Reviews for Ned Stark Lives!
ArtimuosJackson chapter 13 . 11/23
I know you are a Stark fan but the terms of negotiations are not something Tywin would agree that is not who he is, he will burn all the Riverlands and North before agreeing on this just as he done in books and tv series
ArtimuosJackson chapter 11 . 11/23
Seriously where did this idiotic theory of Tyrion is a Targarayen I will never know, and do you really think Tywin would let Aerys lived if he knows something about that, to me Tyrion is Lann the clever reborn just as Jon is prince that was promised and if he is Targ then Meera would be twin of Jon Aegon would be actual son of Rhaegar.
Redery chapter 45 . 11/14
This has been an aweosme journey so far and can't wait to read the rest later.
You did an incredible job keeping everyone on character and make realistic consequences and conclusions from just one change. I love that they're all together and alive. They're the noblest family in the series and yet the worst always happens to them. This feels much more just. Btillinatly done. Thanks for a great story.
Redery chapter 44 . 11/14
I want Tyrion to win but the Lanisters to lose lol. Tyrion would make good king.
Guest chapter 42 . 11/14
Would be cool if Robb goes into GreyWind to kill him. All poetic justice to have the mad dog killed by a wolf like he chased people with hounds
Redery chapter 40 . 11/9
Hope Theon ends up as king. Not because he deserves it but because he is the least competent and thus dangerous to the Starks and others. He won't have to guts to attack again. Asha and their uncles would.
Redery chapter 39 . 11/9
Tyrion really is one of the best leaders. Not as a King or as a general obviously but as an advisory and administrator. Haven't seen any Hand of the King better than him yet, except perhaps Ser Davos and that's more because of his honesty, integrity and fearlessness than his actual administrating abilities lol.

Speaking of Davos, he wasn't improsioned so he never learned to read right?
Redery chapter 38 . 11/9
I used to hate Jamie but ended up pitying him more than anything.
Redery chapter 36 . 11/9
Loved this chapter. Probably because it was so light and happy most of it with everything finally going good except theon being found. Bet Ramsay has him
Redery chapter 35 . 11/8
Aww that was sad. Luwin was awesome. Goddamn theon freeing Ramsay
Redery chapter 34 . 11/8
Since theon didn't put the two orphans up in guessing he's out looking for them. Though good that bran still gets his arc.
Redery chapter 33 . 11/8
Awesome chapter. I can't help but think Hoat will remain a thorn in the side for many especially the Starks.
Lol Bronn having to go back in swewers
Redery chapter 32 . 11/8
Varys is hella fishy.
Aegon is still alive? I thought they killed all of the targareyn children
Redery chapter 31 . 11/8
Awesome chapter! The fight was pretty good and glad Greatjon survived. Though I think stark should've killed the ironmen for attacking and made an example of them but he is too honorable lol.
Redery chapter 30 . 11/8
Stannis would make a good king if an iron handed one. I really liked him when he was introduced but less and less as time went on and the red woman corrupted him. She's seriously annoying and messed up
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