Reviews for The Way We Talk
XNatsumiX chapter 14 . 9/16
Awwwwww I love you story and hope they make it out ok please update soon xx
DamonplusMyrnin chapter 14 . 4/7
Please pretty please update! Brilliant story, Myrnin should know Claire won't go! Following the story so I can read next chapter, soon hopefully?
EA xx
DamonplusMyrnin chapter 13 . 4/7
Amazing chapter! Love Clyrnin 3
DamonplusMyrnin chapter 12 . 4/7
I know its not gonna happen (probably not anyway), but I'd so love it if Claire turned vampire to spend eternity with Myrnin! 3 he's so sweet!
DamonplusMyrnin chapter 8 . 4/7
So Myrnin. I'm sure the Florida natives wouldn't notice fanged bunny slippers!... Or a completely black outfit that was out of fashion a century ago! Okay, *maybe* they'd notice!
DamonplusMyrnin chapter 7 . 4/7
I absolutely loved this chapter! So close but yet so far! So, Glass House gang or Myrnin? Personally I'd choose Myrnin, but y'know, its up to Claire...
DamonplusMyrnin chapter 5 . 4/7
Hope he tells her!
DamonplusMyrnin chapter 4 . 4/7
Loved Claire and Myrnin in this chapter! The end was sweet :) c:
DamonplusMyrnin chapter 2 . 4/7
Really enjoying this story so far! Brilliant ideas.
kitty chapter 14 . 3/30
That was a brilliant fan fiction story!
I loved every part of it and was hoping if you could extend it and make it more intimate...
It was brilliant;-)
SophieKatieeM chapter 14 . 3/29
Had to reread this couldn't remember where I'd gotten up to. Love it! Please update soon. We need more clyrnin action! Xx
Guest chapter 14 . 1/5
You need to be more careful with what you put in it, Amelie instead of Simgymagih when she got ready was put in, and where the fuck did she get a gun?!

But well done, so far there's too much ShanexClaire for me, but to suddenly cut it off isnt as good, I love the developing Clyrnin, though!
Love this, great work )
Awesome Sauce chapter 14 . 12/27/2014
DangerousDream chapter 14 . 12/27/2014
Thanks for reminding me how much I love Clyrnin :) this is lovely
donna murrayhill chapter 14 . 12/27/2014
oh wow great great chapter xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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