Reviews for Showdown: No holding back
TheGreatAthlon5 chapter 14 . 1/4
I just have one question, what makes you believe that all the tributes are riding in a single train? It does allow some interesting interactions between inter-district tributes. I always was of the opinion that each district had its own train. It's true that the reapings are staggered so that Capitol citizens can watch all of them,which does mean that there is time to move the trains to each district. Still, that would mean that D1 tributes would have to spend double time on the train, passing through their District on the way back to the Capitol.
Paul chapter 23 . 8/11/2016
In checkmate, Caesar pulled off a karma Houdini (or, if you want to be more generous towards him, which I do on very rare ocassions) took advantage of a second chance and reformed. Might be interesting to see a story (possibly a one shot) set in the showdown no holding back timeline where he wasn't so lucky, preferably being on trial for war crimes along with various others (snow himself, Claudius, some of the game makers, a few of the more lecherous sponsors, maybe one of the more heartless escorts, maybe s hunger games trainer or two, some of the surviving peacekeepers involved in the bombings of 12 and 8 etc.), with the story covering their trials and punishments (preferably executions) with at least some of the defendants feeling remorse for the games, and how they killed so many innocent children while causing another bloody war instead of stopping one (maybe with Caesar thinking back specifically to at least some of the tributes he interviewed for the 63rd hunger games and reassessing opinions he had about the more controversial interviews).
Gabby chapter 55 . 8/2/2016
Wow. Amazing story. You did a fantastic job with this. I love how you wrote Enobaria. I feel like she fit canon perfectly. Great fanfic.
xAmazonWarriorx chapter 55 . 8/15/2015
A great ending to an awesome story. Sad but good
xAmazonWarriorx chapter 54 . 8/15/2015
What! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Dammit Lyra. Good, but definitely not a happy chapter. :(
xAmazonWarriorx chapter 37 . 8/12/2015
(to lazy to log in)
Wow! Great ending. You killed on of my favourite characters :( , but the other one won :), so yay! I liked Yolo because he was so kind and positive, and Mercury because she was smart and prepared to win. Least favourite: Carnelia or Mesmer. I didn't like Carnelia because she was cruel, and I didn't like Mesmer because he was so prepared to win, so ruthless. Arena: Good. I liked the maze, it was something I hadn't seen before, and the message it spelt perfectly reflected the Capitol.
So, overall, great story, complex characters, and interesting twists. :) Loved it.
Paul chapter 2 . 8/6/2015
This chapter makes me feel a little more sorry for carnelia.
paul chapter 55 . 8/5/2015
in regards to my earlier posts listing tributes I really liked I forgot to mention Dash, Gemina and Byrony. Hawk, Harrow, Apple, Algor, Orvis, and Drake were pretty interesting, and likable, too. Paloma had her bad moments, but I liked her more than her allies-except for Messenger, and Aurora, whenever she was showing her softer side-Mesmer was a pretty cool character but was too ruthless for me to real feel for him. I didn;t really like Carnelia or Corsair, although they had a few moments where I almost liked them (mainly Corsair). Armagnac also wan't a bad guy for a career. I'm not sure if I would have had the story go the exact same way, but the set of tributes you created may be the most amazing ones in Hunger Games cannon, at least as a group.
Paul chapter 55 . 8/5/2015
Having re-read the pre-games section of this I feel even more overwhelmed. You created so many fascinating and sympathetic (although some more than others) tributes; special mention to aurora, mouse, victor, drake, yolo, Georgie, tesu, rosemary, Rachel and messenger. A part of my almost hates mercury for having survived the games at the expense of all of them dying so she could live another fifteen years (at least in this story). It really was ingenious the way you alternated the focus between characters so it was nearly impossible to tell who would survive the bloodbath, make it to the final 8 or even win. I honestly wouldn't have expected it to be mercury if I hadn't read parts of checkmate with her in it before reading this.
Not quite sure why I decided to read this more thoroughly, guess it miss checkmate a little and wanted to look at your earlier work.
Paul chapter 55 . 6/10/2015
Just got to the end of this. It was a sad ending to a good story. I would have liked mercury and aster to live and disapprove of having Lyra betray them but understand why that happened. Am pleased you hinted at their being an afterlife and hope it appears at the end of checkmate too.
Tinithor chapter 37 . 5/29/2014
What a finale. I'm quite pleased with how it ended. Of all the people who i thought had a chance of winning Fiddle was definitely my favorite. I've been hoping she would win since about the final 10. I would of been upset if Yolo had won, because he didn't have the mindset of a survivor. Fiddle was the most interesting character of the bunch next to maybe mesmer. Least favorite was probably Apple, she was whiny and ineffectual, but probably a necessary character as well. Can't expect to have a Hunger Games without at least one person completely rebelling against it.

So far this has been the best Hunger Games fanfic i've read when it comes to character development and diversity. The Arena itself was a little dull in comparison to some other more outlandish ones ive seen, but it had its moments like blowing up the mountain, and what not.

Overall great story. Interested to see what happens next.
grandvizier527 chapter 55 . 5/15/2014
The song I played while reading Mercury's goodbye letter: Don't ever forget. I'm honestly not sure whether I did it on purpose or not.

This was perhaps one of the best and most well-written biographies of a Hunger Games tribute-if one can call it that-that I've ever seen. I have no idea if you intended to make Mercury the victor originally, but I kind of wish you could have done this 23 more times, with each tribute, if they had one. I started wondering at some point, "What would THEY do if they had won instead of Mercury? Would they have joined the rebellion?" I honestly think most of them would. The one thing I didn't like was that Mercury's conversations just seemed to drag on forever, but that was just sort of the way she talked, I guess. Anyway, I'm really glad I found this, and I guess now I have one more eulogy.

Mercury "Fiddle" Kernal: I already told you why you deserved to win, and you did. So now I guess all I can say is that you were perhaps one of most well-written OC tributes that I've ever seen. I feel priveliged to have seen your journey from your humble beginnings as an orphan in District 3 to viewing the rebellion through your eyes. If only you could have seen what it would bring about, but I guess someone else will have to write that story.
grandvizier527 chapter 54 . 5/15/2014
This whole chapter started to remind me of the Diary of Anne Frank, what with everybody forced to stay holed indoors during the war. But why did Aster kill Lyra?
grandvizier527 chapter 52 . 5/15/2014
I didn't get this chapter. Why did Enobaria flirt with Mercury (if that was what she was doing?) Why did Mercury spike Dante's drink? AND WHY DID MERCURY HAVE TO POLE-DANCE AND KILL THE SPIDER MUTTS? Couldn't you have let them live? Katniss and Peeta didn't have to act like strippers after winning their Games, why did Mercury? And why did she like it? It seems a bit out of character for her.
grandvizier527 chapter 51 . 5/15/2014
Poor Batiste, he shouldn't have to be transferred to another District! Doesn't Mercury have some sort of pardoning power? And Yolo's littlest sister :( And I guess Moxie wanted to be shot. But at least now Mercury can remember Drake for more than just the way he died.
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