderful to stump an elf, isn't it?

Your amazing... please write on. :)
Joannawrites chapter 4 . 4/24/2003
"Deep in the waves we keep our dead," she resumed singing in a childish voice, "Save me a tomb in the seaweed bed. And when I come to join you soon, we'll dance in the surf 'neath the pale full moon."

Had time to sneak a few more chapters. And I was going to wait till I caught up to do one big review, but as I was reading the song above, I have to tell you, chills just raced up and down my arms and across the back of my neck. I mean, serious, real chills. The truest sign of a powerful writer, I think. Many good writers can evoke laughter or tears, and that's nothing to sneeze at...but the crawling of flesh...that's impressive and it surprised me! Bravo.
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