Reviews for The 30 Excuses of Loki
Yuki chapter 45 . 7/21
Love the fact that the whole Loki calling Tony a slutty retard is only bad because he called everyone's alcoholic a retard... Slutty is fine
Polish chapter 53 . 6/29
-cackles hysterically!- Oh man! thank you! thank you! Naruto for the win, cuz everyone had to do it at least once!
Polish chapter 52 . 6/29
Ah, good ole Soul Eater! you should have had Maka do the Maka chop, with her dad in the background.
Polish chapter 51 . 6/29
Death Note, man I havent seen anyone mention that one in years! -I dont get out much- lol, nice!
Polish chapter 45 . 6/29
Fangirl battle...AWESOME! -starts to sell tickets, I'll split half with you- XP
Polish chapter 40 . 6/29
Two words...Kingdom Hearts...yknow you want to! -pokes you gently-
Polish chapter 36 . 6/29
Snerk! Ok, this time it was funny, sorry again for chapter 10s review, yeah I have no words for my own rudeness, feel free to delete it. Im sorry again...
Polish chapter 33 . 6/29
Oh man! Win! that is made of WIN! Oogie Boogies Song! that was just awesome!
Polish chapter 24 . 6/29
Cuz Phil is a bad ass! great fic, Evveryone loves Phil!
Polish chapter 20 . 6/29
What is he Charlie? is he going to candy mountain? -giggles are heard off screen-
Polish chapter 18 . 6/29
Oh burn! -hands him a copy of the evil overlord list, with highlights of where he failed-
Polish chapter 16 . 6/29
Sorry if Chapter 10s review is strange, its not meant to be offensive or anything this is a great fic, I hope you can update again soon. D
Polish chapter 14 . 6/29
-cackles- Yeah bieber sucks, I can say I made an effort to listen to a few of his songs...couldnt do it...
Polish chapter 10 . 6/29
Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep! yeah thats me, what the f... was that! points at screen, yeah I got nothing for that cuz, just no... yeah... great fic, but this chapter just no...
Polish chapter 6 . 6/29
Oh, man thats just cold Barton, cold! although you have to admit he does sit like a whore...I mean what guy sits with his legs that wide apart?
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