Reviews for Again and Again
CynthiaRosenDale chapter 41 . 18h
Kind of disappointed that there's such a dramatic shift in the story, all of sudden he's blurting out his secrets and handing it out as if it's free candy. What happened to the secrecy contacts and making sure no one knew, at this point I'm starting to think that he will just tell the whole world his secret. I find it especially disheartening he told Dumbledore, Remus, and Hermionie as neither of them really had to know, Dumbledore especially. I also can't help but notice the lack of Wizengamot stuff, I miss political-savvy Harry...
greentulips chapter 39 . 10/15

I love all your stories! Rebirth and this one are my favourites of... well I wanted to say hundreds but that sum sailed looong ago... So you get idea just how good you are!
Your writing style is great, plots are amazing and ideas for stories even better (there is something refreshing in them).

P.S. If you wonder why I've gotten seriously addicted to reading fanfiction and got my acount here and on AO3 just look in mirror...
madval29 chapter 44 . 10/14
Dumbledore seems to be taking the threat more seriously and appears to have less reservations about Harry’s tactics. Hopefully the island will make Dumbledore feel better. Great chapter!
madval29 chapter 43 . 10/14
I’m so curious over who would have attacked him. I’m glad Hermione didn’t just figure it out right away. Plus, it is kinda a crazy relationship. Great chapter!
madval29 chapter 42 . 10/14
But who would be going after Harry. Maybe someone who isn’t happy with the current political climate but to attack during a Hogsmeade trip. Did riddle tell the death eaters on th eisland not to attack Harry or just those who never went to Azkaban. Great chapter!
madval29 chapter 41 . 10/14
It’s so weird that he’s more or less told Dumbledore the truth after keeping him in the dark for so long. Also, I know harry doesn’t need riddles permission but it’s funny that riddle tells Harry he should tell some people and Harry starts blabbing to everyone well not really haha. Great chapter!
madval29 chapter 40 . 10/14
It seems that having Remus as the sponsor has been productive as he gives no slytherins an opportunity to feel more comfortable asking him about it. Great chapter!
Onewa chapter 44 . 10/14
Thank you so much for this wonderful update! I took the opportunity to reread this story again in it's entirety, and it is just as good the second time. I am very much looking forward to seeing what happens next!
madval29 chapter 39 . 10/14
It’ll be interesting to see if they bring in the goblins or not. Great chapter!
KAHawthorne chapter 44 . 10/14
I just reread all the story again, and I think each time I do I love it even more.

I adored cuddly Marvolo
Julia Ba chapter 44 . 10/14
That was an absolutely brilliant bunch of chapters! Im enjoying your stories so much! And frankly speaking, I have been reading and rereading them from time to time. It is so strange, I never feel disappointed that you have not yet completed the stories. They all are precious to me and every chapter is a gift. Thank you!
tanithlipsky chapter 44 . 10/13
Guest chapter 44 . 10/13
It’s so good to see you back ! I can’t even remember my ff login it’s been so long since I’ve read anything on here (ao3 is where I’m at these days). I actually went back and reread the entire thing because I was a little lost on what happened, but this batch of updates is amazing. Everything is still as good as ever ! Congrats on finding an ending, and I can’t wait for more even if it’s another few years for it.
EmeraldEyed chapter 44 . 10/13
Huzzah for updates, I continue to love this story!
Seapatrol chapter 43 . 10/13
You are my one of my favourite authors, thanks you for continuing the story it is amazing, I can’t wait for updates on your of you other works as well. No matter how long it takes I will always to watching for updates, when I started reading your works you had just gone inactive for several years around 2012, it makes me so happy to see you continue. Sorry for rambling thank you.
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