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pixilated-dreams chapter 1 . 8/18
I can’t believe I’ve never found this before! I love it so much, I read it in a day. Please update soon!
Mindy-Liane chapter 81 . 7/28
Sasha chapter 81 . 7/27
Hey! I love this story and have been following it for years now. You have a great talent to keep us all captivated with all these mysteries and secrets. Please don't stop. Will continue to stay a loyal reader!
JoVersify chapter 81 . 7/25
Yay! He found her! Kind of! Damn, he needs her... badly.

And I need to focus on my own stories for the next 7 days or I'll go mad with anticipation!

Grazie mille ancora for such exasperatingly, thrilling, suspenseful, mysterious, exciting, and seemingly endless adventure with this tale! Truly, this fic is a monster! I don't know how you do it!

Until the next update!
JoVersify chapter 80 . 7/25
*Tears form in eyes as I prepare for the separation anxiety*

Okay... I'm laying the dramatics on a little thick, I know. Haha.

If I get desperate, I can always just read it again. I'm sure there's a million little details and clues that I missed along the way. Perhaps I can get mio marito on board with this... I know he would enjoy it as well!

Sigh... drags feet to the last posted chapter...
JoVersify chapter 79 . 7/25
Congrats on your graduation (I'm sure it was a little while ago). Oh dear... only 2 chapters left!

It is interesting to see the past click into place tumblers in a key lock.

You've just got EVERYTHING in this story don't you? Just waiting for the aliens to land and dragons to start breathing fire! (I only mean that as a funny haha joke, this story is spectacular in all the best ways possible!)

Gets in Helen's carriage to the next!
JoVersify chapter 78 . 7/25
You're wrong... despite the connection to Aro's character, he is very much OC... Andronikh is a perfect mixture. Really.

I am slightly confused over the Singer clan. The army. But I'm sure I'll get up to speed with it. I'm reading extremely fast even though I'd like to slow down... only 3 chapters to go until MAXIMUM FIC WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME hits hard and fast! (Laughing on the outside, but crying on the inside).

What's faster than a Concorde? That. That's what I'm taking to the next...
JoVersify chapter 77 . 7/25
Oh dear... every chapter opens up new information, new excitement, and new HORRORS.

Sweet mercy take pity on a poor reader's heart. So, now they are all in the past, eh?

And Bella is MIA. And Edward lost his mating bond because of that sadistic fucker's touch.

And only 4 chapters until I will be crying for more! No! Hahaha. I'm gonna have such effing withdrawals from this story. Sigh.

Re-commissions a Concorde to the next!
JoVersify chapter 76 . 7/25
Wel, you just love to smack us in the face with more plot and intrigue, don't you?

I feel like the ceiling just collapsed on ME! LOL.

Takes a Lear jet to the next!
JoVersify chapter 75 . 7/25
But, but, but... why? Why would she do that? Didyme was their enemy? It would have been before she went mad.

Or was Helen always the enemy and Andronikh had to keep it quiet to protect her?

Argh... takes a bullet train to the next!
JoVersify chapter 74 . 7/25
I wonder if serotonin seizures would be pleasant? Hahaha. Always good to mix some reality with the fantasy!

Dark, grim family, indeed. The banter is priceless. I do so love Marcus & Ariadnh!

I hope they find Andronikh too... the f***er.

On to the next!
JoVersify chapter 73 . 7/25
Is the Last Singer the First Singer? Uh-oh... we're not in Kansas anymore... or possibly the millennium.

Runs to the next!
JoVersify chapter 72 . 7/25
Thank the Blessed Mother Carlisle is safe... I hope?

And will that ruby really protect her? I'd get my ass inside anyway if I were her!

I'm of one mind right now... TRUST NOONE.

On to the next!

PS: I didn't have the pleasure of reading this before your edits, but the flow is wonderfully done... so good on your friend... right call, I'd say.
JoVersify chapter 71 . 7/25
A... oh dear... oh dear... okay... "controlled" sounds better than "worn like a skin". Crosses fingers, sign of the cross, preghiere a Dio.

Runs screaming like I'm on fire to the next!
JoVersify chapter 70 . 7/25
I really hope that the Elders ARE allies and have the missing pieces that were so obviously omitted/changed/edited from the scrolls to keep the truth hidden.

This is seriously the JUICIEST F***ING MYSTERY I've read in a very long time! You're masterful.

On to the next!
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